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NOVOO 7 in 1 USB C Hub 100W PD/4*USB/HDMI/Ethernet $37.49 Delivered @ Wellmade Brands AU via Amazon AU


NOVOO USB C Hub Multiport Adapter USB C to USB x 4, 100W PD Charging, 4K HDMI, RJ45 Ethernet, 7 in 1 USB C Adapter Compatible with MacBook Pro MacBook Air
The original price was: $49.99
After Coupon Price: $37.49 (25% OFF)

Product Description:
【USB C Hub Meets Your Daily Needs】NOVOO USB C Dongle turns a single Type C on your laptop into 7 differents ports : USB C to HDMI 4K, USB 3.0 x 3, USB 2.0, Type C Power Delivery 100W charging port, 1000Mbps RJ45 Ethernet. Very suitable for office work, conference, home office, classroom, gaming or watching movies. Just plug in and go !
【Efficient & Versatile USB C to USB Adapter】NOVOO 7 in 1 USB C Hub Multiport Adapter offers extra three USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 for multiple USB-A devices such as flash drive, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, printer, MP3 player and more. Keep you away from the trouble of plugging & unplugging your devices repeatedly. USB 3.0 supports data transfer up to 5 Gbps. There is no any interference between USB 2.0 and bluetooth devices, perfect for bluetooth mouse.
【Vivid Display 4K HDMI Adapter】NOVOO USB C Hub HDMI enables mirror or extend your laptop to a HDTV, monitor or projector up to 4K UHD ([email protected]) resolution. Perfect to project your PPT, enjoy a 3D film in a larger monitor or add a second screen to extend your laptop.
【USB C PD 100W Fast Charging & Gigabit Ethernet】The 7 in 1 USB C Hub Multiport Adapter has a Type-C Power Delivery charging port which supports pass-through charging up to 100W, fast charging your laptop, even compatible with Macbook Pro 16" which requires 96 Watts of power. RJ45 LAN allows a stable connection to Gigabit network and lets you enjoy high-speed internet. 1G movie can be downloaded in a few minutes. No lag and No interference.
【Worthy & NO Worries Buying】Our USB C Adapter built in advanced chips provides more reliable performance, low power consumption, quicker heat dissipation and higher data transfer efficiency. NOVOO USB C Hub will not cause damage to your computer and connected devices. FCC, CE and RoHS, UKCA certified. 24 months refund or replacement warranty!

NOVOO 11 in 1 USB C Docking Station Triple Display 2xHDMI, VGA, 2XUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, 100W USBC PD, Ethernet,SD Card & Micro SD Card Slots
The Original Price: $79.99
After Coupon Price: $67.99(15% OFF)

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  • Are these Wellmade?

  • +4

    4k @ 30Hz = Horrible. Deal breaker.

  • My husband has this and it works great.

  • +1

    Caveat emptor:

    • 4K/30Hz, so if you only use 2K/60Hz, then it is probably fine. Even at 4K/30Hz, I doubt it supports HDR.
    • USB C PD 100W Fast Charging: that only means it supports 100W input into this hub, it does not mean it passes that entire 100W to the device (laptop). This is something most people aren't aware of. (worse, people writing the product description don't know either). The hub doesn't run on air, it does take some power. Furthermore, the modes you get from the passthrough may be different to what your original charger supports.

    All USB-C hub makers quote the specs that way. You won't be able to tell that power reduction normally because your laptop will still work with lower wattage, but if you test it with a USB-C meter, you will see the passthrough is not 100% (generally a lot lower).

  • Does this make it so I can connect a phone to internet via ethernet?

  • Bought one for my recently purchased MBA. Fingers crossed it works well!

    • I use this for my MBA, works great!

  • The Anker equivalent was recently $57. Setup a Camel Camel alert and buy that instead, much higher quality especially with 100W PD.

    • +2

      Got to give Anker a brownie point:

      Powerful Pass-Through Charging: Compatible with USB-C Power Delivery to provide high-speed pass-through charging to your laptop at up to 85W.

      For one of their hubs which takes in 100W PD as input, it tells you the maximum you can get from passthrough. That's how the item description should be written. 15% drop is in the norm.

      That said, if you have a M1, I'm not sure you want to go for a DP 1.2 based hub (4K/30Hz).

    • Thanks for the info, can you please let us know what model number this is?

  • Have many people tried a variety of these devices for the Chromecast(Sabrina, Google TV)?

    The essentials I think most people are after are a single(ideally 2-3, but essentially 1) USB 3.1/3.2 (Gen blah blah), a 1 Gbps RJ45 Ethernet port and materials that won't cause potential damaging overheating if the USB and Ethernet port were being used simultaneously for several hours.

