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Bundaberg Guava 12x 375ml $13.20 ($11.88 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Craft brewed over 2 days using the real fruit, Bundaberg Guava is a delightful sweet treat with an amazing aroma - be sure to smell it before you sip. Hold the bottle up to the light and you'll see pieces of fresh guava floating inside, be sure to invert the bottle before opening to mix the real fruit through.

Also passionfruit same price

and mango

creaming soda

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks Op! đź‘Ť

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    Cheaper at Coles $8 per 8 bottles if you prefer pickup.

    Same price at Woolies at $4.50 per 4 bottles if you don’t want to buy 12.

    Unless you really really want that free can of Coke from Amazon…

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      I love Amazon as much as the next person, but I swear Ozbargain has a tendency to overrate Amazon deals.

      $8 for 8 bottles is not only a lower unit price than S&S, but lower quantity too…

      • You pay 1.25c per bottle to have it delivered to your house, so I guess it depends on how it fits to your weekly shop. I'd rather just pay the premium and have it show up the next day on my driveway.

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          Is the equivalent of almost free shipping on a specific item really a front page worthy deal?

          • @blighst: Think of it as an hour of your time saved (driving to store, finding parking, finding product on the shelf, checking out, and driving back), in addition to probably petrol worth a dollar or two. If this package is worth even $10 for you (though Coles or Woolworths will charge much more if they were to deliver and the amount is under their hefty minimums), then yes, it's a great deal. Isn't it?

      • I think that comfort of getting stuff delivered at the doorstep in an efficient manner for next to no cost (read 'cheap Prime membership fee') deserves the overrating to Amazon that you refer to. The very day ColesWorth will start thinking about innovation and customer-centricity, I will not be shy to overrate their deals too. It's all about what customer perceive as cheap, convenient and comfortable.

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          Then this isn't really a deal, the prime membership is

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            @blighst: You cannot separate both. Prime is valuable because of these deals and these deals exist because of the Prime.

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    43.2 grams of sugar per serving. Wow!

    • It's not that bad since it's sugar cane, right?

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        hahaha … im sure

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      Yeah it's quite an unhealthy drink

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        Agree but a tough call when compared to a bottle of beer (and people generally don't stop after a stubby).

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      Why do people go on and on about the sugar in Bunderberg drinks when Coke has like 2 grams per serving less?

  • Oops, that’s heaps of sugar in one drink.

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      Well Bundaberg isn't known for growing a lot of guavas. Sugarcane on the other hand…

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    6 cents for having it delivered to your house

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    Bundaberg 10 packs are $10 in Woolies this week as well.

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    Buy sparkling water, it has less sugar.

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      You’re not my real dad. Don’t tell me what to do.

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        You don't need to be told. You are ordered to and obliged to do so by your real dad

      • Damn! When did you turn 12?!

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        Government vaccine mandates have entered (gatecrashed?) the chat

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    Thank you. I absolutely love this drink (but only in moderation of course, so sweet). Surprised it's not more popular.

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      guava in any fruit or soft drink makes it taste great in general.

      • Any guava drink that's not so sugary??

        • only guava drink that I consume regularly is Mountain Fresh juices, but these things still have around 40grams+ of sugars

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    Diet is 10.80 for 12

  • These are much sweeter than coke and much less carbonated, which is not that good. I like the taste though I wouldn’t buy them again.

  • Thanks op

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    maybe dilute it with soda water to cut down on the sugar, 1:2 should do the trick.

  • I found the diet ginger delicious.

  • so we stop and smell the Guava now ?

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    I like their drinks but they're too sweet, just too sweet, should reduce sugar by 1/3, they're killing us with all these fillers.

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    Putting my trust in you with the Guava OP, grabbed a box to try.

    I highly rate the Blood Orange, Passionfruit, Apple Cider & Lemon/Lime/Bitters is good, hell, i like nearly all of them, except the diet crap!

    If you're gonna drink soft-drink, i don't see the point of Unleaded.. Reminds me of ppl that order a Lge Diet Coke with their Big Mac Meal & extra salt on the fries..

  • Thoughts on the creaming soda?
    It has the best reviews out of the 4 varities on amazon, but interested if any ozbargaineers have tried it?

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      I don't mind it. It is a different style to the pink and yellow creaming sodas of other brands.

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      It's very grapey. Not bad, just different.

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      I like it. My go to after sarsaparillas

    • I quite like it. I would prefer it over the pink ones (although, I wouldn't turn my nose up at the Kirk's ones)

      On the list of my Bundy preferences = guava > blood orange > creaming soda > passionfruit > apple cider > lemon, lime and bitters > mango > all other flavours

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        I've got a similar order except pineapple and coconut is amazing. Anytime a female tries it, she seems to have a mini orgasm :)

      • i found Mango a little on the 'fake tasting' side personally. All the others are tip top though.

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          I agree but, it's the best fake tasting mango I've had so far so, less complaints on my side :)

  • Packed with sugar from the canes in Bundy.

  • Ingredients: :
    Carbonated water, cane sugar, guava juice from concentrate (5%), guava brew (water, guava puree, sugar, yeast), acid (citric acid), flavours, colours (purple sweet potato, lycopene), thickener (pectin), preservatives (211, 202).

    Warning: contains tonnes of SUGAR.
    Hello diabetes.

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    for unknown reason Amazon only charge $7.15 for 12 x mango delivered. unable to replicate it anymore and hopefully they will honor it.

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      You probably had Amazon Credit (from previous return/refund) that's applicable only for items sold by Amazon AU.

    • Sounds like $5 promo credit on the 12.15 price

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    $5 promo credit from this deal perhaps?

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    Slightly cheaper now @ $13.20 or $11.88 (S&S).

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