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Lipton Bubble Tea 5 Pack $6.50 @ Coles


I have tried a few different brands of instant bubble tea, this seems to be the best instant bubble tea in the market. The pearls are chewy and similar to those in the bubble tea stores.

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      33% not carbs

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        7% of that is fat

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          93% of that is skinny

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            93% of that is skinny

            Not will all those carbs it's not…

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          at least 90% of that is water

  • Save $2, and peach favour is OOS.

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      What kind of favours are peaches asking for?

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        Your favours are being performed in another Castle

        • 🤣🤣🤣👍

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    Coming from a Gong Cha drinker, these are really good

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      toptea is way bette, IMO

      • They’re all shit cause they underpay their foreign slaves

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    Are these really better than the asian brands?

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      This is made in China btw.

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        So has many things for many years including the Australian flag

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          Totally missing the point with your sarcastic comment 🙄

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            @pikapika: Likewise with you.

            Bubble Tea was invented in Taiwan.

            I don't see how China has anything to do with it..

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              @SpeedRunnerLink: This particular one is made in China..My comment has nothingto do with who invented BubbleTea..lol. Look at the box and you'll see it's made in China 🤦‍♀️

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                @pikapika: I still don’t understand why you have to point that out. Are you implying a product from China is bad ? Please elaborate.

                Are you going to point out every single item where it’s made that’s posted as as a bargain each time?

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                  @SpeedRunnerLink: Have you even LOOKED at who I'm replying to or did you just decide to come here and pick a fight with me!? 🙄😑

                  They ASKED if these were better than the Asian brands. I'm pointing OUT that it's made in China so technically it's Asian. Plus Asia has lots of Lipton products in general.

                  That is all!

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                    @pikapika: I’m not sure why you are getting so worked up over a simple question and assumed I wanted to pick a fight with you?

                    All those CAPS and emojis really show you have an issue.

                    If my simple comments appear to you as fighting words then you need to lighten up a bit more Miss sensitive ( I apologize in advance if you’re not female as I assumed you were one since you used a female emoji. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong in which case if you are a male then I question why you used a female emoji)

                    Just because something is made in China doesn’t mean it’s a Asian brand . So are you saying Apple or Google is a Asian brand when it manufactured a lot of of its parts in asia ?

                    Also for your information not all Asians are the same . I am sure most people will find quite offensive to think that something is made in China represents all of Asia.
                    In fact I suggest you when you have time , even just compare Japan , China and South Korea and you will see these 3 countries alone differ quite significantly . There might be some minor similarities in the language pronunciation and culture but overall they are majorly different . Also in case you weren’t aware the language is totally different too. Speaking of South Korea, did you know there is a North Korea too? The North and South Korean language is also very similar but there is difference in slangs and how they pronounce words. Much like English from the UK, Australia and USA where it has evolved a bit over time on how we pronounce words and what slangs are used. Like we use Thongs for the sandal like shoes but in the USA its a totally meaning.

                    Now there is also southern Asia which consists of India, Pakistan , Nepal, Sri Lanka etc. Which is also nothing like China.

                    Anyways when we are allowed to travel overseas again I suggest you travel to various countries in Asia and you will see it is very different and not all under the control of China .

                    Let me know if you need to know anything more ideally if you type in Google (which isn't an Asian brand let me remind you) what countries are in Asia which will better assist your limited knowledge. However if you wanted to use a Chinese branded search engine then i recommend Baidu however i am not sure how much it has censored stuff out as they might refer to Taiwan as part of China, which I tell you is a another can of worms.

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        No wonder these are very cheap. They slaps, kicks & underpaid workers. Oh wait, wrong bubble tea (shop)…

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        tea from china, no way!

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          Not so much the tea but the milk powder. Although I try to avoid food products that are made in China.

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    I found the chatime ones in Woolies a lot nicer and close to the ones they make in the shops. Those are 9 dollars this week.

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      Save $1…

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      Yep the cha time ones are surprisingly way better. Waiting for half price to stock up

      • How often do they go on half price?

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          Haven’t seen it yet. Only just come out like 3 week ago

        • Not very often but, go into the Woolies Metro's and they're doing a 30% sale on them

    • Agreed

    • Thanks, was going to ask if anyone’s tried chatime!

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    I prefer the chatime packs the pearls are just better, but the lipton is miles better than avalanche

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      Anything is better than avalanche, they were the only choice for ages before chatime realised how shit it was and kicking themselves on not making a DIY product sooner.

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        Anything is better than melamine milk powder imo….

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      The Chinese milk powder in them is probably the bigger concern.

      • -3

        If you want to think that way go ahead.

        • +1

          lol they don't have a good track record

          • -2

            @itsross: And nor does artificial sugar. So really it's easier to just avoid completely 💁‍♀️

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        hey if you already start drinking bubble tea, forget about your concern, just enjoy the sugar bomb. : )

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    These ones are a bit more chewy cos they come in a pack of dried boba you have to microwave with water….while the Avalanche ones the boba come packed in syrup to microwave which taste a bit better cos they have been soaking in syrup but not as chewy.

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    I didn't find them chewy at all. Thought it was terrible. Only had one, rest of the box sitting in my pantry still. Maybe I didn't microwave it long enough.

    • Maybe you microwaved it too long? you should give it another try. 👍

  • Still expensive, but I am going to try it tomorrow. at least is cheaper than these bubble tea shops,

    • Still expensive compared to what? Water? I’m keen to understand what exactly you are relating to here…

  • These are made in China. Get the avalanche ones instead, they are made in NZ.

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      Be careful mentioning this. People don't seem to get it.

      • I think you're just racist and blinded sighted by the west thinking everything from China is bad.

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      They can be relabelled, so could originally be from China, that's the loop hole, foods from New Zealand.

      • That's the one. I just don't understand why NZ hasn't closed that loophole.

        • Why would they close it ? cash cow for them, they produce far more product range than us in a landmass of 29:1 How is that possible anyway…XD

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      IMHO the Avalanche ones taste awful. The only semi-bearable way I've been able to drink it is to make an actual cup of tea and adding the pearls to it.

    • Nz goods can = China goods

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