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    Booking.com is great for finding accommodation, but the accommodation provider would prefer you didn't use them!

    Booking.com (and wotif, Trivago etc) are all offshore owned, and a very large % of your accommodation cost goes to them and not the hotel you are booking. In my experience, call the hotel directly, or book direct via the hotels website you will get a better deal (and be more likely to get an upgrade). Just tell them the price from booking.com so they get a chance to beat it. Yes it's a few extra clicks, but you'll feel better about it :)

    • +1

      Yes, this definitely. Its the same with plane tickets. You might use a site to compare them all, and then go directly to the airline site and but them there.

    • +1

      Yep same for UberEats etc
      Order direct, especially for the smaller restaurants!

    • +2

      Of course hotels would prefer we all cut out the middle man that helped us find their hotel in the first place.
      Of course when those same hotels have low occupancy with only a handful of direct bookings, said hotels suddenly become ecstatic to have vacant rooms being sold by booking agents.
      It boils down to greed.
      Why don't those hotels that would prefer you didn't use agents, make their point by withdrawing their hotel listings from agents like booking.com, Agoda, Expedia etc?

    • +1

      That is mostly incorrect. If you have worked in the travel industry you would know that a lot of these big OTA buy hotel rooms in bulk. Yes, you can do all your researches on Booking.com to find your perfect room and then cut off the middle man, but without Booking.com, where would you do your researches from?

      Essentially Booking.com saved hotel providers marketing cost to advertise their rooms. Why use their services when you're not planning to pay for them?

    • I do agree with you on this, and have done it in the past, just be aware that sometimes rooms aren't "available" when you try to go direct, even though they seem to be very much available via middle "men" … not sure why this is but possibly agreements between the parties… just experience i've had…

      essentially though i do exactly as you suggest :) … especially in these times when rates are on another level and with a big family it helps a lot to reduce the per night cost..

  • +3

    I am perfectly happy to use hotel booking sites since they are normally lower cost than the advertised hotel sites. I have even called hotels up a few times trying to get a deal and sometimes they aren’t even available directly and other times they won’t even match or beat the price (considering shop back offers or hotels.com loyalty credits etc).

    • +2

      I agree. I'll take the 12% cashback and easy booking and easy cancellation with Booking.com everytime. Getting a better deal by contacting the hotel directly is a myth in my experience.

  • And sadly some hotels want to charge a credit card surcharge on top.

    Not something I want to negotiate imho.

  • +2

    Of course it's a myth. Hotels sign contracts which stipulate they cannot undersell booking agencies. For reputable hotels, the risk of being de-platformed on the major sites is enough for them to be swayed away from any such practice. Booking.com is responsible for selling hundreds of room nights at a given hotel but according to some, the hotel is apparently going to give Mr or Mrs Anonymous a one time better deal for booking 5 nights than the agency that keeps them in business? Never made sense to me.

  • And you don't get the cashback if you book directly with the hotel (and I doubt they will match the cashback).

    This is OzBARGAIN.

  • Just beware that they are extremely strict with their T&Cs and have basically zero cancellation policies. Good luck to anyone who uses them…

    • What are you in about mate? Can easily cancel up until that day…

    • not sure what you mean… they cannot be clearer on the cancellation terms… a lot of the places have multiple choices and based on your appetite for risk it saves you some money… the money saved to be honest with what is happening at the moment is notworth the risk… for instance few palces in canbera i looked at had cancellations up to the night of the day you check in (this is 4 hours AFTER your meant to check in) for about $50 more than the cost of cancellations a week before (which to me is also pretty damn good as well)…

  • When we were doing the Christmas bookings, we found out booking.com has higher cash back, but no refund policy for the exact same hotel with fully refundable policy on Wotif. Wotif normally has 4% back whereas booking.com has 10%. Given the current climate, I’d pay the extra as insurance, especially for overstates.

    AFR ran an article a few years back on theses foreign players. They sometimes send out ghost guest to ask for discount. If the owner offer you lower than listed price on these websites, they will be in big trouble.

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