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Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid Starter Pack | 12 Months Expiry | 240GB Data for $250 @ Boost


Code isn't on Cashrewards but try your luck for a further $6 Cashback.

Bonus 60GB data at activation

Happy Bathurst Week

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    Good start. Back with 300 GB data.

  • If I'm already with boost, how do I get deals on recharging?

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      apparently contact the customer service. Most asked question on boost deals lol

      • Cheers mate

      • Would they extend from expiry or before when we contact them?

  • If I buy this now, how long do I have before I have to activate it? I'm on a prepaid SIM at the moment with a couple of months still to go on it so does anyone know what the expiry on this is?

    • Depends on the expiry day on the package.

  • I bought one with $234.

    • Hi, do you have any further details on how you got it for $234 that you don't mind sharing.

  • It was mentioned previously that new Boost plans don't include MMS. Can anyone confirm? Looking to port out and back in.

    • You shouldn't need to port out and back in to activate this deal. Just contact support and they'll sort it out for you.

      • Easier said than done. I've been messaging them via online chat for almost an hour already and am getting no closer to having this deal applied to my existing account. :(

    • No MMS domestic or Intl. No Premium SMS (Cash Cow either)

    • I just called boost and the confirmed that MMS didn't work on boost.

  • The only thing I can find in their Critical Information Summary regarding MMS is that it's not included whilst overseas.

    • Recharged phone yesterday with $300 plan. Send MMS today to wife's number (also Boost) and it worked.

  • Any other benefits like kayo or music or movies or sports?

  • Can I use boost roaming service while I'm overseas?

  • Do you need to buy the $300 SIM online to get this offer, or can you buy a $2 SIM in a store & then get this offer via the recharge when activating?

    • Answers self: No - when activating & recharging a $2 SIM for the first time, the promo code option wasn't available.

  • The image says it lets you recharge with this, you only get 240GB of data though.

  • For those recharging, meaning you'd only get 240GB, You could alternatively go with telstra's $300 starter kit:

    $231.00 with the code "BONUS": https://www.auditech.com.au/telstra-300-prepaid-sim-starter-...

    You are getting 225GB for $231. Save a few dollarydoos and effort since it's just a port, and not a port out and in again.

  • Uses full network, and only MNVO I'm aware of with VoLTE (Possibly also Woolworths?)

    Catch = No data rollover on the annual plans, you lose the lot on recharge anniversary.

    I moved to 28-day plans for the data rollover, however that works out to $360 a year. Bonus is that I can switch providers however with the loss only ever being $30

    • My connection say Vo LTE1

  • Has there been any updates on when international roaming will be enabled?

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