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Weber Baby Q (Q1000) LP BBQF $305 (+ Bonus $20 Gift Card) Delivered @ BCF


Weber Baby Q (Q1000) LPG [email protected] BCF for $305 with $20 e-gift card will bring the cost down to $285 . If you are a member of Suncorp can use gift card(9%discount ) which will bring the price to $259.35 and if you are member with budget direct insurance(10% discount gc )will bring the price down to $256.50. Happy ozbargaining.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing
BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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  • Black looks totally epic, but I'm happy with my market place purchase of $160 (used 3 times) 😎 great for camping and easy as to use

    • Lucky! People on MP all seem to list their Webers close to new value around me!

  • +2

    I personally prefer the Q1200 for the extra ~40 bucks (sans discounts - I got mine on special from here). Better electronic ignition system that doesn't break, much taller "dome" that can accept larger whole chickens, and a thermometer if that is your thing, although I personally have no use for this.

    Personal preference if all, or any, of things matter to you of course.

    • Yeah…1200 looks much better for the money.

      • Can't find it onsale though so the difference becomes more like $90 after discounts

        • I got mine for a 20% off sale from this very store.
          But I agree, as of today, right now, it is a ~$90 difference if you happen to be a Suncorp member and also use a gift card and also have Budget insurance and also have a use for a $20 BCF gift card after the fact.

          Like I said, it is personal preference if the price and extras are worth it. I have a use for two out of three added features of the Q1200 and got it on special as well.

        • Yeah…good price after membership discounts. I'm getting one of these for Christmas (I wasn't supposed to know, but my wife was sloppy with sorting out the delivery). She opted for the Q1200 bundle in the recent Weber deal, which I don't think was a very good price at all (she's not much of a bargain hunter though).

          Looking forward to cooking on it, and maybe taking it out for car based picnics/camping/whatnot. I was watching BBQ porn on YouTube, and some of the food people cook with these looks soooo good!

    • Yeah the high top model with thermometer is even better

    • If you want this version as it is more compact you can always install thermo aftermarket like this:


      All you need to do is drill hole for it

  • -1

    Shows as $49 postage for me (Victoria) - "this is a bulky item and does not qualify for the $99 Free Shipping" :(

  • +2

    These were $265 during BF a week or two ago, I'd wait for boxing day if not in a rush

  • Good guys commercial has them for.

    Titanium $291.00

    Black $295.00

    No Q1200 at GGC

    • Still works out to be cheaper with BCF $305-$20 =$285. Plus if you have access to the discounted gift cards works out to be more cheaper

      • +1

        It's not $285 if you have store credit to use…

  • +1

    Any deals on the Q2200? I missed the Mitre-10 Cyber Monday promo.
    I need just a little more space than the Q1000/Q1200.

  • Anyone here can tip on what to do when fire don't distribute to other area? Been using mine for the last 3-4 years and looks like I need a new one. Can't use the other half part due to the problem mentioned.

    • +2

      Probably plugged up holes in the gas chamber. Take it apart and use a pin to poke all of the small holes that the gas/flames come out of.

  • Thanks, ordered the black with all the gift cards bringing it to the $259.

    Will also use the 20$ gift card to buy the half hotplate from in-store.

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