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[Switch] New Pokemon Snap $57 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games


Lowest I've seen this game since release, I might be wrong. Haven't bought it yet but the the original version was so much fun and a classic on 64.
Thought someone out there might enjoy this.

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    Considering how long people wanted this game, it didn't seem to make much of a splash when it finally got made.

    Is it because, like with Shhield/Sword and the Platinum/Pearl remakes, there's no effort put into the games anymore and just a cash grab?

    • Its a good game, however I found it didn't capture the magic so to speak as much as the first one did.

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      I bought this game with expectations of them making it similar to the original. I personally did not enjoy it at all and there is no co-op in the way the original has incorporated it which to be honest was a big part of the fun of the original for me. I would serious consider watching or reading some reviews before purchasing it.

      • What co-op did the original have?

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          You were both on rails at the same time and you would only have a select number of pictures you could take each(30 or 60 I don't really remember), you would only score points from your best shot of each Pokemon and they tallied the scores at the end. It was a decent addition that encouraged competition, but to your point it's not really co-op as much as it is multiplayer which is something I found missing in the new one.

          • @Figure8: Are you sure? I don't think there was any form of multiplayer on the N64 version.

            • @Gehirn: I'm pretty sure? Unless I've got a totally false memory of it, but I mostly played the co-op on Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium games back in the day… I'll suss it online and get back to you.

              Last comment refers to it. Post was from 6 years ago. Something else in the comments about finishing the game, rumble and expansion packs, I'm not really sure what the requirements were but seems to have been a thing.

              • @Figure8: That just says they took turns playing and comparing their score.

                • @Gehirn: You're not wrong… I'm going to have to come back to this, at work presently but I'll look into it later. TBC

  • It's a fun, chill game. Much larger than the original.

  • Was $54 on black Friday (lightning deal). I don't think it even made it to 50% sold.


    Been tempted to pick this one up, but will wait for it to become much cheaper.

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    I bought this during some of the previous sales and finished the game in like… half a day. It was very repetitive and I didn't really enjoy it. It was very pretty though.

  • Loved the original and really enjoyed this game. It gets very repetitive though because you'll need to grind through the stages to get better photos so you can level up. And it can be challenging trying to work out how to get Pokemon in certain poses.

  • The original gave me nightmares, trying to get perfect score photos of Scyther and balloon pikachu.

  • Played this. It wasn't bad but all the time I kept thinking how much better it'd be if I used a KB+M.

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