Radeon Means Ray Tracing. Literally?

I posted on hoyolab here in more detail.
here is a pastebin of the config.ini file code simply select all the stuff on the paste bin and copy it all and make a new text file in documents folder/directory and paste it all in there. Then rename the new text file you've created to config.ini and it should work try it out. Works with android11 and windows 11. I've tested it with my LG V60 snapdragon 865 processor phone i believe and my ryzen 5600x and 5700xt gaming desktop PC.

Heres how my OS and settings are configured for the most part.. well i think thats mostly it? some of it may be important in getting similar good looking graphics to mine as lower latency and higher bit depth hardware means your games look better. just toggling antilag on improves the graphics in many titles.

I've samsung Bdie and samsung SSD's and configured my bios for lowest mhz and lowest latency in memory timings and secondary timings and i set to gear down disabled and CR1T and set to the XMP profiles voltage levels or a tiny bit above in order to get stability and for it to be able to boot as its thousands of times faster to have lower latency than higher latency with RAM. going from 9ns to 8 is maybe up to 64 times faster? i suck at maths. Its also only the lowest mhz settings let you use dual rank memory check your mainboard manual compability to realise intel CPUs and memory are cheap fakes and XMP is a lie. I could only boot at CAS 9's on my system for reasons unknown my RAM is advertised at 7.8ns or better? I enabled PBO and TPM2.0 and secureboot above 4G decoding and resizeablebar? umm thats it i guess? if you dont lower latency you're not using your RAM at all you can see typhoon burner app free for info or purchased to edit custom XMP profiles of your own. I also set my display to 1080p120hz as i've only HDMI 2.0B so its 444 FULL RGB 10bit or 12bit HDR I enable game mode and black levels to low and maybe dynamic black enhancer +1 and freesync in my TV or displays remote control buttons menu or physical buttons on the side of the panel menu. Note that with freesync on if you reinstall your GPU drivers or something turns freesync off in the drivers like adrenaline control panel for AMD your display will need to have freesync off in the TV/monitor remote control or physical buttons menu again to see it might just go a black screen. You should also with windows 11 in device security enable core isolation and find the exploit protection and ensure every one of them is enabled. On my PC randomized ASLR images or whatever is OFF when i first install. This greatly speeds up my PC by securing it strangely? might work better for you too. I like to in adrenaline graphics drivers for AMD after i downloaded and installed the latest ones and updated my OS (im on windows insider but that shouldnt matter) go to global graphics settings toggle antilag on and i tend to leave enhanced sync off and disable vsync in all my ingame options but if your game goes stuttery you can try toggle on enhanced sync and then maybe turn vsync back on ingame options. and scroll right down to advanced and override antialiasing to 8xEQ or 4xEQ or whatever adaptivemultisampling or supersampling. Test what looks best for you. I also while there set texture quality to high and anisotropic filtering to 16 and maybe override the tessellation to 4x or 2x or amd optimized whatever works best for that game I then go to use 10bit panel output as i have a HDR display and enable that and click restart button at the bottom of it. I ensure freesync/VRR is enabled and its in the global display drivers i ensure its toggled on in windows graphics settings too and toggle on HDR and auto HDR in windows 11 OS display options. In the adrenaline global display you can set custom colour to values like brightness and contrast and saturation or even play with the colour temperature to get some games to look better but you can go further in each game custom game profile individually by clicking the gaming tab you can then stack custom colour a second time and set freesync to ON or amd optimized and adjust the tessellation and AA for the title there. Umm after that maybe just begin by setting all your game in game settings menus to 1080p 120hz FULLSCREEN.. the FULLSCREEN can be very important. or can set it to FPS UNLIMITED where possible you dont want to lock it to 60 then if you've any sort of AMD GPU and CPU or mobile phone with any sort of AMD GPU in there like a recent qualcomm snapdragon smartphone 835 or newer you can just crank everything in the game menu settings to ULTRA and it should sort of almost begin to function. Although its set to 1080p it will not look blocky as you can render in 64k or whatever with my settings. Keep in mind some in game options you may ordinarily turn on like HDR or freesync premium pro HDR may change colourspaces to scRGB or exposure or other settings from what i've set them to and may look less good. Some in game uhh CAS or FSR or fidelity FX options and freesync options are completely fake or the worst settings in the universe so you may want to test out a few in game menu settings completely disabled for those things and with them on again as i've often got everything looking 10x better already using similar stuff but set to "DEFAULT"

I was sick of my 8k VR mobile phone struggling to game in 1080p when its thousands of times beyond ultra capability in hardware specs made me wonder what brain defect game developers have as I a mentally ill man can read a spec sheet. For the longest time i thought i had to be some sorta military grade hacker coder and make my own custom game engines and games and apps to actually use AMD hardware.. which i didnt have the effort and time to do.. but no this text file is proof you just need to learn look at the box of every AMD GPU in the last decade or more.. and type the words into a text file to get it working by turning it on with the global display driver you installed you stupid retard game developers. You have no idea how long true audio next has been on the box of every AMD graphics card and it offloads all the CPU software nonsense and just copies the sound file into the graphics card and uses like 95% less CPU for audio while sounding many times better and gaming faster! yet they couldnt figure out how to look at the words on every graphics card box for decades.. dont get me started on hardware reviewers.. oh man have they never even been in the same room as a graphics card since the late1960's when the first AMD computers were being sold.


