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Free Shipping on Almost All In-Stock Products @ Kogan


Just received an email, seems no one posted yet, hopefully will help someone.
As always, conditions apply.

  • In-stock products only
  • Excludes presale products.
  • Excludes Marketplace products.
  • Excludes commerical or wholesale orders.

Use the discount code "SANTA" on orders at checkout to get Free Shipping. The Free Shipping offer excludes Presale products. Discount codes cannot be used with any other offers. In-stock products relates to products that are held in a Kogan Warehouse, where Kogan is the seller. In-stock products does not relate to Kogan Marketplace products. Free shipping is not applicable to commercial or wholesale orders, or orders to delivery addresses outside mainland Australia (Free Shipping is applicable to Tasmania). Kogan reserves the right to not ship to some remote or rural locations. Offer ends 8 December 2021 at 11:59PM (AEDT) unless extended. For a full list of exclusions & instructions on how to redeem a discount code, click here.

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  • +35

    Even if Ruslan is delivering my package I wont be buying from Kogan

    • +13

      What if he dresses as Santa?

      • +9

        And lets u sit on his lap

      • +2

        What if he dresses as Santa?

        • +5

          jv are you ok?

    • +1

      especially if.

    • +3

      apologies for being out of touch, why the sentiment?

      • +1

        Yeah i want to know this too.

      • Christmas is close ….

      • +5

        why the sentiment?

        Kogan has been fined by the ACCC multiple times for shonky practices.

        And from comments here on OzBargain, they are a nightmare to get repairs or refunds from.

        • Yes thanks Russ

        • +1

          I still remember when Kogan was first coming to prominence and there was a segment/advertisement on A Current Affair where he was spouting how much cheaper his website was compared to the brick and mortar retailers.

          He pointed to a 55" Full HD tv at JB Hi-Fi that was about $1500 and said his 55" tv was about $700. What he didn't mention was the JB tv was a 200Hz Sony 1080p while his was a 50Hz 1080i, with an obviously inferior panel in regards to colour. I knew then he was a dodgy charlatan.

        • My experience exactly!

    • +2

      I agree
      Liars and cheats
      Cheap inferior products
      Products are misrepresented and overstated
      They argue about warranty claims
      Only allowed 1 claim on a 3 year extended warranty
      Stay well away from Kogan!

      Except for the mobile plans which are great!

  • +1

    Any bargains?

    • +3

      Just noticed your updated profile picture. Merry Christmas JV!

      • Yo ho ho… Merry Christmas.

        • +6

          Yo ho ho… Merry Christmas

    • Mix it with coke…

      …wait sorry, force of habit

  • +14

    i would allllmost rather shop with old mate gerry

    • +17

      If it was a choice between the two I just wouldn't make the purchase.

      • Yeah but how else are we supposed to use up our spend X get X back Amex travel credit in lieu offer ?

        • Amazon and JB :). Better to go with JB, Amazon pays almost next to nothing for Au tax

          • @webtherapist: Not when jb chargers 10x more sometimes. And amazon post stuff fast

  • +5

    What is the largest, heaviest and cheapest thing I can purchase?

  • +4

    Thanks OP - Just picked up another 4 pack of their smart plugs. $10 a plug ain't too shabby.

    • +5

      I do like how the Kogan branded smart plugs are 'Kogans Choice'.

    • +1

      What do you turn on and off with your smart plugs? I'm assuming you have a lot as you said "another 4"…

      I bought one recently to turn the Xmas tree lights on and off and it's very handy not having to get behind the tree to turn them on and off each day, but struggling to find other uses…

      • Literally everything except my fridge, freezer and microwave. Everything connected (except my Google bedroom speakers) is scheduled to turn off at night and certain things get turned on the next day according to use. The amount of phantom power being drawn down by my TV and soundbar alone were enough of a reason to put smart plugs in almost every outlet.

        • +14

          Did the calculations i think standby power on a TV is roughly $6 a year

          But then again the smart plug will draw power as well and have to stay connected to WiFi so the benefits may be insignificant

          • +3

            @Drakesy: Yeah a quick google shows TVs use between 0.05 to 2w when in standby and a smart plug uses between 1 to 2w when in standby lol.

