Zero Manscaping Haven't Sent My Order from 2 Weeks Ago Has anyone ordered from these guys? Item was ordered 2 weeks ago still not sent, emailed and called them never reply to email or pick up calls. How can I get my money back from these guys any suggestions?

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Zero Manscaping
Zero Manscaping


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    Thanks, bought 2…

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      You might get them in 2022

  • They might be dropshippers.. someone on Facebook said their order took 2 months. Probably PayPal dispute or wait another month.

    • They should answer phone and reply to emails then..

      • Sounds like a scam. If you paid by PayPal, should be easy to get your money back.

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    Hmm, let's see how many red flags on this one…

    • Too good to be true limited time offer
    • No Delivery/FAQ/info pages
    • Website given their own gold award for no reason whatsoever
    • Review tab bottom left says 0 reviews
    • Facebook and Instagram pages have zero interactions from others
    • Contact us listed address doesn't seem to belong to them
    • No contact number
    • No ABN
    • T&Cs says they're operated by Zero Group that has been registered for less than a year
    • Privacy Policy is a standard template that isn't even filled in properly

    I got bored. Why do people send their money to such random dodgy sites?

    • Also been approved by Afterpay

    • they've posted deals on ozbargain before. i presume they are not a scam, otherwise they would be banned.

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        The store rep posted 2 deals and has been MIA since July.

      • Not suggesting they aren't/weren't a real business. But any one of us can create a Shopify site and randomly disappear after some time leaving people in the lurch.
        Last Seen: 07/07/2021

        Last post:

        • I'm not sure why you said their FB/instagram had no interactions.. they have lots of likes and comments.

          They are also an Approved online Catch seller.

            • @wtigers: sorry to hear that

              • @Savas: Lesson learnt i guess

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                  @wtigers: I bought a jacket from a dodgy Shopify store but since I paid with PayPal I got a refund quickly. It’s quite common that Shopify stores will resell junk from China at hugely inflated mark ups and pretend “Designed in Australia”.

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                    @Savas: True that man.. I will keep that in mind… Had no idea shopify just accept anyone to sell

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    Well, if they don't ship it the business name checks out.

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    what i want to know is why you didn't go to kmart and buy a $20 trimmer from there (which is literally the same as the rebadged chinese made crap and overprice lotions that they sell you).

    • Ye would been a better idea. Was in a rush and just got it..

  • +1 I am sure this is the guy running the site… total cringe

    • Oh my goodness

    • that's terrorism

      ecological terrorism. if he flushes that down the toilet, he will net fish

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    ScamDoc says

    Analysis of the website
    Average trust score

    More investigations are necessary

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    Classic drop shipping crap from China that you can find for a tenth of the price on AliExpress.

    • Any link?

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    oh no, what will you do without your groin deodorant and refresher ??

  • Ok here is update, the guy sent the order after 3 weeks of waiting

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