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30-Day Free Trial of Paramount Plus (Instead of 7 Days) @ Paramount Plus


Get a 30 day free trial to Paramount Plus instead of 7 days with the promotional code SOUTHPARK

The promotional code can be applied to monthly plans.

From Melbourne Matt's deal last time

Enter the code on the last screen of the signup process where you put in your card details (click "Have a promotional code?"). You can still cancel before the end of the trial without being charged if you don't want to continue using the service, but obviously set a reminder etc or cancel immediately and you can use it to the end of the free trial period.

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    Thanks, OP. Watching 'Dexter: New Blood'

    • +1

      Streaming in 4K Dolby vision in the USA

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        same here

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        Same here with my $5.99 annual plan :p

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              @wiggam: Amazing deal! Watching Yellowjackets now on the $5.99 annual plan. The show has a great soundtrack too

              • @Fluid Head: A soundtrack fan 😎

                • +1

                  @novicenow: I guess. Soundtrack for this show is what you'd expect if Stranger Things was set in the 90s

                  • @Fluid Head: I am addicted to the ST soundtrack and will check this about but honestly the 80s are unmatched. I’m teenager btw not a boomer lol.

              • @Fluid Head: Did you just get the 5.99 plan? The link says expired so thought you can’t do it anymore.

                • @Gazz: Yeah, I was replying to wiggam regarding the link to the annual OIS subscription bargain that was posted a few months back.

        • Yeah but how

          • @G-rig: Probably price error by the honoured it.
            It was only available for IOS app

    • +1

      So you'll keep it till Jan lol

    • +2

      What, reboot of Dexter?!? Ok, continuation but God damn I'm signing up just to see what it's like.

      • Anyone know when South Park part 2 will release?

        I figured it was a full length (2hr) movie they split into two. I thought they would release part 2 in like 22 December. Make it like a Christmas movie, probably with a plotline as Jesus/Santa helping to save the day?

      • +1

        Was skeptical when first heard, but it's actually surpisingly good. Makes up for the terrible mess from Season 4 onwards.

        • Horses for courses I guess. Some of the best seasons were well after season 4 - s7, s8, s10 were absolute standouts

          • @hayne: Agreed. I love all southpark seasons but I barely laughed at the new special and thought the adult versions of everyone were lame. This was the least I have ever laughed while watching an hour of southpark lol.

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    Anyone know if there's a way to activate this code through the Amazon Prime channels?

    No Native Xbox/PlayStation app in Australia or on my Hisense TV makes it the only real convenient way to watch seemingly

    • +2

      Chromecast with Google TV.

      • Yep, get the bundle with 6 months Netflix and you only pay $38 for the Google TV.

      • +1

        Also on Firestick

        (Just downloaded to test this deal out :)

        Thanks thisusernameistaken

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    Thanks OP. Redeemed. Will try 30 days for nix.

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    Thanks OP. Got free

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Do you know when the code will be expired?

    • +2

      I don't know, sorry. I found it in the description of a South Park YouTube video.

      • +2

        No worries! Just thought I’ll drag it out longer towards the school holidays.

        • +1

          Thinking the exactly the same!

          Waiting to for my Disney plus month to end.

          Seems that the kids want the subscriptions for 1 day to watch 'something' then they do nothing with it for the next 3.5 weeks, then all of a sudden its like "Dad, where, Disney +" or with Paramount Plus i cant see it being any different!

  • +6

    The code never expires on the 7 seas

    Arrrg me matee

  • I literally subscribed using STARTREK code for $4.49 monthly last night. Anyway it seems that I didn't get the 7 day trial as I found out that I already had an account with this, from 10 All access.

    • +1

      Thanks for this. Note that STARTREK gives you 50% off for 3 months with 7 days free. Then the price goes back up to $8.99.

  • +3

    Be wary if you are wanting A-leagues. Buffering and drop outs have been painfully common. Plenty of complaints on Facebook. Also, Prime option excludes live sport I believe.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Our little Paw Patrol fan is happily screaming cos now we finally have access to all series and full episodes!
    I am ready for NCIS marathon… anyone know how many screens it would allow at the same time? Can’t find information on their website

  • Guys, I know Paramount+ has Serie-A Italian league soccer, why I cannot find it?