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    Everyone, equip your amethyst crystals to avoid psychic damage.

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    A member for 3 years and not a single post, what motivated you to do these two quite random essay length posts 7 minutes apart?

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    Now we just need to get Big Man Tyrone to say it in a video.

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    I thought Tolstoy's War and Peace was a long boring read but………………..

    Any chance of a TL;DR version?

    • current config.ini

      I think OP confused OzB with their config.ini and wonder why changing the post doesn't seem have any effects.

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    No sir, your toaster cannot be hacked to support ray tracing.

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    The title was confusing, everything after that made even less sense

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      I think it was italian or was it latin.. or korean? the word radeon or the founder hardware designer of the first consumer ray tracing hardware was speaking multi lingual and was from different lands for different reasons named it half one language and half the other or something?
      uhh basically its been rendering/ray tracing since the beginning of radeon as the tessellation was scalable and adjustable where as nvidia's wasnt.
      And there was the fact that when you adjust brightness in the radeon overlay or contrast. your candles can turn into LED beam torches like light sabers.. and crank the contrast up makes skill attacks or magic or other special effects glow like laser beams and sparkle and the shine on metal armor become super bright white hot glare bright

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        Not sure where you get your verbal diarrhea from but here's AMD's general manager explaining the name origin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6d7SQnFqbs

        It was meant to be Energi then proposed to be Radium but apparently that had negative connotations in Asia so someone's mum suggested Radeon.

        That's it.

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    I nearly died from cringing too hard.

    • "jiggle physics"


      Here is one more: "Thats not how you give a woman a full stomach Rambo"

  • "Thoughts on a page" in its most literal sense.

  • Read a similar novel before. The other one was better. Not recommended. 3 out of 10.

  • The word Keyboard means It Includes A Return Key And You Should Learn To Use It. Literally the OP was typing in just a different language

  • Click bait title, with a TLTR body text.

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    Turns out the guy just copied the text off the "word of the day" desk calendar - my coworker has one on his desk and today's word is Radeon.

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      i've always known AMD holds countless world records and like every tech and computer patent since the 60's and intel and nvidia hold zero

      You should probably go Google "intel patent" ;)

      I did a little homework for you:

      How does that equate to AMD hold ALL and intel zero?, it appears intel has over 10 times as many patents as AMD? …

      Don't let the truth get in the way of a fanboi hey?

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    I'm just happy when i get more than 20fps on my laptop.

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    Wait until you find out what your Mitsubishi Pajero means in Spanish!

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    What the actual (profanity)?

  • OP

    Please just reinstall windows removing everything, install manufacturer drivers, and just play your games. Change in-game video/performance settings. Don't do anything else.

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    Jugsy, you're mistaken. If you have a 32bit sound card and 384khz surround sound support 7.1 or atmos or whatever. HDMI audio..
    you hook it up to your surround sound speakers, and you're playing 16bit stereo forever.. your bluray quality audio or your MQA files or DSD files your AC3 files.. NONE OF IT WORKS AT ALL!
    your CPU and GPU and everything else.. REQUIRE you to set the bit depth thousands high minimum. GDDR6 is like 256bit memory bandwidth bus.. but its dual channel and often has things like an AMD CPU which can triple the bandwidth beyond the physical hardware like in thread ripper CPU's or a RDNA 2 6600
    For you to build a computer and NEVER EVER actually use the hardware you paid for.. you may as well just pay that much for NOT hardware and use intel and nvidia and leave it all at the default 16bit DOS junk for eternity coz even if you set it to all the bandwidth of PCI express 4 thats just to get DATA inside the CPU.. the actual bit depth is ALL that much and WAYYY more and is per core! if its a real computer.. intel and nvidia maybe just pretend 64 bit or 16bit or 2bit or whatever is fine.. its probably a binary device or some other 2000 years old abacus nonsense.
    how will you high refresh rate gaming if you cant freesync? the answer! you will never high refresh rate gaming because high latency=low refresh rate—- DUH!
    you think freesync and HDR doesnt exist in your 4k display or something its in a cheap $100 mobile phone for crying out loud!
    you can buy mobile phones and VR headsets and TV's and everything with freesync built into the display and it cant ever be turned off or adjusted its there by default for everything. you can tell when the phones default video camera app feels super fast and smooth 60hz and seems ultra hyper buttery smooth you think motion smoothing is turned on like 6 times.. but nope its still off!

    • Get a 120 Hz phone screen

  • Ok.

