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Genshin Impact - 4x 200 Free Primogems (800 Total) between 4/12-7/12


Hey folks, slightly different to the usual Genshin deals which are code/redemption based, MiHoYo are giving away 200 free primogems each day between today (4 December) and 7 December, to celebrate the game winning some awards on Playstation. This is a total of 800 primogems if you login every day; if you were spending actual money in game, 980 primos is AU$23, so not a bad freebie here at all!

To be clear you'll need to login to claim these each day, and be Adventure Rank 7 which will take you approximately an hour or two of playtime, but 200 primos is a lot better than the usual 30-60 giveaways via redemption codes. I can confirm these are being given to players on all platforms, not just PS4 players.

Feel free to use the comments section to discuss who you will save your gems to whale for!

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  • +7

    ah yes. The game that teleported 500 of my dollars into another dimension. Now I can get 23 dollars back!

    • Just start referring to it as PAIMONEY in the third person, you'll feel better about it (note: probably will not feel better about, not a doctor)

  • Now, if only someone would post a 10000 word ramble or 2, intertwined with comments on how to improve the graphics on a PC, we could all truly take advantage of this deal……

  • +2

    Great time to start saving for xiao/ ganyu next month. Sadly I already got them both and actually need zhongli

    • +1

      I don't have either and will be using all my banked primos to try for one of the two, hopefully Xiao. Thanks to the randomness of gacha, I have 21 characters and NO anemo besides the traveler.

      • That's some luck, not even sucrose? From my limited experience, Xiao does a lot better with an anemo battery to maintain a high burst uptime.

        • +1

          Not even Sucrose! I did take a 6+ month break between Feb and the release of Inazuma content, only really been back into the game for a few months.

    • +1

      I need them all… Sadly my wallet…

  • +5

    thanks, really need those 5 debate clubs; really struggling with the abyss without the debate club

  • My uid is 810393299 and also have discord. Add me :)

  • What award?

    • Per the linked URL: "Thanks to your support, Genshin Impact has won the " PlayStation┬«Partner Awards 2021 GRAND AWARD" and "PlayStation Game Music Award (1st Runner-Up)"!

      I have no idea what the Partner Award means, but I'd assume it's Sony saying "thanks for fleecing shedloads of dollars from punters and giving us 30% of your takings"

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