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Ticket to Ride Europe 15th Anniversary Edition $117 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Not nearly as good as yesterdays deal of $92

This is a limited edition game for a great price
local stores stock it for around $140- 180

if you are new to boardgaming then the base game will be a better buy

differences between this and the base game

(thanks materix)
Custom trains, stations and scoring markers.
Metal Tins
Europa 1912 Expansion
Custom Cards and Art
Bigger Board with art changes

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Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Looks gorgeous - would add a great sense of adventure with all the detail in the wagons.

  • This just shows as 140 for me

  • +5

    PSA doesn't fit in a Kallax. If that matters to you.

    • You're besta choosing something else.

    • PSA doesn't fit in a Kallax. If that matters to you

      had to go and google kallax to find out what you were talking about

      will go back under my rock :)

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    This is a limited edition game for a great price local stores stock it for around $140- 180

    1. Local stores sell it for $129.99 and $135.95src.
      Thus this Amazon discount is just $13 discount vs. your FLGS. Still a good price, but not the discount that is implied.

    2. What is your source for "limited edition"? There is no mention of this print run being particularly limited on Days of Wonder's website — src

    • Probably the same as the 10th anniversary edition which is now no longer in print.

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        When does possibly become probably become certainly.

        For the record tons of popular board games are out of print. And of course this edition will eventually go out of print, but we have no indication from the manufacturer that this is either limited or going out of print anytime soon - afaik.

        • Could be anyones guess tbh.

          If you like the edition I say go for it. It does offer improved visuals which at least to be is worth getting. The normal train carriages are very cheap looking whereas the annivesary edition is much nicer. My first TTR play was the 10th anni edition that my friend had and it was fantastic, tried looking for it after and it was out of print and some places were asking stupid prices for it. Whether this ends up being the same for the 15th anni nobody knows.

          If it's worth $60-80 more than the standard version is up to the individual.

        • +1

          When does possibly become probably become certainly

          a quick perusal of asmodee website might help


          under product subtype it says limited edition

          Asmodee has owned Days of Wonder since 2014

          also on the description on the Amazon Au website it does mention limited edition if you care to have a look :)

          Product Details Limited deluxe edition of the bestseller Ticket to Ride Europe.

          • @docians: I looked on Days of Wonder website and there was no mention, that seems a reasonable effort. Didn't think to look at the distributor (asmodee) as I had no reason to expect different facts. Thanks for finding this info.

            • +1

              @DevGuy: @DevGuy

              going from the past Anniversary Editions have always been limited editions
              unless they have changed their business policies recently :)

              I regret not knowing about TTR when the 10th edition was released, as I can't buy it now even if I wanted to

    • Local stores sell it for $129.99 and $135.95

      depends on where you live, yes

      My LGS sells it currently for 169
      has been higher before

      for those not lucky enough to live in a place where the LGS sells it for $130 don't forget to factor in shipping, making the savings more than $13

      Also with the way Australia Post has been working lately, you are more likely to get your board game quicker if sent from the US

      eg Australia post has taken six weeks to deliver goods ordered from a shop 70km away, whereas a game ordered via Amazon US on the 22nd of November has arrived today :)

  • -1

    I'd get this for my uncle Bob

    But he's not much of a gamer

  • I looked into this the other day and decided against it as a review noted the pieces in the TTR 15th Anniversary Edition are slightly larger than the original plastic pieces, and therefore don't fit the expansion boards for TTR.

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