Cpap Machine with Dental Work (Crown)

Hi, I have been using snoring mouthguards but find that they look disgusting after a 6-12 months even though I clean them after each use.

Thinking of buying a cpap machine for my snoring instead of using the mouthguard.

I just had a crown done.

I appreciate any comments in relation to people's experience when using a cpap machine.

How much did you get back from your health fund?



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    You need a referral to cover it under health insurance, i.e. go do a sleep study and specialist confirming with your results. Which you should do anyway.

    Insurance varies greatly depending on who you're through and what cover you have -

    CPAP machine doesn't go in your mouth so it won't impact your crown at all. You can get nose pillows or a mask that covers your nose and face.

    Personally, changed my life. I can't recommend enough getting it properly tested and treated.

    • Thanks for your reply.

      How much did you actually get back from your health insurnace?

      Mine says 75% of the total cost but max $1500.

      But from experience they will have 100 different item numbers on the invoice and often don't get much back when claiming.

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    I've been using one for 2yrs now, the difference in using it and not using it are very noticeable.
    The machines and bits are fkin expensive… Not OzB style by any measure

    This is where I got mine and they do a 30 day trial

    Try our Exclusive 30 Day
    Risk-Free CPAP Trial

    Rediscover what it feels like to get a good night’s sleep!

    CPAP VICTORIA in Frankston

    Worth trying for the price.

    • A machine with the lot will run you 1500 with a 5 year warranty. Assuming the machine fails bang on 5 years (which it won’t) that’s $300 a year to get a proper nights sleep and get back tremendous amounts of energy during the day as a result. I don’t think you’ll find a better bargain anywhere else.

  • I've been using one for 2yrs now, the difference in using it and not using it are very noticeable.

    More energy ???

  • The sleep study will show how many breathing disturbances per hour you suffer, and whether a CPAP machine will help. My wife's study cost $75 from Air Liquide, revealing an AHI of 17.
    Air Liquide (and other places) hire out machines and masks at $8/day - a very good investment to check if they work for you. My wife's hire machine was a BMC Luna G3 A20 Auto machine with a DreamWear Full Face Mask, it worked well for her with the AHI dropping to 1.6 on the first night and lower still when she got used to it. She went from gasping to breathe every 4 minutes to getting 2 or 3 breath disturbances a night, and her snoring has completely stopped.
    We bought the hire mask at a discounted price, but Air Liquide couldn't give us a good deal on the CPAP machine. They wanted $1700, but I got one from Remsleep online instead for $1039. We should get $720 back from HBF.
    Brands - don't get Philips, they have problems with carcinogens in the foam. I preferred Resmed or Fisher & Pykel, both well known brands, but after trialling the Chinese BMC, we were both completely sold on it. All the bells and whistles of the better-known brands, but much cheaper, and virtually silent. After the racket my wife made snoring, it is absolute bliss.
    You can mix and match machines and masks from different manufacturers. I think the Philips Dreamwear full face mask is very clever. It actually fits just under the nose and over the mouth so is not too obstructive, and has a hose attachment and swivel on the top of the head so you can roll around in bed.
    We went for the auto machine as it was the one we had trialled. You can also get fixed pressure machines much cheaper (~$800) but I don't think they are as effective.

    • The Phillips ones are fine, been using mine 3yrs+.
      the problems with carcinogens in foam are usually with older machines and mostly o/s models
      Phillips is undertaking to resolve any problems, I'm on waiting list
      The CPAP makes a bloody big difference, i was stopping breathing on average 24x hour, now 1/2x hours apart
      I use a mouthguard, cos i have upper/lower dentures that I take out at nite and find without support it pushes cheeks in and causes drooling

  • just dont touch Phillips DreamStation CPAP or 50 series CPAP they are under recall and Philips are withdrawing from the market in oz

    Mine is a resmed unit I have no probs except leaking mask at times when i lay on side, to get a good seal sometimes the mask is too tight but it makes a big diff
    As a pensioner I got the base machine free after paying for 3 mths hire and reporting, I had to pay for the humidifyer and other stuff I wanted

  • I got my CPAP in 2013 after messing up my lungs working in dusty environments. Now I can’t live without it.

    I no longer snore because of my cpap and my wife is infinitely happier sleeping beside me, even with the added noise of the cpap.

    It’s a mixed blessing, because now I’m a functional human after getting a good night’s sleep, but now I can’t go camping or survive an electrical black out. About to buy a battery pack and adapter to run off the 2nd battery in the car.

    I’ve had my Resmed S9 since 2013 and only within the past 12 months has it popped up a message telling me it’s motor/pump needs a service. I work on the assumption that I’ve used it for at least 6 hrs / day since Easter 2013, so I really rate the life span on this unit.

    I have the humidifier attachment, but don’t use it because the added moisture in the air stinks out the bedroom and my wife hates the smell, even when I open the windows during the day. To prevent my nose from drying out over night I put Vaseline up my nose. Not sexy but it does the trick.

    I prefer the nasal pillow head gear. That’s the one that goes a little way into both nostrils. I get a really good seal and I put Vaseline on the pillow to prevent rubbing/chafing from the rubber/silicon.

    I also have the nasal cushion, which sits under the nostrils, but I didn’t get as a good a seal as I do with the pillow, and the leaking makes noise which disturbs us both.

    I have a full face mask for when I’m sick and have a blocked nose. I don’t like it as I have to get it really tight to get a good seal over my beard and I find that the pressure puts an uncomfortable pressure on my jaw.

    Personally I go to CPAP Victoria in Port Melbourne. Primarily because they are geographically close to work, but the also offer fitting services, spare parts, and I’m pretty sure they offer a try-before-you-buy option that I would absolutely recommend.

    They are by no means the cheapest supplier. They are an established bricks-and-mortar chain with services above and beyond the online only retailers that are 20% cheaper.

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