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Eachine E19 WIFI FPV w/ 720P HD 110° Wide-angle Camera, Headless Mode RC Drone US$28 (~A$39.98) Delivered @ Banggood


Very good price on this drone modelled after the V-22 Osprey, currently selling on AliExpress for $85

- Land and Air dual mode
- 360° flips&roll
- Headless mode
- High and low speed switch (2 gears)
- Altitude hold mode
- Fine tuning
- Fine adjustment to zero
- One key take-off and landing
- Emergency shutdown
- WIFI real-time image transmission
- Mobile phone control
- Take photos and videos
- Gravity sensor
- Charging line protection measures: anti-reverse insertion, anti-overcharge protection, anti-short circuit protection
- Product battery protection measures: anti-overcharge protection, anti-over-discharge protection
- Aircraft protection measures: stuck protection, low voltage protection

There's a few video reviews on the BG site of the drone in action. I also included another I found from YouTube.

To get price in title:

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You can apply same coupon if you want the 2 battery version (US$32) or 3 battery version (US$36)

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

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    Does anyone have one of these that would care to comment?

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      All of them, even the 'entry level' dji, are great for toys and rough peeks above treelines and such, but terrible at everything else.

      For under $50, itd be a fine toy.

      Just understand there's a HUGE disproportionate jump from "toy" to "photography drone" and there's practically no middle ground.

      If you're keen to be a pilot, look into "toothpick" race drones. Tiny, safe, cheap, and super capable.

      If you're keen for photography, then just start with a DJI or a high-end xiaomi.

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      Having dabbled in toy grade drones in the past, any drone with wifi fpv connection will be horrible to fly.

      If you use the drone with only the included controller, the 2.4ghz freq is alright and can net you a 100-300m range, however when connected with Wifi onto your phone, the two frequencies often interfere with each other, ending in significant lag for BOTH video stream and actual control inputs (~1 sec input delay)
      Not to mention that when video streaming, your drone will realistically get maybe 20m before the video connection drops out due to the drone generating it own weak wifi signal for the phone to connect to.

      As for this drone itself, since it doesn't advertise GPS built in (not usually found on sub $200 drones) the altitude hold is simply the same as if you were to keep the 'throttle' in the same position and pray that the wind doesn't carry the drone away.

      I will say that it is relatively cheap for a toy drone, and would probably be an easy present/first drone to practice basic movements with.
      Don't expect the FPV video streaming to be usable in the slightest.

      • altitude hold isn't really ever done using GPS, the altitude info it gives is way too imprecise (it's a multiple of the horizontal precision, which itself is on the order of metres) .They use a barometer which can be quite sensitive (it's also why a bad/uncompensated design has the drone change altitude as they move faster relative to the air around them, and the pressure at the sensors air inlet change - or if a massive pressure front rolls in).

        Looks like a fine thing as a cheap and easy toy present

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    seems to be indoor only and underpowered?

    • so it's a wifi door camera…. you can check who's at the door from the phone.

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