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[PC, XB1, PS4] Cyberpunk 2077 Day One Edition $29 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


I can't say it's the cheapssted one, but for the boxed PC version, it seems it has a good price for AU stock. I paid $30.99 delievered, no sure of shipping costs for other states. Commons down below if you find out.

Seems Cyberpunk 2077 received a lots of positive feedback recently, even throught the bugs are still there. For $31, I will buy the box version to support developers. I will these info helps.

Mod Edit: Additional 10% off with code - '92BOYS3V75I19K'

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    28 at Amazon free delivery for prime

    • +8

      Good found, I only have PC, no discount for $28 can be found for PC version.

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      Got me half mast but no PC version :<

      • +4

        An erection? Nice one, buddy

    • It's been at that price for a while

    • +1

      Just to clarify that is the normal Cyberpunk edition. day 1 edition is still $67.22.

  • +7


    • Lower, lower, lower…

    • $5 and I'll consider it.

      • I'll wait until it's free on the epic games store!

    • +2

      Down, down, prices are down

  • +9

    Day 1 Anniversary Edition?

  • +1

    Are there actually any other more recent versions available other than 'day one edition' (other than the collectors edition(s))? was there a non-day one edition released as a base disc?

  • +5

    Got it for $15 at my local cash converters and it was brand new.

    I’ll advise most people to wait and get it for cheaper.

    • i think see it listed for $39 at some cash convertors.

    • +1

      I think we can't find PC version at cash converters, code should be already used.

  • +3

    Great deal thanks!

    While its easy to find the PS4/Xbox versions for this price (bcos they suck), getting an Australian version of the PC game for $30 is a steal

    • Wasn't the issue with this game more than performance though like missing features, poor AI etc…or has that been patched in now?

      • The NG+ consoles are expecting to get an update in Q1 2022

  • On the plus side with this… if you turn off automatic updates (or disable networking on your Xbox) you can play the day 1 version (a little janky but playable on the Series X) and use all of the available exploits to level up lots… then update after you've done so

    • Can this be done on pc version?

      • I'd imagine it might try and download the latest version from GOG / Steam when you redeem… BUT you could try disconnecting your internet and installing from disc, then in GOG / Steam tell it not to auto-update

        Failing that just look for a fit-girl repack somewhere of the original version and rest peacefully knowing you've bought it anyway ;)

      • PC version just comes with a code in the box so I would expect it to download the current version

      • There's mods you can install that level you up to Level 50, if that's how you would prefer to play

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    No stores were found within 200km of your location. Click the More Stores link below to see the closest stores. :(

  • +6

    Can't believe I paid $79 for this game day one… played about 15 minutes and thought this looks like garbage, will wait till next gen upgrade.

    Been waiting close to a year now for upgrade, haven't played it since.

    Could of just waited and picked up in the bargain bin… you done me wrong CD Projekt Red!

    • +5

      Should have refunded unfortunately, I did with the $439 Collector's Edition.

      • I would have but I paid with a gift card and didn't want the hassle of a return… I also stupidly thought the next gen upgrade would be out in like March…

    • I'm in the same boat but bought it for $69 from eBay's last black friday sale

  • +2

    Great game, can't wait for more content.

    PC version has always been solid.

    • +4

      I'm loving it too.
      If you love Fallout 3, Deus Ex, Mass Effect etc you should love this.
      The world is perhaps the most immersive I've experienced, and the quests are actually interesting. Pity they botched the release so badly.

      • +4

        Deus Ex feels more alive to me than this, though that had multiple small maps, so they could personalise better.

  • +1

    Day One edition means all the bugs and shite included?

    • update then good to go.

  • +3
  • Is the PC version a Steam or GOG code?

    Edit* doesn't even have a disc


    • +1

      This is why I love cartridges. No downloads, no hard disk install.

      Just buy the game and play.

    • Yeah dumb as.. as you end up paying to have it shipped again to finally receive it… it's been the same for COD and BF series doesn't make sense why they can't just email the code

      • I remember I bought a copy of Skyrim (GoTY Edition? It was before any remasters but included all DLC).

        I still had to activate it with a Steam key but it still came with a disc that I could install it from

  • +12

    An example of why you don't preorder games , or get sucked into all the hype..

    • Don't know why U got negged. I always wait for reviews and never preorder, saves me the disappointment

      • -2

        I buy after I finish a game.

      • +1

        Thanks, yeah sometimes you need to wait for launch and see how everything goes , I've seen alot of people disappointed with the battlefield release, the beta didn't really interest me.

