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Settlers of Catan Board Game $39.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU / C&C @ Big W (Expired)


Same as the September deal. Price matching Big W who have it for $39.20 as well (20% off) if you prefer to get it / pick up in store, a fair amount of stores have stock. Delivery is extra though.

Amazon is free delivery for all as above $39, no prime required.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Damn…I bought mine from them for $49 like two days ago and it was just delivered this morning

    • Pretty easy to return if unopened, re-buy at new price.

    • Or just chat to the team. Usually they give you a refund of the difference so you dont have to return

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        Or just chat to the team. Usually they give you a refund of the difference so you dont have to return

        if you are lucky enough to chat with the right person

        • Yeah, I've found them consistently pretty useless on this matter - telling me that instead of offering a "price-match" for my order, I'll have to repurchase at the cheapest offering and return the other.

          Pretty dumb solution imo - for instance, a PS4 game I ordered kept dropping in price over the span of a week (~4 times). Under their direction, I would've had to order 4 copies to reach the best price…

          This leads me to ask - why even bother to add a support section listed "Price changed after ordering" if youre not really providing much support on the matter?

          • @jjsu: I received the same resistance initially, they just have a playbook. Push back and if they still refuse, just try again with another agent.

            • @sareth:

              I received the same resistance initially

              my recent dealings with them
              if I push my agenda there is mysteriously a network disruption and the chat ends
              same thing happens on the phone

              try again, speak to a different agent

              • @docians: Oh yeah, thats happened to me on a few separate occasions… "Let me transfer you to someone who can assist you better", then the call abruptly ends.

                On average, I have to talk to probably 2 reps before they really do anything.

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    Amazon has mixed stock, you might be unlucky and get a counterfeit. Amazon are likely to exchange for another one. Just something to be aware of, especially if you’re buying it as a Christmas gift.

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      How do you know that one is a counterfeit?

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        It's usually pretty obvious. Raw cardboard edges on the box. Hollow plastic pieces instead of wooden. Engrish in the rulebook as they scan using a poorly reviewed OCR system.

        • Pretty much, when you're already profiting from counterfeit who gives a rats arse about quality control.

    • What are the odds of getting a counterfeit one from amazon au would you guess?

      • +1

        3 for, 168 against, based on the Amazon reviews. Read more here

        • Having read the reviews, it seems more ok than not, but certainly risky, I took a punt at this price, with the hope that if it is a fake they will refund it. Thanks for your info.

  • Thanks OP
    Grabbed from local bigw
    One kriskringle present down..all other shopping to be done

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    Get a better game for the person you're giving this to - Catan has been superceded by games with improved mechanics since

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        this is a good guide to family oriented games
        Catan is ranked 128 on that list
        Catan was revolutionary back in 1998, but its showing its age now

        However if you have only played the usual suspects, you may enjoy it even today

        (in my home it does not get played much because, because the trading aspect of it usually ends up in disagreements and one of the children walking off in a huff)

        • All of this is true. I would probably add Ticket to Ride to this list as well.

        • just don't play with kids… simples

          • @Ronke23: or buy contraception instead of board game… simpler

        • I wouldn’t but much weight into that list. So many of the games above Catan are not even in the same league as Catan. The fact wingspan is first says it all (I like wingspan but it should be far further down).

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      It's the classic gateway game though. Move on from Monopoly and Scrabble… then move on from Catan

    • I mostly agree with you, and there are definitely better strategy games out there IMO, but Catan seems to scratch a particular itch for a lot of people. I can't take it too seriously if I want to have fun with it, though.

      I would agree with you wholeheartedly if you said Monopoly, though. Friends don't let friends play Monopoly.

  • I play this on my Galaxy Fold 3. Very Enjoyable (Except the Peruvian AddOn).

  • What's the minimum age that could play this game successfully? Thanks.

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      I would say a smart 8 year old or average 10 year old could play this. There's no reading involved but there's a few things to juggle in your head at once, and mental maths skills help, to see what move is best for you in terms of victory points. And social skills/maturity are important for when someone makes a move that hurts you or won't trade with you etc.

  • Great price, easily the most popular game in my friendship groups.

    • Bought, received a fake, Amazon are arranging a replacement.

      • Pictures please
        Keen to see what dodgy stuff Amazon is sending
        Was the exchange process easy?

        • Exchange process was seamless, didn't even have to speak to a rep, it's all automated. I'll have to box it up and take it to an Australian Post.

          I'll try and get some pictures before I do - it was most obvious to me as I have a legitimate copy I own to compare it to.

          • @theknight27: I'm assuming Amazon pays for postage?

            • @docians: Yup always in my experience. They've also shipped out the replacement before ive sent back the first one.

  • Thanks OP, I finally pulled the plug and bought one. Had been mulling over whether I should buy this for years ever since I've played more advanced board games like 7 wonders. But looks like this classic still remains pretty popular. Anyone tried both and compared them?

    • +1

      If you're already playing more advanced Euros, Catan will likely bore you with its simple yet drawn out game play.

  • Big W seems to have stock issues at a lot of stores.

    Also Amazon seems to be shipping slower then usual my last 2 orders haven't shipped after 2-3 days.

    So expect delays if getting from there.

    • Comparatively, I ordered some ginger beer yesterday and it arrived this morning.
      Your experience may or may not be reflective of everyone else's.

      • Fair I did order a few drinks over the last few weeks and it was always overnight. I ordered a dutch oven and a mouse 2 days ago, those haven't shipped and a book yesterday morning which also hasn't shipped. Guess it depends on what you get.

  • I have ordered through Big W for click and collect, order has been confirmed but no further email telling me to pick up yet. Normally how long until it is ready for pick up? Just thinking if it might get cancelled and whether I should order from Amazon.

    • When I ordered a few things during covid it took them 2-3 days. That was when the shops were closed and click and collect had an unusual amount of customers. The other time I did it was like 2 years ago and it wasn't ready till next day. They seem to be a bit slow with click and collect from my experience at least.

      • Thanks for you reply! It just says processing, no cancellation email or anything but when I search for the product it is now out of stock at that store for pick up.

        • I'd say its safe to say it wont go to the next step till tomorrow at least. Can only hope they kept their stocks up to date and they have 1 allocated to you already.

          • @deniz: I called the shop and the staff that answered just said it will take 24 to 48 hours for click and collect and also for cancellation.

            Supposedly cancellation will not be instant either and I was told I just need to wait. I explained I was worried stock will sell out at other stores but yeah just got told to wait.

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              @JL1: Don't stress its Catan, its been around since 1995, and it's not going anywhere
              if you miss out on this deal there will be another similarly priced one around possibly later this month

              looking at the camels the Amazon price was 36.76 in September and has been under $40 three times since September including the current offer

              So if you do miss out, there will be another similarly priced offer around soon

              it is not a must-play game
              it is not going to go out of print soon
              a good offer will be around again

  • You're right! I was going to order and Amazon and cancel if big w confirms pick up but decided not to. Just wanted to minimise risk of fake version but risk should be low.

    Haha yeah you're right though, not a must play game and always good offer around like you said.

  • No Deal for expansion pack?

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