Free Guy (4K Ultra HD) $10.17 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


(OOS) Jungle Cruise (4K Ultra HD) $9.63

(OOS) Raya And The Last Dragon (4K Ultra HD) $6.87

(OOS) Black Widow (4K Ultra HD) $9.35

In Free Guy, a bank teller who discovers he is actually a background player in an open-world video game, decides to become the hero of his own story…one he rewrites himself. Now in a world where there are no limits, he is determined to be the guy who saves his world his way…before it is too late.

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  • +2

    Damnit just bought them for a lot more last week from JB.
    Great deal

    • +4

      Free Guy and Black Widow were $14 during Black Friday sales at JB. Not exactly "a lot more". I would like to know where these deals were on Black Friday though, Amazon.

  • +1

    Great deal, was previously tempted by Free Guy for $15, so grabbed it at this price :)

    Also got Raya on backorder, that’s a no brainer for under $7!

  • +1

    Is this on any steaming services?

    • +5

      Yes all on Disney

    • Amazing prime too isn't it?

      • As buy/rental on Prime.

    • Foxtel has it so I'm guessing it's on Binge too

  • +13

    Please fix title - if guy is actually free, should not be $10.17

  • +18

    Would Have to pay me $10.17 to watch this again

    • +4


      I have seen two of the world's worst movies in the past year. This was one of them, the other was the Tomorrow War. It was just SO bad.

      • +9

        Tomorrow war wasn’t too bad. It’s free on Prime.

        • +2

          You and I could never be friends

      • +3

        Watch Red Notice for a perfect trifecta score.

        • +1

          Followed my Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard and Coming 2 America.

    • +2

      Not a bad movie, clever concept. Aimed at gamers

      • +7

        Yeah, aimed at gamers but written by people who have never played games.

        I didn't hate it but it's not something I would watch again or recommend anyone else watch.

      • +6

        The funniest part was when the developer said he wrote in ones and zeroes. Takes a real man to code straight in binary

  • +13

    As someone who used to buy a lot of physical media - like, boxes and boxes with the special limited edition criterion steel covers and sh1t - can I ask why are people still buying physical media? I don't know what what planet I was on when I thought stuff like "I'll never get tired of / have too little time to repeatedly watch Gattaca or The English Patient or Gladiator over and over again, so buying special shelving and taking up floor space to store all this cr*p is an amazing investment".

    • +28

      Best quality version, you actually own it, can always be watched, no streaming service can just decide to remove it whenever they please, does not require fast, reliable internet, etc.

      • +4

        This guy gets it. The only downside is all the physical clutter. But every other aspect is no brainer.

      • +3

        Is the quality actually discernable from 4K or even 1080p streaming at normal viewing distances?

        Is it the best quality now, as was the case with DVD, but won't always be at which point it's just plastic?

        Can always be watched, but in practice, will actually be watched a couple of times at most and will sit on the shelf for years all the other times?

        I used to say all of the same things, but the reality was I was just trying to justify collecting sh1t.

        • +3

          Quite frankly even if downloaded for free this particular movie is a waste of disk space.

        • That is because you collected sh1t movies?

          • -1

            @wtfnodeal: Yes, sh1t movies like the ones I mentioned

            They definitely didn't receive critical acclaim or Oscars or anything

            They're definitely not on any list of all time classic movies

            • +1

              @GrueHunter: I agree with your sentiment and still have a shameful physical collection. People in the thick of it can't have this concept thrust upon them though. You wouldn't have been able to swallow it at your peak.

              It's like telling an alcoholic he should stop drinking because "it's bad for you bro". They have to discover that for themselves. Same goes with any learning of anything.

      • How about buy it and convert it into a Plex library?

    • +2

      Make a wonderful world - after you’re finished, gift your copy to your BFF or your neighbour to make a new BFF.

      • +1

        Neighbour: you spent a month's worth of Disney+ on one movie?

        • +2

          More likely - neighbour: “thank you - that’s a great gesture! By the way, we’ve never met - what’s your name?”

          • -1

            @AlexF: But in your world, the benefits of physical media are so amazing that my neighbour already has a copy, right? How could they not?

    • +3

      I have the same problem. Recently got rid of my old CDs, DVDs, VCDs, laser discs, cassettes taps, had so MUCH !!!
      Most have only been used (watch) a couple times or once.
      But having said that I still brought these 4K discs on sale :)
      Not sure why :)

    • I get it from a collection perspective for good films. But this movie? nah

  • +6

    If you’re only going to watch this once Disney+ is a good option for $11.99 including a whole lot of other movies as well.

  • The free guy should be free!

    • +2

      Post should be tagged aa freebie

  • +2

    Wait, is this a movie about OzBargainers?

  • Surprisingly watchable. But only once.

  • black widow is back to full price

  • +1

    Don't support slavery

    • +1

      Can't tell if this is a clever joke at the movie title or just a dig at Amazon

      • at Amazon

      • It's an un-clever joke based on the title

  • +1

    Tiss only a bargain if it's any good

    I haven't seen it nor do I want to

  • +5

    Tough crowd!

    I actually enjoyed Free Guy. But then again I find Reynolds VERY funny. My type of comedy.

    • +1

      Friendly gesture from a fellow fan 👋

    • Tale of two halves. First half was good, second half wasn't.

    • It was like a less funny Deadpool. The fight scenes were better than i expected

  • Why not just rent it ?

    • +1

      If you rent it you don't get to keep the case as a spare after you throw out the disc :)

  • How does one back order items on Amazon? I only see other buying options for Raya at $40+ ?

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