[NSW] OzBargain 15th Birthday - Sydney Strathfield Meetup - Wednesday 15 Dec @ Hansang Strathfield at 6:30pm

Hi all,

I thought I'd make one for Strathfield, NSW - a somewhat more central location for people in surrounding suburbs.

I was thinking Wednesday 15/12 6.30PM, at Hansang. I've booked in for 15 people - they can take max 20 people.

Let me know your thoughts if you're in.

May or may not have T-shirts - Let's hope that scotty has some left on his return to Sydney.

2021 Annual OzBargain Members Meet up

Update 5/12 - Thanks to all those who voted! Seems like a good turnout of numbers. I can't seem to close the poll from my end so I have DM'd the mods to close the poll until I can confirm with the restaurant if they can accommodate extra numbers. Currently sitting at 22 people.

Update 6/12

Update 9/12 - so I visited the restaurant to scope if we can fit more people. They've actually let us use the room which fits 20 people. Was going to push to increase to 25 people but it's a real tight squeeze so I'll leave it at 22.

As Scotty said - if you have already attended at least one event, maybe you should consider letting others to have a chance as well.
If you are unable to make it, please let me know and I'll add other users. Seems there are some users who haven't been to an event and would like to come :)

Poll Options expired

  • 22
    Yes - count me in
  • 10
    No - can't make it


  • +1

    Link doesn't have menu.
    What kind of dishes we will / can order? Ala carte i guess? Sharing isnt really favourable right now

    • Well as the soft limit is $25, I was thinking of limiting it to soups/stews.

      Here is the menu

      Sharing isnt really favourable right now

      That is also why I chose a non-KBBQ place

      • +1

        Might be worth checking portion size. You could be sharing a meal between two or three due to cost.

        Could keep a tab of what's being ordered and go with that. Happy to bring the merch leftover from the event. only tote bags and shirts in L and bigger.

        • +1

          You mean from hotpot menu and then share?

          If everyone just chooses a meal item under $25, then that would be fine too.

          @cerealsmok3r if you don't mind, could you co-organise this since you run prior events so well? Just mainly for checking in. Hahaha

          • @impostor: I'll have to check in with my friend to know if I'm actually coming or not haha. if I am going happy to help

          • @impostor: yup can confirm that I will be coming later to drop off some shirts for the event otherwise happy to provide it to you beforehand if you happen to be free. won;t be there for the food but hope yall have a good time

            • +2

              @cerealsmok3r: Do you want to come to my place early next week to pick up more shirts to drop off? I don't think I can make to the meetup on Wednesday next week. PM me if you want to arrange that.

  • +1


  • +1

    I'm keen! I live nearby in the Inner West so Strathfield is very convenient

  • -3

    Omicron super event?

    • Which area do you live in?

  • Beside voting, do I need to do anything else?

    • +2

      Nope, that's it and just turn up.

      As per previous events, we are going to use the OzBargain event checkin system to check who attends.

      Have a read here for checking in

  • See you guys there

  • dam already 20ppl signed up

  • I'd like to come if you have any more spots…Thanks

  • +3

    Hi all,

    Just an update 6/12:

    I've updated the reservation with the restaurant for 22 people. Man was it hard to communicate with them, seems they all speak broken English :(

    I'll confirm reservation again closer to date with the restaurant.

    Looking forward to see you guys there!

    • cheers man looking forward!!

    • It's my birthday, I'd like to attend.

  • Just wondering if with more ppl looking to take part, would the Sports Bar next door a better place as they serve beer on tap?

    • +1

      not to mention the delicious Korean fried chicken….

      • Thanks for the suggestion, but that would really go over the budget unless you buy drinks yourself.

        I'm also not sure how the restaurants operate in the club (only been there once). Aren't there like several restaurants inside and you just sit anywhere once you order?

        I also like to keep it relatively small, 30 people would be quite hard to handle in a venue.

  • Do you think you would be able to accomodate 2 more?

  • I'd like to be consider if someone drops out :)

  • +4

    Hey everyone,

    So I visited the restaurant today to scope out how big it is. They've let us use the biggest room which holds 20 people. Was going to see if 25 can fit but its a very tight squeeze so 22 is the max. Apologies to the additional who want to come 😔

    Have also confirmed reservation is written in their schedule.

    They also do have another room next to it which can fit 14 people so thoughts on increasing this event to 35 people?

    • I would like to join if new slots opens up

    • -1

      yes, please increase to 35. I may bring my Cat again too.

  • That would be great if we have the numbers for an additional room…
    I'm certainly in

  • I would also like to join if more slots are available.

  • I would like to join, if more slots become available.

    ( I did not even realize until late, that 15th birthday celebrations were going ahead )

  • Long drive, traffic is horrendous, be there after 7pm.

  • I would also like to join if more slots are available.

  • +7

    Just a heads up for tomorrow - all have to be registered to come. Last time I checked with restaurant we are in the room at the back.

    Current list who is registered is:

    • cerealsmok3r
    • dbso94
    • Diyu
    • eggalicious
    • fordghia
    • I smell Pennies
    • iScream
    • jennkei
    • Joanneso
    • kctt
    • lordra
    • MechanicalCanine
    • MOS-6581
    • Nekose
    • oblueknighto
    • sayno
    • SeaSalty
    • shortgum
    • SmashedMango
    • Sunnyc
    • TinaFe
    • tlai
    • yeahbrah

    I don't want to be booking the extra room in case of no-shows so if you turn up un-registered, I won't be turning anyone away - I'll add you manually with your username.

  • +5

    It's happening tonight! I would like to come and try out some Korean food, but have family business to attend. Enjoy the meetup!

  • Hey guys, I won't be able to make it. Working.

    Please give up my spot to someone else.

    Thanks and apologies! I'll catch the next one.

  • +1

    We're inside the restaurant at the back.
    It's under Jacky - staff can probs guide you to the 2nd last room at the back.

  • +1

    Thanks everyone for attending:) The turnout was better than expected.

    We also managed to wish Charis a Happy Birthday.

    Link to tonight's photos that I took.

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