            Makes sense as the biggest power consumption for both while being in standby would be maintaining a wifi connection.

            • +2

              @brad1601: Hahah,
              well that's made my day,
              You learn something every day.

            • +3

              @brad1601: That's why I use a smart plug for my smart plug.

            • @brad1601:

              TVs use between 0.05 to 2w when in standby

              Not all TVs. I've got an older plasma TV that chews about 15W in standby. I have it plugged into a powerboard with switches, and turn it off when not in use.

              To remind me to turn it off, I have the TV plugged into a double adaptor, which is plugged into the powerboard. The second socket on the double adaptor has a night light plugged in, so it's really obvious when I turn off the room lights and go to bed.

              • @Russ: Logic would suggest that an "old" tv would use even less standby power as it wouldn't have always on wifi, basically just powering a infrared receiver. The top result on Google for plasma TV standby also confirms this, the site says they tested 4 different plasmas and had standby usage of between 0.67w and 1.4w.

                But not about to argue with you, if you've measured yours with an accurate device and it says it's drawing 15w all the time then I guess it's an anomaly.

      • +1

        Coffee machine, needs about 30 min to heat up fully so good to turn it on on the way home so its ready when I get there. Other than that I struggle to find uses too

      • +2

        I have a few around the house and these are some of my uses:

        • Plug turn on the oil fin heater in our room for the mornings when the temperature goes below a certain point(the Tuya app i use has basic 'smarts' functionality so it will only turn on between a certain time and temperature is below a certain point. similar setup for a pedestal fan during summer.
        • Plug for 'dumb' lamps that are set to turn on at sunset and automatically turn off at a predetermined time(useful if we go out and want there to be some lights in the house when we get back)
        • Plug for kettle to boil hot water in the mornings for our coffee the moment we get out of bed(this hasn't been as useful as i thought and apart from novelty of having it there, its not used much as it requires you to actually prepare the kettle with water the night before that i never remember to do)
        • Outdoor lights operated on a timer
        • I have one plugged into a multiboard to monitor the energy consumption of the tv + devices in the living room as well as to be able to reboot the tv if it freezes/looses connection to the net etc.
        • Plug for my old laser printer upstairs so if i decide to print anything, i can turn it on and print that saves having to go upstairs to switch on and then print

        I agree though that unless you have specific use cases, its all a bit of a novelty having and i have a few of the plugs in use just because i bought a multi pack rather than buying for a particular purpose.

        • Also to turn something on/off at known times (specifically, on hour increments, over a day or week), you don't need an inbuilt computer or wifi connection, you can use a plug timer (although they're not much cheaper).

          To do remote-control, there's probably some sort of infrared remote-control plug.

          It's only if you have more complicated, obscure or often-changing and dynamic plans to turn something on/off, or remote-control from longer distances (outside room or house), that you actually need smart plug technology.

      • Yeah like others have said … To schedule things like Christmas lights/tree, also my fish tank air stone, and I also schedule my Android TV boxes to reboot each night. I am sure I can put another 4 of them to use for lamps or other things.
        For $10 each with energy meter and USB ports, its a decent deal.

      • +3

        My favourite use: If you use an electric blanket in winter and it has a physical sliding switch for power adjustment, then leave it in the on position and hook it up to a smart plug. Then 30 mins or so before you go to bed, flick it on from wherever you are, and you'll always get into a warm bed. If you want to be clever, automate the process with a schedule, or super clever, integrate a process to check the weather/house temp and see if it's cold enough to warrant the blanket being turned on.

        • I like this one.

      • Coffee machine and a light on the front garden

  • -1

    Ruslan is a ho ho ho

  • +7

    Most recent experience with their "express delivery" - it took an entire week for them to dispatch from warehouse!

  • +1

    Hmm wonder if it makes this worth a gamble

    https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-68w-gan-dual-port-charger... $25

  • +2

    All I see is Jack and Santa working together

  • Looking for a portable air conditioner. Any of the Kogan ones any good? The noise for me isn't a deal breaker as I normally sleep with the TV on. For my bedroom which is about 5x6m

  • +3

    Dick Smith have a similar promo - code JOLLY.

    • Probably as they are the same company with a different name.

