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Subway 12 Deals of Christmas - from 6 to 17 December 2021


12 days, 12 different deals.

Available through subclub login, or app.

Day Date Offer
1 Monday 6/12 Free cookie with any purchase
2 Tuesday 7/12 Free drink with any purchase
3 Wednesday 8/12 Triple rewards (points) on any purchase
4 Thursday 9/12 Free snack with any purchase
5 Friday 10/12 Free avo on any sub, salad or wrap
6 Saturday 11/12 2 Subway Footlong® subs for $16 after 5pm
7 Sunday 12/12 Buy one get one free any Subway Footlong® and drink
8 Monday 13/12 Double meat with any Subway Footlong®
9 Tuesday 14/12 Free toastie with any purchase
10 Wednesday 15/12 FREE Subway 6-Inch® with any Subway 6-Inch® and drink purchase
11 Thursday 16/12 Triple rewards (points) on any purchase
12 Friday 17/12 Free snack with any purchase

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  • +6

    OP, do you have a lists we may look at?

    • Wish I knew - haven't been able to find the remaining ones

  • +13

    Wow free cookie. Hoping for some sort of crescendo / climax here.

    • +4

      Yeah, really starting off with a bang.

    • I love me some free cookie

      • Cookie Monster approves

  • are the cookies fresh or recycled from the previous day unsold goods?

    • I'm gonna guess they are recycled until inedible or not legal to sell.

      • The workers take the old one's home each day, so they're always the fresh ones

  • +3

    Something i've been wondering about Subway. My local place always asks fresh or toasted before getting my bread. If I choose toasted am I getting yesterdays bread?

    • +4

      Say Fresh and as they go to grab one say actually toasted please and see if they quickly change ;) Then come let us know

    • +4

      Unlikely (though not impossible.)

      Stores are allowed to use yesterday's bread until 10am or until new bread is baked - whichever is earliest.

      Essentially it's there to allow stores to be able to serve those customers who come in early as the bread baking process takes about 1.5 hours.

      So if you're going to a store that opens at 7am after about 9am you shouldn't be ever getting yesterday's bread.

      However being a fully franchised model there is always some franchisees who won't follow the rules.

      • Sauce?

        • +1

          I was a franchise consultant for 8+ years

    • Every subway is different.

      Mine gets the bread then asks the cheese then asks fresh or toasted after they put the cheese and before the salads.

      Yeah good question maybe change your mind after they get the bread and they might change the bread but highly doubt it as that will look suspicious af.

  • +3

    Very profound questions here.

  • +4

    on the 6th day of Christmas my subway sandwich artist made for me
    6 Subs a toasted

  • why does the subway app crash soooooo much

  • YMMV but the app wouldn’t apply this offer for me (tried all different cookies).

    • the app coupon system sucks

    • Didn't even work with a regular sub. Had to scan instore, fortunately the store had 2 for $2 cookies.

    • Mine has never had any offers available when I open the offers page in the app.

    • The reminder for the voucher doesn't succinctly state what you have to do - your selected items have to match exactly what is on offer.

      I just redeemed my free 6" sub + 390ml Coke (which expires today)… had to have exactly the 390ml Coke and any 6" sub in the cart before applying the voucher, which then reduced the $11.25 down to $0.

  • Tuesday's offer: Free drink with any purchase.

    Well, I guess it's a step up from the cookie.

    • What size drink?

      (The in-app small/med/large soda cups said "Not applied")

  • Interesting trivia about subways:

    Although their bread is baked in stores, the raw dry ingredients are made and prepared overseas.

    • Unfortunately not true.

      They do use a number of imported products like jalapenos etc but the bread isn't one of them.

      It's made in a company down in Sydney. Visited the warehouse once to see the process.

      • Ok. My bad.
        I guess they’ve cleaned up their act.

        Do you know if they also avoid their American stores controversy of:
        Tuna not having tuna
        Bread having a whopping 10% sugar content
        Bread not fully baked in store but shipped frozen and then reheated.

        • +2

          I feel like I'm almost doing a AMA 🤣

          So in order;

          The tuna thing was found to be false twice now by US courts with the two ladies bringing it up providing no actual evidence.

