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10 Crunchy Coated Buttermilk Wings $10 (In-Store or Drive Thru) @ Red Rooster


The deal is available in-restaurant and drive thru all day for a limited time only.

The deal is not available through delivery.

Source: FrugalFeeds

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Red Rooster
Red Rooster

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  • Tempting, but I think I prefer spicy

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      Does Red rooster do hot n spicy?

      • Don't think so

      • +2

        Dump the Reaper hot sauce on em.

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    Shop front for money laundry?

    • Are you a 'criminal' lawyer?

      • no but i never seen anyone eat at red rooster

        • never seen anyone eat at red rooster

          there isn't any nearby like Target stores :(

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    ohhh i like their fried chicken too

    • +9

      Their fried chicken is pretty unmatched at the moment.
      Easily the most juiciest and crispy chicken out there.

      • +2

        I still prefer KFC cause they have more flavours in the coating.

        • different taste for different palates..

          i like KFC original recipe for the flavour or the original recipe..

          but i also like red rooster for the crispiness and mellow flavour they have,

          i like the wicked wing at KFC.. but my kids like these as there are less spice

          the fried chicken is reminiscent of an old chain called chicken express.

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    Has these before and some pieces were the size of my thumb….

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      You must have massive thumbs!

  • are these better than KFC H&S?

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      Wicked wings over these easily unless you don't like spicy

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        Wicked Wings are hardly spicy these days.

        I recall when they came out back in 2005 or something, damn they were good back then. They’ve just become more and more bland as the years have gone by.

        • +5

          Maybe but I remember once having a 10 pack and while they weren't spicy going in, they were spicy going out the next day.

  • Picture looks like simulated food. Not the sort of thing I'd generally put in my mouth.

  • +2

    be wary of their small sizes

  • The $5 voucher ($10 min spend) for members would bring it down to $5

    • Was gonna say the same! Worth a try with $5 voucher expiring tomorrow.

      • +1

        Just picked it up from my local- it's not bad but agree probably quite small in size, but for $5 can't complain! Like the crispy skin too so it's a + for me.

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    Bought two boxes and they're small pieces. Quite disappointed with the size. Still prefer KFC wicked wings, taste and size. Will probably not get this again but that's just me.

  • RR is dead to me after they ditched the Rippa


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