  • I always realise what I should have used this on after the fact

  • +1

    Thanks OP. My Dad's the biggest sucker for many of the things in Kogan I can't find elsewhere, least now the prices make a bit more sense. This will save him $10 shipping on a $19 item he was looking at.

  • Yayyy bogan

  • +3

    Not everything is Free Shipping. And obviously what I want to buy doesn't have free shipping.

  • +9
    • +11

      Argh! I bought these for $49,999.50 in last 50% off sale!

  • +1

    I got Lorna janes Leggings for $10 https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/lorna-jane-womens-galactic-core...
    (M, S is also available)

  • Dumb question, where do I enter the code?
    At the checkout page, there are only "Select Delivery Address" and "Payment Options". There doesn't seem to be any place allow me to enter the code?

  • +3

    A Merry Christmas is one without hassles dealing with Kogan after sales

  • Tryig to buy trqderight shelving unit, cant find a place to add the coupon

    • +2

      Is it sold by Kogan themselves? Box won't appear if it's some other seller

      • Yeah sold by traderight

  • +1

    I am looking at buying o e of the king size beds listed around $219 by usimg this free shipping offer. Anyone out here using these beds ? Are these any good or any better alternatives amywhere in this price range?

  • +1

    Does anyone have any recommendations for DC pedestal fans. Does anyone have any experience with the Kogan premium fan for $99 delivered? https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-premium-dc-motor-pedestal...

    • I have the Xiaomi DC fan and it's great, super quiet and looks nice.

      You can get the 2 model for $99 but I'd pay the extra for the 2S which has battery built in.

      • Getting buzzing and clicking noises in the one I bought, when using oscillation. I have to set it to fixed position to stop the noises.

        Probably wouldn't buy one again. YEMV

    • I have this exact model and I'm a fan. Works well for what I need it for. Actually goes up to a decent speed. Timer is great, remote works, very happy.

    • I bought 4 of these in 2019 for $80 each. All 4 are in bedrooms. All still working with no problems.
      The first 3 levels of speed are pretty much silent running. Great for sleeping, and provides enough of a breeze easily.
      Speeds 4 onwards to 12 obviously get louder each speed increase. But even on speed 4 we can sleep with it on.

  • +2

    I had a look at one item that piqued my interest earlier but was put off by shipping charge. When I went to check it's price it went up by about $10-15. Roughly the cost of shipping…

  • +1

    Price jacked on almost all my shopping list and more than delivery cost which can be free on Kogan first.

  • Can we still pay with gift card? I can see shopback has buy $50 kogan GC and get $5 extra.

    • Sure, it's a separate box

  • +1

    cant find the redeem code option anywhere on checkout, only delivery address and payment method…

    • It's on the 'Cart' page, not at the end. If you can't see it make sure the item is direct from Kogan

  • +1

    Friends don't let friends buy from Kogan. Product quality and customer service has been on a downward slide for some time now.

    Buyer beware. Good luck!

      • +1

        I read the first few pages of reviews there - some feel a little left-of-field while others are absolutely spot-on. It's why the alternatives, like Discord, are slowly gaining momentum.

        • like Discord

          With my arrival there's now like 6 active people. There's still no actual relevant OzBargain information being discussed.

          • +1

            @Clear: There are at least three unofficial OzB-inspired Discord servers now. Wouldn't surprise me if there are more.

            The oldest(?) has 94 active members and is quite active/helpful. For example, a couple of fellow video game collectors regularly snap stock/price photos in-store (JB, EB, CEX etc) and quickly share them on Discord (too much stuffing-around here) for others to take advantage of before they draw any mainstream attention.

            One went well-above and beyond by buying the title I was after on my behalf and arranging to post it to me. Bloody legend!

            The regulars who are active "there" and "here", generally hold-fire on sharing on OzB for 10-15mins to give the Discord folk first bite.

            • +1

              @OzDJ_: Damn that sounds worth it for the vidya stuff.

              Gotta admit, I see a lot more deals that I can't be bothered posting here but I do send simply in a Discord I'm in with friends.

      • +2

        OzBargain is run by dictators apparently.

        • +5

          I'd tag a mod but I feel the dictators would probably ban me for speaking out /s

  • +3

    Just got a charger and my gosh the spam emails

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