Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Drill & Impact Driver Kit $149 @ Bunnings


so my 2-pack ozito drill / impact drill driver set had some issues, took it back for a refund and was going to replace it when i saw this deal for 149$

the 169$ kit has drill & impact driver, 1.5 & 2.5a batteries, single plug charger and a bag
the 149$ kit has brushless drill & impact driver, 4.0a battery, single plug charger

so you get a single bigger battery and no bag with MUCH better quality drills for 20$ less

the 4a battery is a fair bit heavier and bulkier, but also goes with the steeldeck lawnmower from a couple of weeks ago

comparing the two, these ones feel a lot more sturdy and powerful (i haven't screwed anything yet though, maybe this weekend) … the impact driver feels stronger, but i flogged the original one a lot and it was as good as new, hopefully this one is at least as good … the drill feels stronger, some plastic, but descent plastic …

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    Seems like regular price, not a deal?

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      christmas special pack (is what the girly said) … has it been there a while?

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      That’s right, this is the normal price. Not a deal, sorry.

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        Good price for this set; individually the brushless impact driver skin is usually around $99 RRP, and the brushless drill skin is around $79 RRP. 4.0Ah battery and charger pack is usually around $99 RRP.
        This kit seems fairly good value to me, and is not always available.

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    i haven't screwed anything yet though, maybe this weekend

    Positive thinking is a good start. Hope it works out for you.

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      depends if he's screwing in or screwing up.

      • a bit of both, i'll be visiting the girlfriend and trying to build a chicken run (the coop is built, but need to make them a yard) … batton screws and a weekend in the hills

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    the product description suggests it is not a hammer drill. ditto for the bagged one. something to note

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      oh yeah, hammer you're better off getting the corded ozito

      i've used it quite a bit, i should really ask the neighbours which one they hate more, the hammer / jackhammer drill or the impact driver (both are quite noisy, but very satisfying) … i've built and destroyed quite a few things over the last year (often until dark)

    • I've found even the ones listed as hammer drills break when used as hammers better to buy a steel one

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    In my local there's a $99 deal for the same two skins and charger but with a smaller battery. I bought one.

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      Are you sure it's the brushless version? That would be a steal.

      Pretty sure you purchased this one: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-power-x-change-18v-compact... This set has a compact drill, neither tool is brushless.

      Brushless tool skins are usually twice the price, of brushed similar tool skins.

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        You are right, apologies. The impact driver looks the same as in the $169 kit posted here.

  • Bought this pack and highly recommend it.

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    Contrary to the above claims this is NOT the regular price, as such, it's a limited deal for this promotional combo that pops up from time to time. Even so, it's brilliant value and all components of the kit are superior to their non-brushless combo counterparts. Highly recommend.

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    May be promo combo because Aldi have their Ferrex brand on sale too

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    Seems like the normal price for while now.
    But great pack last time I got this pack for $79 when they ran out of stock for the brushless hammer drill

  • I’m happy with my $220 DeWalt combo 5.0ah

  • How does this compare to the 20V ALDI Ferrex impact drill set which is $169? Thanks

    • Batteries on the Aldi one are only 1.5ah. Anything more than light drill work and you will drain the battery quickly.
      Another thing is if the Ozito breaks or dies within 5 years you get a new set, no questions ask. Aldi will give refund.

      • very true, the previous kit with the 1.5 & 2.5a batteries would constantly drain, so one on charge, other being used, swap them a few times per day (they may have gotten some pretty heavy usage)

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      aldi drill is a hammer drill, ozito is not. both are same torque (50Nm)
      aldi impact driver is 200Nm vs ozito 180Nm
      aldi battery is 2x1.5Ah vs ozito 1x4.0ah

      the ozito bagged one that was referred to appears to be brushed,
      the drill is 40Nm, impact driver 150Nm, 2x1.5Ah batteries

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        I only need to drill into bricks briefly to install a security camera, I'm guessing the ALDI Ferrex set would be the one to buy? Thanks.

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          Yes, hammer action makes it heaps easier. Although it may be possible with a regular drill, depending on the bricks - But will more likely destroy the drill bit from heat/wear, And may/will be detrimental to mental health :)

  • Good value but this is a regular price. Purchased back in October at the same price.

  • Purchased it a few weeks ago, quality is pretty good, i believe this is a promotion according to the Ozito website.
    I did end up returning it due to some issues however and going with the Dewalt DCK266P2T-XE Combo Kit when it was on sale for $399

    - decent size, much smaller than Ryobi equivalents
    - good power 180nm (compared the impact driver against the dewalt DCF887 (205nm), it was a little slower driving in long screws into hardwood, but not by much)
    - decent build quality
    - comfortable grip
    - slow start built in to help not strip screws at the start

    - impact driver has no modes, so its all trigger control or you will strip or bury screws. this limits its usability to pure power
    - trigger is a bit too sensitive, and not very gradual, just fairly large speed changes and quite early on the trigger
    - if you are trying to be sensitive with the trigger, the motor stalls and you need to let go of the trigger and re-squeeze (could have just been my unit)
    - slow start built in, wont let you have some trigger fun

  • bought this 2 months ago and have used it for several tasks around the house like rehanging my front door. good buy at the price point i reckon as i couldn't front up 200+ more for makita brands

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