    • But Keanu said I'm awesome

  • +1

    Still feel like an idiot paying $60~, but at least I enjoyed it

  • +2

    that's a pretty good price, the game is actually decent (~8/10) and fair amount of content. i find the negative reviews are exaggerated from people with high expectations.
    took me about 110 hours to do everything in the game on hard mode.
    I only had one bug with a quest and couldn't complete it during my playthrough but it got patched early this year and I completed it.

    per the roadmap, updates have stopped for 2021 with patch 1.3 but a new free DLC is coming out for early 2022, hoping it's as big as the witcher 3 DLC's.

    • i find the negative reviews are exaggerated from people with high expectations.

      Or the people who only did the main questline and "finished" the game in under 10 hours, not knowing that the side quests are equally cinematic and immersive.

    • To be fair “high expectations” have been built by CDPR with their false and misleading marketing.

  • +3

    Great game played it on release and loved it despite the bugs. If you were holding back, this is a cheap price!

  • Waiting for amazon to match on pc version

  • -1

    $28 too expensive

    • $29 too expensive

      • -1

        $29 million definitely too expensive

  • This is a sign that it's gonna be lower or near $25 Aussie on Xmas day sales on steam etc…hold for me till then.

  • +1

    The most overrated game of the year

    • -3

      Nah, that would be untitled goose game.

      • +1

        Well you are entitled to your opinion, but I strongly disagree. UGG is a great game, and made in Melbourne too.

        PS: Came out in 2019… where Cyberpunk was in 2020.

        • So if a game is Australian made, it automatically becomes a good game?

        • +1

          It was a good game but man was it overhyped.

          It was on par with something from Newgrounds

    • Do you mean overhyped? Most didn’t rate this game at all…

      • Rate and hype aren't necessarily the same. It was super hyped because of Keanu etc. It's the reason I bought up honestly. But after reviews flopped I didn't even turn it on and am waiting till a next gen update.

  • Still waiting for the next gen version update

  • +7

    I'll get it in two year's time when it is released as a utimate edition with all the DLC and patches for under $10

    • Sounds fair.
      But I'd still skip buying it on any low hardware like Switch, XB1, PS4, XB1X. The Xbox Series S might play it decently. But you would really want this on the PS5, XSX, or a Capable Gaming PC.

  • Why would anyone sane of mind want the "day one" edition of this mess.

    • +1

      S&M ?

  • I wish Bethesda released a Day 1 edition of Fallout 76.

  • Wish it can be redeemed in steam rather than GOG

    • just add it to steam, there's no reason to buy steam games when a DRM-free version is available.

  • +1

    One of the best games ever made

    • -4

      You must have low standards

  • I wonder if it'll get cheaper, or buy it now and wait. Its got free PS5 upgrade too!

  • Waiting for $10

  • have they delivered the fixes they promised?

  • +1

    I bought it at launch for $60, and I enjoyed the game. I won’t lie though, wish I’d waited and paid this instead. It wasn’t unplayable, but definitely better to come in now rather than a year ago.

  • Will this play ok with a base ps4? Enjoyeable at the least?

    • +3

      Wouldn't bother on the base consoles. I'd say the PS4 Pro would be teh absolute minimum and even then it's touch and go.

  • Is this game worth playing now or is it still a buggy mess?

  • How is this for Xbox one

  • +2

    Bought this on Steam the day it came out, played ~30 mins and had to stop as it was just horrendous.

    Picked it up for $28 at EB Games last week after my Series X arrived and it finally feels like a decent game. About 10 hours in and haven't come across anything game breaking. The only annoying thing is NPCs still tend to fade in and out occasionally which breaks the immersion, but from a gameplay point of view, I'm enjoying it!

    Next Gen update and DLC coming next year too so it'll keep getting better I'm sure.

    • +3

      Should've gone to Specsavers

  • I have a Xbox one X and a Acer nitro 5, i7 10750h, 32gb ram, rtx 2060.
    Which one would I have a better experience playing Cyberpunk?

    • +2

      FPS = mouse and keyboard always.

      I think you should be able to get 60fps with that spec on low-medium setting

  • should be free on epic any day now. or with Amazon prime gaming

    otherwise $5 is what I'll pay for it hahahaha

  • -2

    CDPR should pay us to play this abomination

    It’s still shit

  • I'll wait until this game is free on PS Plus.

  • it is $26.10 with "92BOYS3V75I19K"


  • -1

    You can tell a lot of people here are cheap povos. It took a group of people 7 years from conception to execution of this game and then another whole year of refinement. But after all that, as soon as it gets to Australia, it becomes worthy of $5, $10, free and whatever else you can think of.

  • +2

    PC version is gone from this listing. Console ones remain.

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