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G'day everyone,

This is my first post and I'm a rookie. Had been looking 2p tent for a while and doing bit of research, Come to find out this tent is best for the budget and the review looks great as of the price. So, i thought its worth sharing so it could help others cheers !

Likewise, voucher code WELCOME10 and $10OFF get you savings of $20 all together and don't forget 2.5% cashback from shopback. Sorry if i miss anything cheers !!

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    I bought one of these for $128 in 2012, good budget tent but quite heavy, I used it for offroad motorbike camping, I probably did 50 or more nights in it all over the country…

    For car or bike camping it's a good option but it's way too heavy for backpacking really… If you want a light backpack tent look at the Lanshan-2 or Naturehike Cloud-up tents which are a similar price on sale and about 1/2 the weight…

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      Good to know your feedback mate . As i am touring tassie on jan on motorbike for a week or so i decide to buy this and it's good to know it work well that's what i love about oz peoples good to get feedback for newbie just like me cheers !!

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        Mine has had a lot of Tassie use on the motorbike, no complains, it handles bad weather ok… For motorbike use this is probably more suitable than the lightweight hiking tents because it's quite sturdy, you wont damage it easily…

        I carry a cheap blue tarp to set it up on so anything spikey or rocky is less likely to damage the floor..

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      Cheap tarp groundsheet examples:

      I'm fairly sure it's the 1800mm x 2400mm version, wide enough so you have enough room to stand on it to take boots on and off and such.. …

      • Thanks a lot really appreciated 🙏 and do you have any ideas about the Air Mattress for the tent not sure which one to buy .

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          Whatever's affordable or on sale at the time, most decent name-brand ones are too expensive at their normal prices… Most cheap no-name ones are barely adequate, but there's no harm in starting out with a cheapie to work out what works for you, and while you wait for a good deal on a decent one.. …

          I used a Exped DownMat 7 LW for a long time, quite bulky due to being feather filled but very warm, I bought it cheap with Tassie winters in mind but it's overkill unless you're sleeping on snow… It has a built in pump but it's so slow and took so much effort I always carried an electric pump on the bike…

          Last year I got a "Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Mat AS" from this deal for $125, mainly because I had shifted to backpack hiking and the Exped was just too bulky to carry in a backpack:

          It has a small packed size, moderate weight, only R2.5 insulation but that hasn't been an issue because I have a decent down sleeping bag.. It's bag is also a pump-sack to inflate it, very easy and it works well… I really like it, no complaints… I don't think they make them anymore though..

          If you plan on doing a lot of nights it's worth getting a decent name-brand..

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            @FLICKIT: Thanks a lot sir.

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            @FLICKIT: This is exactly what I'd say to you too. Sea to summit also do an r6 mat which is wam af.

    • Agree, although I have the Lanshan 1, not 2. All I can say on that particular tent is.. its small and if you are above average height I'd consider a slightly larger tent (im 173cm and can almost reach both ends lying down and usually have mesh in my face or on my feet).
      Couldnt recommend the Cloudup 2 enough though, a bit heavier and bulkier than the lanshan but best bang for gram as far as reliability/comfort goes

      • I'm the opposite, I've been using a Lanshan-2 4-season for the last 14 months and I love it…

        I bought a cloudup-1 last month because I need something free-standing with a smaller footprint for off-track scrub camping, I did 2 nights in it last week and I'm really not a fan, the size of a 1-man tent is painful and the end entry is a real pain in the arse with me being over 6' with dodgy knees, getting in there and turning around is very awkward, I much prefer the Lanshan side entry…

        Horses for courses and everyone is different… I think we agree 1-man tents aren't much fun, lol

      • The Lanshan 1 was updated recently to make it longer - start of this year maybe? Interior is 20cm longer now. I'm a little taller and fit fine.

        • ah nice that would be a good update

  • Camping is in-tents

    • Thanks - Dad!

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        Camping was in-tents, which makes it past-tents

        • Camping with when broke eft me with poor-tents.

  • All I need now is a companion

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      It's over rated. I have a companion but she won't let me buy the tent…

      • this is a safe space where you're encouraged to exercise your agency, and your payment method of choice.

        (though if you're hiking and have to carry the thing, I'd go for something lighter)

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