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[PC, Steam] Free - Box: The Game (Was $7.50) @ Steam


Free to keep game when you add it to your Steam account.

Box: The Game is a fun puzzle game which will challenge your brain to think in different ways. All cubes attach to each other, your goal is to match the displayed shape to continue to the next level.

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  • It's free

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      This challenges my brain to think in different ways

      • U should have been here 1hr and 17min ago.

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    I just lost the game….

    • +2

      Damn. I came here to say that!

  • +2

    146 up votes. Only 14 reviews.

  • -2

    look like a sht android game

  • Checked screenshots and reviews, even for free it doesn't seem worth the time lol

  • Won't say no to a free game, cheers!

  • free is good

  • No longer free

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