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2 Hour Delivery $5 (Usually $15) - Min Spend $30 @ Woolworths Online


Got this in my email - possibly targeted but great value.
2 hour delivery for $5 (was $15) min spend $30. Ends 3-Dec


$5 Delivery Fee
When you spend $30 or more with Delivery Now. Enter code NOW
Offer ends 3/12/21. Min. spend of $30 in a single transaction applies. T&Cs apply.

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    It should work for everyone, it's on their website on day 1. Updated the deal to that URL.

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    When this goes viral, how on earth are they going to keep to the 2hr promise?

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      Almost every delivery resturant has been cooking your fav dinner & placing it at your door in under an hour for years… I think a 2hr window for bread, milk and some bacon, is pretty achievable - probably unnessary though.

      • Not really comparable, standing in the one spot cooking (or more often than not, simply reheating precooked sauces etc) versus an employee having to run around the whole store fulfilling one order while others are piling up.

        A chef can easily have 6 pans going. Haven't worked at Woolworths but quite sure that they aren't doing 6 orders at once.

        Seems Woolworths uses "unrefrigerated vehicles" so likely the same deal as food delivery, except someone has to load up to 50 items in their car instead of a burger.

        probably unnessary though

        It is necessary* if you haven't got something out for dinner. Although two hours is a bit long, supermarkets on Uber Eats/Doordash average 40 mins.

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          run around the whole store

          Seems some efficiencies could be made to meet demand… & with all the data they've collected they should already know who's going to order what & when … have it planned & ready days ahead… predictable humans.

          if you haven't got something out for dinner …

          Let's be honest, if that's case - I'm probably not going to cook either!

          • @mlakmlak:

            they should already know who's going to order what & when … have it planned & ready days ahead…

            Lol if AI ever gets that intelligent to know what I'm going to impulsively purchase before I do myself then Woolworths has me cornered.

            Seems some efficiencies could be made to meet demand

            Like hiring more staff? But that costs money, so why not just burn out the current staff and then give them a small bonus to stay.

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    Coles have always had cheaper delivery

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      Coles have been smashing it with cheaper delivery, better bonuses, and now with flybuys at Bunnings/Officeworks too!

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        Coles online doesn’t accept Gift Cards. Which I found out after converting a couple of hundred into Coles cards :(

        • +1

          Yeah it's a big disadvantage of Coles vs Woolworths.

          The best you can do is pay by Flybuys points, by paying via Flypay. As long as you haven't already redeemed them for Flybuys dollars, only unredeemed points can be used. Then pay the remainder with credit card.

        • Yeah I did the same - I still got $200 of Coles gift cards I haven't used yet! :(

          I must admit I was Team Woolworths for the longest time, due to the Woolworths Money app for managing gift cards, the 10% off 1 order a month for insurance policy holders, and the refund process for missing/incorrect delivered items.

          Just recently Coles seems to have been much more appealing with their bonuses and lower delivery costs.

          • +1

            @daemon: Have you looked at Woolworths Delivery Unlimited for $119/Year?

            Apart from the obvious benefit of not having to pay delivery fees each week, you also get double reward points and free bags which will also offset some of the cost. Also 30 day trial to get started.

      • What are the bonuses? Genuine question.

    • Downside is you have to shop at coles lol

    • When I last looked at both a while back Coles had more expensive online prices than in store.. Woolworths didn't. Might explain that unless this has changed.

      • Coles stopped doing that a while ago.

  • What if they can’t make it in 2 hours, do you get free delivery?

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      The pizza is free

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    R.I.P all already stressed and burned out staff. They won't get the extra staff to keep up with demand.

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      Extra staff? Try extra cuts to hours

      • +3

        Yep, exactly. Shitty and greedy company.

        Management: cuts working hours
        Staff: ?
        Management: "It's what customers wants"

        • +1

          I feel for the employees - deals usually translate to more stress.

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    Given how many items are already OOS this will be a disaster.
    Nearly every online order I place with Wow has OOS items requiring a refund.
    And I still have a couple of items that have not been refunded which customer service call staff couldn't fix.

    • +3

      Have you tried Alice - the online chat thingo? I find it really good. It pulls up all your previous order details and you just need to choose the items and you get refunded. Very easy to use.

      • Do you mean Olive? I only use the Wow website on a desktop pc?
        OK Just asked Olive for a refund however the orders were awhile ago so she didn't remember back that far.
        Thanks for the tip as I'm confident that future orders will still have items oos.

      • Olive!

  • Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion.

    It's targeted offer.

    • Do you already have Delivery Unlimited? Wondering if that is what is restricting it.

      • Was, but not anymore. Could be…

  • Coupon code could not be any more to the point

  • Uber or doordash delivery?

    • It should be woolies delivery - but may be someone who has used it can confirm.

      • I don't think Woolworths do delivery now orders, rather a third party delivery company by the looks:

        Your order is hand picked with care in your local store and it's then delivered by a trusted on demand delivery company hand picked by us.

        You’ll notice that our Delivery Now drivers don’t wear a Woolworths uniform and their non-refrigerated vehicles aren’t the Woolworths trucks you may be used to.

        • Sherpa in my area. I have an order on it's way now.

    • I've seen Uber drivers, as well as other taxi drivers pick orders up.

  • I just placed an order and the delivery fee came up as free after the discount code.


    • What are the other discount codes?

      • Variable weight difference on meat orders.

        • I wouldn't be sharing those codes!

          • @julz: All good I placed the order straight after.

  • +1

    They never deliver all of the items I ordered, always there are some out of stock products.

    • Atleast they refund you for the out of stock item. My order shows as fully delivered but I am missing a christmas clear wrapping worth $2. I just can't be bothered calling and chasing it up but it is such an inconvenience because now I have to head in store and buy it which defeats the whole purpose of doing an online order and paying for delivery.

      • +1

        They actually have an automated system on the phone and chat, it will likely refund your missing item automatically without having to speak to anyone.

        • Yeah, at first I had same feeling as the other guy but was pleasantly surprised at how streamlined and chill it was

  • Woolworths delivery sucks. I chose a 5hr window last order and they still couldn't deliver within the window! Why have a massive window if you can't even keep to it. I've also previously chosen a 1hr window and again they couldn't delivery within the window. Anyway last order they missed delivering all my frozen food and i also complained about my fresh food. $110 refunded. I blasted them in my feedback - I pay for a premium delivery service which they have yet to deliver within the window with all items correct.

  • Ordered and paid, then waited over 4 hours for them to tell me they won’t deliver it and are cancelling the order. “Logistical issues”

    Useless. No issues with you OP, but I wouldn’t rely on this service if you need something urgently, or if you need it at all.

  • Ordered and delivered within 30 minutes! They told me 45 mins. Tracked delivery, watched the car turn down my street. Received all items I ordered :)

  • How good is this kilo of King prawns for dinner and a chocolate sponge cake for dessert delivered in 40 mins for $5.
    Wrap it up I'll take it tonight sorted

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