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Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump 1S US$39.65 (~A$56.50) Delivered @ Willing Store AliExpress


This is the new 1S version with Type-C charging and 15Lmin (7Lmin original version). According to this and a few reviews on AliExpress, the only difference between the CN and Global version is the English manual.

Price in title is for the CN Version - Global version is an extra US$6

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    • +7

      The one you linked is the old model and not the new 1S.

      • +3

        Seller also located in China. It's going to suck if the shipping estimate isn't accurate and it doesn't arrive before Christmas ;)

    • Thanks I ordered this from eBay instead

  • the only difference between the CN and Global version is the English manual. Price in title is for the CN Version - Global version is an extra US$6

    will pay extra for english manual…..long live the queen πŸ‘‘

  • No real difference other than USB C charging

    • +7

      15Lmin v 7Lmin

      The performance had been increased by 45.4%. It is now possible to completely inflate two almost completely deflated car tires in around 11 minutes. This was not possible before and is thanks to an improved pressure sensor. If just a little air is missing, it should be possible to bring up to 8 tires back to the optimum pressure. The first model managed 5.5 tires.

      We have compared both devices with each other (and will continue to do so). For example, we left the air out of Tim’s spare tire and filled it from 0 to 2.1 bar. The old air pump took 4:40 minutes to do this; the new 1S only 2:52 minutes. So the new model is definitely more powerful and can actually fill up quasi-empty tires.

      • Am I missing something? This works out to be like a AUD$2.80 discount

      • Can confirm the newer 1S model is brilliant, has a much higher flow rate = faster pumping. And it's not any more noisy either, still roughly 80 decibels so not too loud.

        Also the 1S has a new flashing torch light mode, which supposedly the old model didn't have (can't confirm as I've never used the old model).

  • Just received the pump from this deal, I will only use it for top up, let see.


    • Same, arrived last week.

  • Think this could be used as an air compressor to clean dust off things? Or is it just for tyres…?

    • With an xtension hose u could i suppose, although i'm not 100% sure if it stops when no back pressure is detected.

      • +1

        I had a feeling it would detect the lack of pressure and stop.

    • +5

      This is very good for pumping air to tyres either from empty or top up. Not as fast as the petrol station compressors but can do all 4 tyre topup + bicycles + some gym ball top ups and still have more than half the charge left. Not a lot of difference between empty to full vs just topup as the power is consumed at the end stages where the resistance is high. But the air volume and velocity is not enough to replace air cans. For that the best bet is air duster models which uses high rpm fans to generate velocity.

  • Does anyone know if it comes with a few different nozzles or just the car one? Does it have the skinny bike nozzle fitting?

    • +2

      The description says it does, pretty sure you are referring to the French valve (Presta);

      1 * Mi Electric Air Compressor 1S

      1 * French air nozzle adapter
      1 * Gas needle
      1 * Storage bag
      1 * User Manual
      no charger cable

      • Yes I hadn't noticed that. Awesome thanks πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Anyone know which to select for the Global version? Seems to be two options - one priced at AU$65.16 and the other is AU$63.73?

    • +1

      I believe the difference between these two is that the cheaper one (USD $37.86) is the "Black" 1S version (presumably the other one is dark grey? Not 100% sure).

      I'm basing this off my purchase from another seller, as I received the model MJCQB04QJ which I believe is the B = Black edition. MJCQ04QJ is the standard model number that is usually listed for the 1S.

      Functionally, they should be identical. I can also confirm that the Chinese version I received works identically to the English/Global version, the only difference is the manual is in Chinese (but you don't need it anyway, it's dead easy to figure out how to use this).

      BTW I strongly suggest using USD to checkout as the exchange rate is usually better.

  • GIFT2n code doesn't work anymore.

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