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Xbox Live Gold 6 Months for $37.33 @ Eneba / Monkeys Ltd.


Key: $38.90
Service fees with PayPal: $3.33
Service fees with credit card: $3.13
Discount: -$4.81
End-price: $37.33/$37.14

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    Don't purchase from this site. They don't respond to support tickets at all. Have been waiting for a response since the 29th of November, after the seller gave me an already used key. Will try disputing through Paypal soon for a chargeback refund.

    • They do respond to support tickets but the wait time is laughable. Took me almost two weeks to resolve. PayPal will be quicker.

      Had both good and bad experiences but learnt not to buy anything there that's more than a couple of dollars.

    • Happened to me but they did respond.. wanted me to send a picture. Fair enough.

      So I log onto my phone into my MS account, screen shot the issue and send it to them.

      Nope, not good enough, they want to see it in a picture taken off the xbox screen.

      Don't what the @#%*$ differences when you log into your MS account and doing it that way.

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    12 month subs were a lot cheaper, doubt anyone would buy these 6 month subs instead

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    As said above 12 month sub deal was way better, but also Eneba is shady. Credit to @Kozhutki for this response.

    Eneba are like g2a. Black market with no source of key or how they were purchased (stolen credit cards etc). So basically, if shit goes wrong, that's on you. Websites like cdkeys are grey market, the keys are legitimate and purchased legitimately however they are generally from lower income countries where purchasing in bulk is fairly 'cheap'.

    More in this other comment

  • I just bought two 12-months sub codes from another site for less than $100, and redeem successful.

  • Haven't had any issues with these guys topped up a year of game pass for myself and got my brother 3 years of gold.

    Solid experience so far

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