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Hi everyone,

We're running a 55% off RRP on selected Optifast lines while stocks last

Optifast VLCD Bar Berry Crunch 65g, 6 Pack $13.48 (RRP $29.95) Stock Expiry 04/22

Optifast VLCD Bar Cappucino 65g, 6 Pack $13.48 (RRP $29.95) Stock Expiry 03/22

Optifast VLCD Bar Chocolate 65g, 6 Pack $13.48 (RRP $29.95) Stock Expiry 04/22

Optifast VLCD Shake Banana 53g, 12 Pack $25.85 (RRP $57.45) Stock Expiry 05/22

Optifast VLCD Shake Coffee 53g, 12 Pack $25.85 (RRP $57.45) Stock Expiry 08/22 OUT OF STOCK

Optifast VLCD Shake Strawberry 53g, 12 Pack $25.85 (RRP $57.45) Stock Expiry 09/22 OUT OF STOCK

Optifast VLCD Shake Vanilla 53g, 12 Pack $25.85 (RRP $57.45) Stock Expiry 05/22 OUT OF STOCK

Optifast VLCD Dessert Chocolate 53g, 6 Pack $14.15 (RRP $31.45) Stock Expiry 07/22 OUT OF STOCK

Optifast VLCD Dessert Lemon Crème 53g, 6 Pack $14.15 (RRP $31.45) Stock Expiry 08/22 OUT OF STOCK

The OPTIFAST VLCD Program is a nutritionally complete very low calorie diet for the management of people who are obese or severely overweight. OPTIFAST VLCD is for the dietary management of obesity and must be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional. A program of regular light exercise enhances wellbeing, and therefore likelihood of success.

Delivery Costs(chesterandjakes.com.au):
* Standard Australia Post: $9.95 ** (or FREE with $50+ spend on Optifast products)
* Click & Collect: FREE (We are located in Blacktown, Sydney)
** Delivery costs may vary for bulk orders. Please contact us for more information

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  • what is the expiry date on these OP?

    if you wanted to try vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or coffee flavours, aldi shakes are decent at $2 each
    you don't have to buy a box of 12 and then realise you don't like the flavour

    they are as good as/ better than the optifast shakes

  • Hi docians,

    I've just updated the post description to include all expiry dates (had it before on my laptop but disappeared when I posted from phone so thanks for letting me know it wasn't there).

    It's tricky with the flavours as it's all up to personal preference but we've had customers happy with Vanilla and Strawberry, and if the flavour is truly unbearable for you then you could try adding some stevia or monk fruit.

    I did a quick comparison of the Optifast Vanilla VS Aldi Vanilla shakes per serving and it appears the Aldi ones are higher in sugar (23.3g vs 10.1g), higher in carbs (25.4g vs 18.2g).
    Optifast has a higher sodium content (215mg vs 132mg), lower protein (18.2g vs 20g), higher fat (4.5g vs 2.4g). Optifast also comes with extra vitamins and supplements (for extra energy I believe). I'm not sure if Aldi has this as I couldn't find it anywhere. Hope that helps with your decision 😀

  • +1

    Still being charged shipping, even though I try to order $77 worth?

    Supposed to be free after $50.

    • Hi UFO,

      Sorry, I have fixed up the promotion and it should be working correctly now!

      • thanks, ordered!

  • https://baker.edu.au/health-hub/fact-sheets/vled-program

    Great fact sheet on how to make meal replacements work for you.
    Very safe but check with a dietitian or your doctor before starting though

    • Hi Gimli, meal replacements are a great way to lose weight but checking with a dietician and doctor before starting and also whilst using them is important as you said! :)

  • As far as I know, Optifast is the only one approved by professional dieticians, due to the fact that it has undergone rigorous scientific testing - not only to evidence weight loss but also the supply of a complete range of vitamins and nutrients that the body requires over a prolonged period of time. I know a dietician who mentioned that a lot of the knock-off brands do not provide adequate sustenance and can lead to adverse health consequences because you are depriving your body of some of the things it needs to function adequately. I'm guessing it is expensive because Nestle conducted the research in Switzerland and production is based in Germany for quality. They probably also feel that they can charge a premium due to the fact that they've done the hard yards to have their product accepted by the medical community.

