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[eBay Plus] Crucial MX500 1TB SATA SSD $119.20 ($126.65 non-eBay Plus) Delivered @ gg.tech365 eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Good deal for a 1TB Crucial SSD.

Non eBay Plus members can use BF15OFF to get it for $126.65.

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  • +1

    very nice, thank you, i've got an older laptop so grabbed the 500gb for $87.20 delivered

    • Good choice, I also got one for my aging laptop a month or so ago (1TB though), feels like a brand new machine!

      • nice!!

        the 500gb seems to be similar specs, the laptop is 7th gen i7, so due for an upgrade, but over 100$ was the point where a new laptop was looking like the better option .. for 87$, i'm happy to give it another 12 months usage (since i recently replaced the cpu fan)

        • +1

          Yeah depending on how much you use it then 500gb will be plenty, especially at that price it'll last the 12 months for sure.

    • $76 @ Amazon Au at the moment

  • +1

    Getting close to that $100 per terabyte price!!

    • I was hoping we would've seen something on black friday, but settled for this now 😆

      • It was actually $109 with the Afterpay code, so pretty damn close to $100 with discounted gift cards at 3% off.

        • Damn can't believe I missed out! Does the 3% GC thing still work? I remember recently people saying they tried it but it didn't work anymore (for afterpay deals).

          • @mangobango: Still works, as long as you leave at least $1 to pay with Afterpay.

        • it was $111.75 with APBF25 then stacked with the 10% SB (tracked for me @ $11.17) + discounted gift cards. So yeah under $100 for me.

  • as a game drive would this be good or get an nvme drive connected to a PCI slot?

    • +2

      NVMe's are much faster, but this is still good imo. I use it as a drive on my PS4 and noticed a big difference in load times.

      Good quality NVMe's are a bit more expensive though, so depends if you want to shell out more for the speed.

      • Would a QVO drive load times be better than hdd load time on ps4?
        and would a QVO drive sit in the middle in terms of load times between hdd and samsung evo drive etc?

        how do you install nvme on your ps4?
        I thought it only has sata port so only hdd or ssd?

          1. For sure
          2. I checked the read speeds and they're about the same for the QVO and EVO (according to Amazon listings anyway), but EVO is generally more reliable
          3. No idea if you can install an nvme, I just have a sata one plugged in via USB with an enclosure and load games off there.
          • @mangobango: oic.. i thought you replaced the internal hdd

            yeah evo is probably more reliable and longer lasting
            the downside is 2TB is still quite expensive

    • Watch these and decide for yourself:

      It does appear that CPU, GPU also play a part (as the first one and second one seem to show different results).

      • interesting that windows load time was negligible difference between ssd and m2 nvme

        In regards to gaming I think majority of people would not be buying nvme for installation of all their games but instead using it for the OS…..
        and the load times for some games did not have big of a major difference between ssd and m2 nvme

        It might more useful when we can have features like what is implemented in xbox series x and ps5 etc..

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