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The Adventures of Tintin Collection $149.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


I think this is the cheapest so far.

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Costco Wholesale

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  • +3

    Great price

    • Yeah, I was looking for Baby University books and saw this.

    • +8

      Great snakes!

      • +8

        Thundering typhoons!

        • +8

          Blistering Barnacles !

  • +1

    Is this the full size editions or the tiny ones with re-done lettering?

    • Not sure, I just found dimensions from booktopia Dimensions (cm): 30.6 x 22.6 x 14.7

      • 30cm should be the full size ones

    • I think the fonts are different, I read some reviews on amazon.

    • This is the full size

  • +16

    no kongo no deal

    • +13

      Agreed. I hate cancel culture

      • +13

        Cancel culture should be canceled

    • +6

      In before… damn it!

    • What is kongo?

      • +15

        Tintin in the Congo (not sure why OP spelled it "kongo"). It gets brought up every time this deal is posted.

        • +7

          I know, right? Ozbargainers love to bring this issue up every time a Tintin deal gets posted lol

          • +2

            @first in line: Well it's an issue and secondly perhaps this way people are more informed of what they are getting. There's no harm in that.

          • +1

            @first in line: no we just love ALL the Tintins

      • Congo Bongo!

    • +1

      Chargeback filed, deceptive advertising, not the full collection.

  • -2

    Love to share this classic with kids but why it is so expensive? Usual book set like this would cost around $50-60.

    • +16

      I bought a few in China for pennies on the dollar (compared to Australian price). The only problem now is learning Chinese to read the damn things.

      • At least there are some graphs…hahahhahahahhajahha

    • +3

      Tintin books are expensive, $20-$40 each book. This is cheap for all of them.

      • +4

        not "all" of them.

    • These are good quality

  • Great deal

  • Excellent deal, bought!

    They also sell the Winnie The Pooh box set for $58 which seems to be a good price. Although it has been $30 previously.

  • +20

    If you can't afford, try to download free pdf version and upload to google books. Looks great on my iPad mini

  • All gone? "Sorry, there is insufficient stock for your cart."

  • +4

    Should come packed in a tin

  • The Tin Tin tshirts are terrific.

  • +1

    Brings back good memories, the school library always had them.

  • out of stock? noooo. ;(

    I've never bought anything from Costco, any idea if they re-stock or is like ALDI where they buy in bulk & don't re-stock?

    • +2

      It says new, so I guess Costco will restock. and ends at .99 which means its the normal price. If their prices end at .97 that means they are clearing stock.

      • +1

        Learned something new. thanks 4 sharing

    • +2

      Might be worth looking in the stores. It will, probably, be cheaper there as well.

      • thank, you.

        • +2

          I went to Costco at Marsden park, they didn't have it. I didn't ask staff but searched through their book displays.

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