Spot (CItibank) - Worst BNPL Service

Recently signed up with Spot.

The process wasn't too bad. But they did a credit check and affected my credit rating by 50 points.

Then the first gift card I receieved was $10 instead of sign up amount of $20. Next when they issued the replacement before I even got the chance to use it on Amazon. It was invalidated.

Then comes the call from one of their reps to ask about further information or my account will be frozen. Ask for DOB. Then ask who my employer was. Why would you ask this after someone has already been using your service. I fold the rep I am not comfortable about providing more information and I am cancelling my service. I will call them tomorrow rather than give my details over phone to some random.

This is not a credit card get over it Citibank.
Your dud BNPL sucks. Why on earth are you using same rules and processes of credit card for micro transactions.

So done with Citibank and Spot may your BNPL offering be a big writedown.

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    Spotii is owned by Zip not Citibank. Citibank's BNPL is called Spot.

  • spotii =/= spot

  • Feel better now OP?

  • Edited thanks for pickup on Spot vs Spotii.

    Unbelievable. Just wanted people to know the frictionless disruption. Citibank is introducing in the payments space.

  • I'm confused…

    I thought Spot was a Dalmation, but it seems like a Dog with Fleas.

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    Yep really bad connection on the phone as well.

  • Another new user/ ghost account to bag a service so that it comes up on review search.

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    Oh no! Not 50 points on an imaginary scale that basically means nothing and would correct itself over time if you made payments on time.

  • This is not a credit card get over it Citibank.

    whats the difference?
    its an unsecured line of credit (though generally a smaller amount than a CC)

  • Nice try Mr Afterpay.

  • Citibank = ngmi.

    More legacy banks will follow.

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    "The process wasn't too bad. But they did a credit check and affected my credit rating by 50 points."

    I stopped reading after this. Any BNPL that does credit check is a no no to me. Using own money to pay shouldn't be subjected to credit check.

    • Since when is Buy Now Pay Later using your own money? How is it any different to a credit card or mortgage?

    • Using own money

      you know what BNPL stands for right :/
      its literally the opposite of using your own money to walk out of the store with the item

      • Yea you got me there! My error.

        But I still prefer one that doesn't do credit check. It seems disproportionately harming your credit rating for a feature that is effectively layby (with the exception of being able to walk out of the store with the item) and linked to debit account for most users.

        • +1

          Would you lend someone $2k without doing due diligence and checking if they're financially responsible?

    • Using own money to pay

      It is the opposite of this.

      • Yea you got me on this man. My error.

  • Diners Club is providing the credit for the purchase. They can legally run credit checks.

    Spot. Buy Now, Pay Later is issued by Spot Ventures, a division of Diners Club Pty Ltd (ABN 35 004 343 051 / ACN 004 343 051).

  • I've got a fantastic solution for your bnpl issues. Don't use it. Pay it in one payment. It's done, no credit checks, no worrying about when it comes out etc.

    • +6

      New huge market opportunity


      • This will all end in tears.

        (Want not, pay not).

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