          The bread thing you mention was to do with Ireland and something to do with taxation (https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/12724756) Australian bread is a different formula and doesn't have the 10% sugar you mention.

          Bread is indeed shipped frozen to stores in the individual portions. Stores then retard the bread, season the bread, proof the bread and finally the bake the bread in store - all together it's about a 18 hour process.

  • Triple points (in NZ anyway. First two days match).

    • Yeah triple rewards here in Australia. Kind of boring tbh. All of the days so far have been a bit underwhelming.

      • +1

        Needs more BOGOF subs.

  • Day 4: free snack with any purchase

  • +1

    Day 5: free Avo on any sub, salad or wrap

    • At bit meh today… I won't bother

      • xtra AVO worth $2.20 apparently

        • By my reckoning more like 0.20-0.25 given a whole avocado is around $1

  • An improvement over yesterday, but still not that great a deal. 2 Subway Footlong® subs for $16 after 5pm today.

    • The 12 daily deals of christmas has been dismal at best, but todays deal I will bite the bullet as its the only decent offer so far.

      • Agreed, I haven't got one of the deals yet. This one is not for me either, not much of a saving really.

        • Worth if buying the exxy ones like chicken bacon ranch melt sub

  • Finally, Sunday gets a good deal:
    Buy one get one free any Subway Footlong® and drink

    And no time restrictions, unlike yesterday.

    • What size drink and how much it cost?

      • was any drink. I grabbed 2 mini Choc milks

  • Finally a good deal and the app doesn't even work. Times out at the cart and you can't checkout. Went instore and they said they don't accept those deals even though they did previously. Waste of time.

    • the app never works for me. I always end up scanning it in store.

  • Back to Monday mehs. Double meat with any Subway Footlong®

    • Boring! Alas I missed the only good deal yesterday as I had prior plans.

  • Im on the app but how do u activate the deal?

  • Tuesday's deal: Free toastie with any purchase

    • I can't seem to get this one to apply to my order.
      Maybe my local place doesn't do toasties?

      • you gotta check diff stores on app (or in person)

        today's offer only applying at 1/4 of my nearest shops

  • +1

    Today's offer is decent: FREE Subway 6-Inch® with any Subway 6-Inch® and drink purchase.

    That said, they also said it's the "final gift". So not sure if that wording is a mistake… or it's actually only 10 Deals of Christmas. Will see tomorrow.

    • Wonder if that’ll be tomorrows deal for us here in NZ. We have the free toastie offer today.

    • So you need to buy a drink and a 6 inch sub to get a free 6 inch? If you don't care about a drink, it's not that great a deal IMHO.

      • If it's any drink, like previous offer.
        Then just grab water or Choc milk or whatever's cheapest

  • +1

    Surprising that the deals are starting to differ over here in NZ. Free bacon on any sub, salad or wrap purchase for us today.

  • Looks like no deal for today?

    • +1

      Seems like yesterday's wording wasn't a mistake.

      How bizarre. Say there are 12 deals… but finish after 10.

      • +1

        Just received an email about triple rewards for today? Though it's hardly a good deal …

        • All these deals have been meh but triple rewards is the most boring

          • +1

            @Misha Bakunin: Or did they just realise they're two days short so repeating the day 3 deal (with no/negligible cost to the franchisor).

            Given yesterday's wording, seems like another mistake.

      • no activation required right? just scan ?

  • And day 12 is another repeat, this time of day 4. Thought this was going to be a lot better than it turned out to be.

    Free snack with any purchase.

    • +1

      wow, the code didn't work at my local store. staff said its not with any purchase, I have to buy a sub to get a free snack. felt scammed

      • +1

        Literally says any purchase. Don't trust all franchisees. Next time try order thru the app

        • app never works for me at the checkout session its so annoying

          • @theebargainer: some stores also reject voucher via app i think that's why

            (i have to check a few then there might be one near me)

            • +1

              @capslock janitor: I have used app vouchers couple of times at my local store. will file in a complaint to subway as this is misleading

  • Sure fizzled out

    • I didn't get anything, all of the days were kinda boring to me.

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