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[PC, Ubisoft] Free - Anno 1404 History Edition @ Ubisoft


Another free game from Ubisoft. Who doesn't love a freebie?

Discover the classic city-building gameplay of Anno 1404 and its expansion Venice, fully updated for modern operating systems.
The Venice expansion for Anno 1404 adds co-operative and competitive multiplayer, new espionage and city council features, as well as new ships, quests and items to expand your empire with.
Your cities look better than ever, thanks to resolutions all the way up to 4k.
Updated and expanded multiplayer functionality.
Enjoy all improvements while continuing your existing game, thanks to full save compatibility.
Take advantage of improvements like borderless window mode and multi-screen support.
This edition also offers bonus content including a soundtrack and a wallpaper, as well as a company logo for Anno 1800.

Full credit to Zquarefish (& the bot).

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  • +18

    Woohoo! I get to add this to Anno 1602 and Anno 1701… which I don't play!

    • 1701 was awesome! I'm just about to finish it. It's a half puzzle game, half sim, that's equally challenging and relaxing!

  • I am guessing there might be something different in other regions

  • -3

    Comes up as $23 for me

    • +3

      It's in four days

    • +2

      IN 4 DAYS

      • Woops. That was obvious.

    • in 4 Days

  • Is this available on Mac or PC only?

    • Yes.

    • Windows-only.

      [PC] = Windows on OzBargain.

  • Can’t wait…

  • good stuff. recently bought anno 1800 complete ed and really liking it.

  • This is my favourite ANNO game before 1800 came out. If not for 1404 i would never have tried 1800.

    1800 is a masterpeice.

  • +4

    Released in 2009 so it's pretty old. However my favourite PC games to this day are Civilization I-III which came out between 1991 and 2001. I've hated all of the other versions since.

    • +1

      Better play alpha centuri then

  • +1

    I've played quite a bit of Anno, but haven't tried 1800. Of all the Anno iterations I've played 1404 is my favourite. I was actually thinking of buying it again in this version to take advantage of 64bits once I get the itch to install it again. It didn't help that my legit key couldn't be integrated into uplay because according to Ubisoft, it's an installation key and not an activation code.

    So yeah, this post is making me grin from ear to ear.

  • -1

    Dealbot ♥️

  • +1

    It's up

  • Anyone have trouble clicking on link, logging in and then getting the same to come up on Ubisoft games list?
    Tried adding a number of times

    • +1

      The option to claim came up as soon as I opened the Ubisoft loader on my desktop.

    • Yeah none of these free games are added to my games list. BadPanda may be right, we have to install the launcher.

    • Looks like I have many games on my account. The web site shows I own two games, the launcher shows around 12.

  • Cheers!

  • is anyone having trouble trying to claim this on the website (browser link)?

  • can't go wrong with a freebie!

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