How/Where to Get a Discount from JB Hi-Fi

I just missed the TCN discounts from coles :(
I got a SMS from JB yesterday that XBOX is ready to be picked up within 4 days from Marion store. Originally i was advised this will be ready in late Jan 2022. However given the situation, should I ask my friends/colleagues with specific corporate discount websites to buy me gift cards? Can you please share such a site/company i.e. Lumo 1% discount etc..? I believe given my spend would be around $700-$800, any savings would be greatly appreciated. How much I can save within next 4 days is where i need your help! Thank you in advance! I hope this thread will be useful for someone else as well.

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    suncorp customers get 5% off gift cards for JB hifi

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    This is the list of providers offering discounted GCs

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    If you have access to Reward Gateway via your employer they have 5% off JB in-store and online purchases.

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    I've received some great discounts from JB by knowing prices elsewhere and then going in and doing a bit of old fashioned haggling.

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      Not sure if that helps op with their pre-ordered Xbox

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    If you consult the page @strongzero linked to in their comment, you’ll see the maximum discount at gift card portals for JB Hi-Fi gift cards is 5%.

    I know you asked about discounts, but I’ll suggest an alternative method of “savings”: bonus loyalty program points.

    BIG W has a deal starting tomorrow where they will give you 20x Everyday Rewards for every $1 spent on selected Ultimate Gift Cards. You have to pay the full price for the gift cards in this deal, but you can get 10% of the gift card’s value returned to you in the form of Everyday Rewards points, which can be used on future purchases of most items at Woolworths, BIG W, BWS or most EG / Caltex Woolworths locations.

    The gift card you’ll need from BIG W is Ultimate Home. They are EFTPOS or Visa gift cards that are sold in $50 or $100 denominations. The deal I linked to you will only award points on ten gift cards per Everyday Rewards account, so you’d need to pick up at least 5x $100 Ultimate Home gift cards. If you need to, you can supplement your purchases with the Ultimate Teens or Ultimate Kids gift cards, but they are only available in $30 or $50 denominations, which is problematic since you can only purchase a maximum of ten gift cards in that deal (unless you have multiple Everyday Rewards accounts), and you’ll be spending around $750.

    Just in case you were wondering:

    • The BIG W deal requires an Everyday Rewards account. If you do not have an Everyday Rewards account, use this link to get 1,500 bonus points as a sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus points can take up to 30 business days to be credited to your account. If you sign into your new account through the Everyday Rewards app, you will get a special booster offer for 1,000 bonus points for shopping at Woolworths.

    • You cannot use Everyday Rewards points (or Everyday Reward Dollars, more specifically) on gift card purchases except for a very unusual scenario.

    • You cannot use (discounted) Woolworths Group gift cards to purchase gift cards at BIG W. That loophole was closed a few years ago.

    • An OzBargainer recently used 81 TCN gift cards in a transaction at JB Hi-Fi, so JB Hi-Fi staff will most likely won’t care if you walk in with ten Ultimate gift cards (as long as you remove the cards from their packaging and scratch the PIN/CVV panels on the back before you get there).

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      Thanks all for your thoughts and inputs. It seems @WookieMonster's suggestion is best value for money and I will follow that option.

  • 6.5% discount on JB gift cards if you are with HCF for private health insurance.

    • Where are you seeing this? I just checked HCF Thank You and it is 5% off (before you account for the 1% transaction fee).

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        My apologies! It was 6.5% when I checked last Saturday. Perhaps it was a Black Friday special? What you have written in your post is correct.

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          It was most likely a Black Friday / Cyber Monday special.

          HCF Thank You tend to sell JB Hi-Fi gift cards at a higher discount from time to time. I remember they sold them at a 6% discount as part of a promotion a few months ago.

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