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[eBay Plus] Razer Turret Wireless Gaming Keyboard & Mouse for Xbox One $239.20 Delivered @ razer_au eBay


Seems like a good price, compatible with PC, Xbox One and Series S/X.
(Games need to have keyboard and mouse support on Xbox)

Razer's product page

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  • So it has a sliding tray and xbox button? Pretty expensive just for that

    • And mouse 😊

    • It's also wireless mechanical RGB keyboard plus a wireless mouse. A decent wireless mechanical keyboard is circa ~$120-160 plus add a wireless mouse I'd say the $239 is a decent price. $299 is a bit hard to swallow though

      • +1

        "decent" and Razer are like oil and water unfortunately.
        No wait! Oil, water and decent are all good/useful things…..

    • +1

      If you do a lot of couch gaming this thing is amazing, I use it daily on PC.

  • Any other place has it for $450.
    Razer mechanical keyboard are decent, but their mouse are not. I could not say about this pair, but curious with what it call "xbox support", so ordered one.

    • -1

      No different than attaching your own mouse and keyboard. Uses a dongle so i dont even think it is really xbox supported?. Really paying for the mouse rest

    • What's the newest Razer mouse you've tried? All their newer ones are quite highly rated.

      • Not sure which one newer, Me and my housemate got viper and deathadder v2. While I bought my gf a logitech G305, we all end up with 4 of them to replace razer mouse (when it was $39 each)

        • Fair enough, they'd be the ones everyone likes hah. Deathadder V2 should have the newer optical switches as well.

          Have a DA V2 myself and am only considering replacing it because of the shape and maybe weight balance, though it's not old enough to show quality issues.

    • Xbox support totals 18 games, which is pretty abysmal. And the "Xbox support" pretty much means a dedicated Xbox key (that doesn't work on windows.)
      Still, I ordered one, not much to choose from for couch use!

  • That mouse pad looks a little small for FPS gaming, they should sell extra attachments for bigger sizes $$$.

    • The mouse pad size is the biggest complaint!
      But for couch gaming, there's not much out there. This, the Corsair LapBoard, or the Couchmaster range, which you'd struggle to find in Aus.

  • +1

    I was so amped up to play with keyboard and mouse on XSX and then after setting everything up realised, none of the Battlefields work, nor any of the games I want to play. What a joke seriously.

    • +1

      It's been out for almost 2 years, and it has a total of 18 games compatible on Xbox… very much a joke

  • +1

    Can't speak for Xbox but I'm a big fan of this for PC.

    Since I'm working from home my desk is the last place I want to game these days and using this thing beats the shit out of a controller.

    I thought the size of the mousepad would be an issue but honestly it's not a big deal, though I've never been one of those ultra low sensitivity players.

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