  • +6

    I got the one year trial when it was $6 and I barely touch it…

  • +1

    thanks was looking into this. My only question is how many streaming screens can you have?
    I have 2 kids so they tend to stream. I know my Netflix only has 4

  • +2

    Thanks! How do i create profiles? Icant seem to find it?

    • Don’t think you can

  • Works for yearly plans too. Apply code at checkout.

  • Cheers. Just signed up. Wow the only sport available is AFC and A league… i guess i better watch it for Dexter, NCIS and a few movies.. cant see myself staying after the trial (Same for Disney+…)

  • $A50 per annum in Brazil.

    • Can you sign up with a VPN and pay with AU credit card?

      • I have not signed up yet, so not sure whether an Aussie CC would work. However, yes you do need a VPN to even get to the signup page.

        • It’s asking me for the CPF number which is equal to the Australien Tax File number so doesn’t look like I can sign up for a Brazil account :(

          • +2

            @nawalo: It's about 25 aud per yearin Argentina

            • @CannedSpoon: Really? When I tried Argentina via vpn it seemed more expensive than BR. I may need to try it again.

          • @nawalo: Not at all. Search for "CPF generator". There are plenty around.

          • @nawalo: make one up I did for cheap malwarebytes

  • Thanks op. Catalogue looks quite impressive so far.
    Am glad to finally watch all the American Drunk History!

    • +1

      Season 6 episode 6
      LSD dolphins 😂

  • If you know, you know

  • Thanks op; worked for me just now.

  • How long does this deal last? Would like to get it when I'm off work in 2 weeks.

  • +1

    Don't sign up through the app on the Apple iPhone, it links to the Apple Store subscription feature and doesn't offer the opportunity to enter the code.

  • Good deal, but all I can find to watch and enjoy is aerial Africa, most of the stuff on paramount I just don't enjoy, I'm trying my best to like it. Stan and Netflix much better, just my opinion and I'm sure lots of people will disagree with good reason

    • +1

      You found something!

      • +1

        I googled " good documentaries on paramount plus, it took me to a us website with a dent looking top 10, none of the 10 that I searched for were on there, must be because I obviously have an Australian subscription, I'm watching Dunkirk for the first time now, pretty much everything else is rubbish

    • I've since found Dexter :)

  • Is it just me or does the video quality suck? It's like SD

    • Probably your settings. Looks fine on my 55inch TV and my tablet

  • This is poo. I signed up but it won’t play any videos on their website and instead redirects to the App Store. So I downloaded the app, which won’t accept my sign-in password, which works on the website. Now I can’t watch anything on Paramount. Glad I haven’t paid otherwise I’d be pissed.

    Subscription cancelled.

  • Thanks. It worked. Had also tried Disney plus. Decided to stay for a while till the family enjoyed enough. Once hit the high quality there feels really difficult to lose.

    • I'm still going on the one month trial of Disney, no kids so prob wont keep but man, the Mandalorian was great, Free Guy nice movie too.
      Wouldn't mind getting Paramount once there are a decent number of Dexter eps on there, no idea when this deal expires, seems long running hopefully.

      • This is the Way!

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP! needed South Park so badly.

    • +1

      Watched the vax episode earlier
      Good stuff…


  • Have to wait for all StarTrek Discovery has been released so I can watch in on month .

    Also they had a discount code STARTREK for a subscription discount.

    • Just signed up for this, currently there are only 6 episodes S4E1 - S4E6, No season 1-3 at all and it's been removed from Netflix so no way to watch the the first 3 seasons.

  • When does this promotion end? Thanks.

    • +1
      May as well get into it soon, hanging out for Dexter.
      Couldn't find anything really to watch the other day between Netflix, Amazon and FTA

  • +1

    dont forget to unsub soon as your free month is almost up unless you want to keep the service

  • Thanks op

  • How's good is Dexter, glad they didn't bodge up the comeback. One ep to go i believe, good time to get the trial.

    Any other worthwhile shows

    • Yellowjackets

      • Cheers will have a look!

  • Renewed again on 2/1 - will try again on 2/2

    • Did you just create a new account with a different bank card?

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