    • +2

      This idea of one USB-C hub which works for all sorts of devices is unrealistic.

      • Apple dongles are known not to work on PC laptops.
      • USB-C/Alt-mode DP 1.2 vs DP 1.4 mess means if you have both types of devices, you probably need to get one of each types.
      • There are 2 versions of the Apple dongles, the new version doesn't work well even on older Apple devices. So expecting third parties to better is just wishful thinking.
      • Android devices seem to fall into DP 1.2 type (my guess is most people don't care about connecting their phones to a 4K TV through one of these hubs, while having a need to use USB-A port(s)).
      • Apple simply won't support USB-C/MST. If you want multiple displays from one port, use Thunderbolt 3's daisy chaining is Apple's approach.

      This situation will get worse as USB 4 and Thunderbolt 4 are further developed. The problem is USB 4 has not been fully finalised.

      Yes, some of these docks, hubs are a bit dodgy. However, if you understand the current USB-C mess, you would know that equipment makers are also responsible for this mess. Most people just blame the dock / hub makers.

      • I appreciate the in-detailed response, but I think you misunderstood my message.

        When I wrote Chromecast, in brackets I put Google TV and Sabrina. Which meant the Chromecast has Google TV and the codename for it was Sabrina.

        So I was purely referring to a hub that does USB-C Passthrough at about 25watts+, with one(or more) USB 3.0+, RJ45 1Gbps port and respectable materials.

        • +1

          Okay, so you are basically just after something that works for Google TV. There are pages for that (list of dongles that work) but most of them listed are expensive ones. super-user below indicates this one works.

          I did hint what you might want to look for. Basically, avoiding DP 1.4 based hubs as the chipset used seems to have compatibility issues with GTV whereas the older DP 1.2 based hubs "seem" to be okay (still need to check). Thing is, I feel Android devices should try to move forward and put more bandwidth in the actual USB-C port and alt-mode. Obviously, for Google TV, there is no point for the Alt-mode. Also, don't bother with Apple dongles.

          I am seeing people trying to use part of this type of hubs for Google TV, but the HDMI port obviously is not going to be used.

          • @netsurfer: I did find your dot point on DP 1.2/1.4 to be interesting, as it was new and relevant information to my ears.

            I agree the HDMI is port is irrelevant for the Google TV Chromecast.

            Although I wasn't necessarily specifically asking about this one, as when I saw this deal get posted, it reminded me that I never got around to getting one for the device, even though I had put a fair amount of effort into researching some devices specifically(all my previous device research is gone from time and forgetfulness)

            I know a lot of the "bargain" devices, in general, have overheating problems, then there are the ones that are priced far too high IMO for what I'm trying to achieve.

            I should perhaps confirm how the Google TV Chromecast handles Dolby Vision via USB, as that's a motivator for the USB slot.\

            Your answers have been full of detail. They're great, thank you.

            • +1

              @Beyond: Now I see why the guides I saw recommend better ones (i.e. Anker). It's because a power hub is needed. That's my main issue with a lot of these cheap hubs. While I am less concerned about the gigabit ethernet and the data side, I am just not comfortable with the power delivery pass through.

              Basically, with a hub that's in $30 (or $50 if you opt for DP 1.4 based) range, you expect it to do 4K, USB 3.0 data, ethernet, AND power (and do them all quite well)? 100W with say 85W passthrough (and it isn't exactly a clean passthrough as the e-marking is different). I just don't have that much faith. For USB-C cables which need to carry power, I've gone with Apple, Dell or Lenovo originals.

    • +1

      This works on Google TV, I have this same hub

  • Just like to know if this works for 'Chromecast with Google TV'. Looking for one but not too pricey. Thanks.

    • I have this same hub, works with Google TV

    • If you only want to expand the storage on the Chromecast with GoogleTV (CCwGTV) then this works perfect and is usually less than $18.

      • Sorry i didn't explain properly, looking for an ethernet adapter for Chromecast with Google TV.

        • In one of the previous USB hubs thread an ozbargain user advised they had had success with these ones (see super-user already posted here).

          There are a number of confirmed working docks listed on Reddit as well

          Obviously will need to supply your own power supply as the Chromecast one will not supply enough power.

          Your other options are something like a Dell wd15 docks which works and also comes with a power brick barrel jack for around 60 refurbed on eBay (also works with laptop)

          • @dazza826: Thank you. I'll look into the dell docks.

  • Do you need a specific power adapter to power these?

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