    • +1

      Hey Thor, that brings a really important part of the conversation of micronutrients and vitamins that are often overlooked by a lot of people. Whilst yes, at the end of the day a calorie defecit is what determines weightloss, micronutrients and vitamins are what aid and will ultimately play a big part in overall health and lifestyle (ie maintaining optimal bodily function like energy levels whilst dieting).

  • Optifast is the only one approved by professional dieticians, due to the fact that it has undergone rigorous scientific testing I know a dietician who mentioned that a lot of the knock-off brands do not provide adequate sustenance and can lead to adverse health consequences

    I have read the fast 800 by Dr Michael Mosely, who has been studying weight loss for around ten years
    the fast 800 and the optifast are based on similar principles ie total 800Cal per day, around 60gm protein per day

    He suggests cooking food at home, and using shake as the second best option

    a typical 800Cal day would look like this
    breakfast spiced mango smoothie
    lunch minced pork and mange tout stir fry with noodles
    dinner haddock steamed with thai spices
    plus low calorie veggies= roughly 800 Cal per day from a diet that meets all micro and macro nutrients obtained from real food
    the good doctor does suggest taking a multivitamin as an option

    Optifast is owned by a multinational company Nestle
    lets see the results of their rigorous scientific testing
    ingredients of optifast vanilla milk shake
    Skimmed Milk Powder (31%), Milk Proteins [Calcium Caseinate (20%), Sodium Caseinate (10%)],
    Maltodextrin (Corn),
    Vegetable Oil (Canola, Sunflower),
    Vegetable Gum (414), Fructo-Oligosaccharide, Inulin, Medium Chain Triglycerides,
    Glucose Syrup (Corn), ,
    Emulsifiers (472c, Soy Lecithin, 471),
    Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame Potassium)
    Antioxidants (301, 304, 306)

    so basically we are restricting calories to 800Cal per day and hoping to reverse diabetes with products containing maltodextrin from corn, high fructose corn syrup and numbers 414, 471, 301, 304, 306 (even my dog food does not have so many numbers) and somehow that is good for us? The Aldi ingredients are similar

    I guess there is big money in shakes, and surely they must have done their research, but looking at the ingredients surely it may be good for short term weight loss but not good for health in the long term

    This is what the good doctor says about shakes- contain added sugar (maltodextrin, high fructose corn syrup), taste artificial, and are surprisingly high in carbs (most of which are refined). In fact three products per day contain nearly 60 gm of carbs, mostly refined, which is about 12tsp sugar per day

    • Hi docians!

      You make a really good point about Optifast, other various low calorie shake programs or even very low calorie diets, that personally i agree with that it's realistically only a short term aid for weightloss! Especially if following their 3 meal replacement program.

      Personally I also agree that it would also be more beneficial to cook your own food and stay under the same calorie restriction + having a multivitamin but that isn't always realistic for everyone and so as Dr Mosely says its the second best option that provides convenience and is reasonably tasty! (You can't beat the taste of a full fat and sugar strawberry milkshake 😂)

      I also see the point you made about the sugars and carbs, but in my opinion, for the majority of us, the carbs in a 300cal shake is nothing compared to the alternative of a big mac meal 😂. Realistically as well im assuming the reason that Nestle didn't go with a full sugar free option is due to the fact that using a ton of artificial flavourings would negatively affect the taste, so finding a good balance between the two would be best to give optimal taste and also not having it too high in sugars! (Obviously i don't work there so I can't really tell you that 100%)

  • I'm a fan of the coffee, banana, strawberry and mocha shakes, and the chocolate dessert. I blend the coffee or mocha with some ice to make a frappe which is tasty. With the chocolate dessert, freeze it for a couple hours after you mix it and it's heaps nicer.

    You can buy mixed packs of the shakes to try some of the different flavours. Does work out more expensive though.

    • +1


      I'm a fan of the coffee, banana, strawberry and mocha shakes, and the chocolate dessert

      pity they don't have a pineapple flavour :)

      • +1

        Maybe a pina colada flavour 😂

    • +1

      I like the strawberry ones too! But personally I have a really big sweet tooth and add a packet of sugar free sweetener 🤭

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