  • This post is a work of art!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  • One word for you OP: Paragraph.

  • Try typing in RDNA2=true even if it isnt.. i guess its like RTX to be fair? maybe even try RDNA10.0
    3D V-Cache=true
    AMD Zencore4=true

  • So this is what Minecraft looks like?

  • Holy crack smoker Batman!

    Don’t be greedy, we all need some of what you’re on, pass it around!

  • If you play genshin impact and want to crank its quality up 1-5 mobile and console to 5 being PC.. you can set it up to 10 or 15!
    If you have a launcher for genshin impact you click launch on to open the game usually and update it. Well if you hold down the SHIFT key and click launch it will give you a list of options like fantastic/beautiful/console.
    But if you go to registry editor Hkey current user > software > mihoyo > unity graphics quality settings
    then right click the unity graphics quality and select Binary Edit!
    select it all and delete the 05 or whatevers there.. on the left hand corner type AA AA AA AA
    or FF FF FF FF
    or 99 99 99 99
    or 11 11 11 11 or whatever depends on how low or high you want quality.
    dont worry whatevers there its fine to delete the game will just recreate it if you mess up when you reboot and run the game again you can delete entire mihoyo folder in registry and then run genshin and the game puts it back again next time you play and edit graphics settings or whatever.
    This is assuming you'd already gone into your genshin game and set it all ultra and turned off motion blurr or whatever and applied TAA in game settings and are disable vsync and have enabled freesync in your TV's menu with remote or your monitors buttons on the panel to set it to game mode and in your adrenaline drivers or the pretend equivalent of whatever else. You can toggle antilag on in adrenaline for genshin specific game profile and set its tesselation levels manually too to 2x override then application then back to AMD optimized as it maybe bugs out and not work by default. In graphics settings in game you can set one of the environment details from High to Highest higher than all other settings somehow. You also want to have your texture quality to High in adrenaline global settings.
    umm yeah i guess just check carefully at the very bottom of graphics settings theres an aniso filter thats default to 1x or something bugged. set it back up to 16x
    But maybe whenever i screen shot or just every 5 minutes gaming the AA AA settings get deleted from registry and i must re enter them? how to fix? along with all my other graphics settings they turn off. my global lighting and illumination.. the path tracing.. its a dazzling sunset in game on moment golden beams of light then its suddenly lost its sun light.. the suns there its just a low quality like zero hardware game.

  • Oh yeah, depending on if you wanna view from far away or close up try Perspective=true
    or try setting your Texture size to 0.5 it makes many titles crisp up strangely nice.
    Turning antilag on in a handful of games can slow them a bit or small hiccup like stutter once in a while
    But for vast majority of almost every game its always best on and can actually greatly increase visual quality. (probably lets variable rate shaders, shade more and quicker)
    So consider typing in antilag=true
    but remember about it being a possible issue on a handful of occasions maybe

  • Anyone figured out better settings or stuff i didnt know?
    also you can dial down the denoiser and CAS not too many games need it cranked so high

  • Omg this is gold
    Never mind the original post, the comments are even better!

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    I have always wondered what happened to the person that left a scrawled note on my car one night - it detailed how their doctor (name, address and phone number included) was trying to kill them. Also listed by name, rank badge number all of the police staff that were also out to get them after reporting the doctor to them.

    I think I may know where they went now.

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    well when i view AMD features games list.. it says they managed to type in a single word "freesync" on a handful of games..
    and sometimes as much as 3 or 4 words..
    wow .. such genius.
    They not even manage to type in RTX=true for all hardware
    my RDNA 1 does it 5700xt and 5600x
    when every radeon card ever is a ray tracer. its what the word radeon means. whats wrong with people and how do we fix them?

  • Okay dude. Moving on.

  • I think I’m in love. Or have had a series of life altering strokes. Mmmmm. Toast

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    You guys are aware that radeon can 3d render physics and materials in such realistic reality based simulations that they can generate sound right?
    as in like if wood material object collides with some other object it can have collision and there can be car crashes and deformations or whatever.
    Umm if you've ever seen those 3d render movies where the material is like sphaghetti or toothpaste but coloured metallic? the material is set to have physical properties of certain materials and is mapped with a certain texture or colour.
    uhh like say this very CG not realistic at all "image" which isnt a true 3d world reality.. AMD's VR doesnt need the letter V at all..

    like this image example i just link to on reddit. a ship is sailing on the water.. but its 3d software is lousy and its not AMD hardware.. if it were.. the water would be physical and interact with the boat.. and when the waves slap the ship it would make a slap noise. if a drop drips.. it goes splash when it hits the ground.. its detailed physics deformation and soft plastics and other things. This makes things like car crash in a game possible with sound noises being generated by the 3d render. Its not like "if crash then play crash.wav" its object hits object physically with physics involved and a sound is produced.

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    if you just made the config.ini empty text file in your my documents directory and paste the settings in and save it.. then run your usual games.. you'd know how awesome AMD is.

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