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Free Shipping on Almost All In-Stock Products @ Dick Smith by Kogan


Free shipping on most products similar to Kogan. Some decent tech items can be found ie. wireless earphones etc.

^Use the discount code "JOLLY" on orders at checkout to get Free Shipping. The Free Shipping offer excludes Presale products. Discount codes cannot be used with any other offers. In-stock products relates to products that are held in a Dick Smith Warehouse, where Dick Smith is the seller. In-stock products does not relate to Dick Smith Marketplace products. Free shipping is not applicable to commercial or wholesale orders, or orders to delivery addresses outside mainland Australia (Free Shipping is applicable to Tasmania). Dick Smith reserves the right to not ship to some remote or rural locations. Offer ends 8 December 2021 at 11:59PM (AEDT) unless extended. For a full list of exclusions & instructions on how to redeem a discount code, click here.

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan


  • +4

    Pretty Kogan bought them because i think they knew the Kogan name was trash and wanted an alternative.

    • +4

      Like dick smith wasn't already run into the ground by woolies, new Zealand and David Jones.

      • Fair point

        They gutted the inventory, did some creative accounting and sold it on.
        Kogan pretty much got the dregs (name) and that was about it.

        • +3

          It was private equity that did the creative accounting.

          One of the biggest problems with Woolies was they had the wrong approach to inventory. With Big W and the supermarkets stock moves itself pretty well already. But with electronics things have a relative value that decreases over time.

          They over bought by a shit ton, refused to discount aggressively to match JB and the like (who are focused more on turning over stock than high margins), and left stock rotting on shelves at RRP for way too long (anyone interested in a two year old Acer as full price?), only to then have to discount things ridiculously once they became obsolete.

          They also (profanity) things up with their HR. Killed off the benefits that attracted knowledgeable staff, got rid of commission (except for overpriced extended warranties) and cut wage budgets so far that you couldn't stop thieves walking out the door with your best stock.

          Managing a DSE back in the early 00's felt like a constant game of Tetris, trying to find places to put stock that wasn't moving, only for them to send you a heap more unnecessary stock the next day. And most of it with average pricing that wasn't going to move the product.

      • +2

        What did New Zealand do to Dick Smith?

    • +2

      it's definitely worked on quite a few older people I help with "tech stuff" every now and then.. thinking it's good ol' dick smith they can trust him!

    • +3

      They picked it up for a song. Basically just paid for their mailing list, but walked away with the benefit of a more trusted brand and twice the search results on Google.

  • JOLLY Dick ?

  • +1

    They have some Havianas for sale at around $10. Picked up a couple of pairs.


  • Aldi have them at that price…

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