Salad, How Do You Keep It Crispy & Fresh?

You know those bags of salad from Coles, Woolies, ALDI..?

Once they've been in the fridge for more than a few days the leaves at the bottom of the bag start to go all slimey..

Other than buying more frequently than once a week, does anyone know how to ensure it stays crispy and fresh?


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    A few days? Iโ€™m lucky to have it last the next day usually even if I try to get a slightly more fresh looking one the night before.

    • Do you even OzBargain, bro?

      I buy the cheaper big bag and try to make it last a week and a half

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        Well if I was going to be a tightarse about premade salads Iโ€™d just make it from scratch for a fraction of the price? It would stay fresher anyway especially if chopped as I went.

        • Haha true. To my knowledge rocket & spinach only comes in those bags though.

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      At my local Woolies, they stack the ones with the nearest Best Before date at the front. The ones behind have a further away date so I always take the ones at the back. The date is usually around 3-4 days away.

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        lol I do that too. I love messing up the display when they're busy stocking it up.

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    Plastic tubs, or the Salad Spinner.

    Then again theres not really that much in the small bags to worry about more than 1 day

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      That's a good idea. Might try lining the tubs with paper towel to soak up the moisture.

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    Make your own from lettuce and rocket etc or coleslaw from cabbage and carrots etc etc.

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      I kind of do, it's mainly the rocket and baby spinach I get.

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    Grow your own and pick the leaves when you are hungry. Lasts a few weeks before they bolt

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    leaves at the bottom of the bag start to go all slimey

    Turn the bag upside down in the middle of the week, or rotate the bag every couple of days 90 degrees.

    • Genius ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

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    Nothing you can do about it. Bagged salads aren't sealed with room air, but 'modified atmosphere packaging' which prolongs the shelf life, but the second you open it, the clock starts ticking. Plucked leaves will wilt, it's just nature.

    • Oooh. That, I did not know. I've always burst the bag to let "fresh" air in. Next time I'll keep it sealed until I'm eating it.

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    condensation builds up and pools of moisture starts to form which affects and wilt the leaves. I usually put like a couple pieces of paper towel on either side of the bag. What this does it catches the moisture and keeps the leaves fresh. try it!

    • Shall do, thanks!

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    Bagged salads are just a scam by Big Farma…you should know this better than anyone.

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    Buy a better fridge. Our new fridge keeps Rocket fresh for almost a week.

    Or try placing the rocket in an airtight container with slightly damp paper towel. I think it mimics what a cripser compartment in a fridge does.

    • How many ยบ is yours?

      • Not sure, probably around 4. I think it's the humidity that's important.

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    You need one of these -

    It will keep your salad fresh as it prevents water from pooling at the bottom. We have one and our salads last around 4-5 days.

    • Perfect. So you pump it and it gets all the moisture out? Exactly what I need. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

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      Thanks, bought 2. Shouldn't you be posting a deal? :)
      (Cheaper at Good guys but I don't have one near by)

      • Hah maybe I should have. We got ours for around $50 so it is a good price!

    • Is this at the lowest price? Tempted but price is abit high for me

  • I prefer buying salad from the boxes of leaves you can mix and match at my local greengrocer, as they haven't been washed they tend to last longer than the ready to eat packs.

    • But the beauty of washed is not having to wash them yourself. Not necessarily a massive consideration for home use but for on the road they're most convenient.

      • You know prewashing involves a diluted bleach solution, right?

        • I had no idea. But I can live with that.

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    I find the iceberg lettuce goes off in a few days but if you buy the baby cos (take from the back) these can actually last a couple of weeks if stored properly. It appears the smaller and thinner the leaves, the quicker it goes bad. I am a big fan of baby cos for this reason.

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    I have had salad leaves last for a week without goign soggy with this method:
    In a tupperware/systema plastic container with lid, put the salad in there without the plastic bag it came in, put a paper towel over the container, the put the air tight lif on that container, and keep it in the fridge, u til you need to use it

  • Freeze it!

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