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[PS5, XSX] NBA 2K21 (Zion Edition) $13 + Delivery (Free C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


Xbox Series X

Out of Stock PS5

Also Xbox One (Dame Edition) $9

Dive deep into the various facets of NBA basketball and culture, experience exciting gameplay, and compete with other players in the NBA 2K series’ latest installment, NBA 2K21.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Now this is somewhat reasonable pricing.

    • A lot better than reasonable

      • We're talking about a contemporary sports game after all. Reasonable for these games is somewhere between the bargain bin and an actual bin.

    • the game is $80 retail, and its only somewhat reasonable at $13, which is roughly a savings of 83.75%.

      somewhat reasonably priced.

  • +2

    Xbox One (Dame Edition) also available on Amazon

    • Thanks so much, is this the same for Xbox series x?

      • Looks like Amazon has now price-matched XSX (Zion Edition) at $13

        PS5 (Zion Edition) currently OOS on Amazon.

  • +7

    Must be the fat version

    • +1

      He's as big as Charles Barkley…..

      after retirement.

  • Limited stock in Melb it seems

  • Was this the one that was 10usd more expensive than previous gen version?

    • +2

      Dunno, but it was definitely 10 pounds more than the previous version!

      • More like 100 pounds

  • +2

    for those unaware: its last years NBA2K…
    As I understand, this years is marginally better (I think more focus on defence and next gen graphics).

  • Pretty good game - I don't see any big improvement from 22 over this.

    • you will play with the players on the right team. i think nba 2k21 was last updated july 6th

      the difference i find is that nba 2k22 is smoother, new meter that's easier to use, shooting is bearable, you get 3 jerseys in my team, better defence, and less luck and more skill.

  • +1

    Been scrambling to find a pick up store before realising this is 2k21 not 22….

  • +1

    What is the Zion edition?

    • It leaves you for another platform at the first chance it gets.

      • ^lol at neg - someone is a Pels fan! 🤣

        (Pels are actually my second team…) 😭

    • +1

      its the edition that was made in the easternmost of the two hills of Jerusalem

    • The one where you can unlock hidden players Neo, Morpheus, or Trinity on a secret Matrix team.

  • I picked it up for $49 as one of the first games I had for my PS5. It's quite challenging to get the hang of and I found that I needed to spend money to upgrade my player to a decent skill level for it to be enjoyable - could just be me though.

    I'd probably pay $13 to have it, but on the assumption that 2k22 is better, I'd pay a bit more and get that.

    • Wait, you buy the game and still need to spend money to upgrade? No thanks.

      • It's 2K, so it's p2w, or pay for stats to get your MyCareer character to halfway decent.

  • OOS

  • its not exactly p2w but you probably will waste a week or 2 getting anywhere in my career each to there own im enjoying 22 just noone to play with except randoms :(

  • +1

    This game is rubbish. Save your money. It's not even good h2h let alone online

  • Standard XBX edition (new) $14.98 at EB Games


  • Now this is somewhat reasonable pricing.

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