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[Refurbished] iPhone 8 64GB Unlocked $279 ($259 with GIFT20) @ Coles


Found on next week's catalogue - page 31

• Unlocked Premium Refurbished
• Available in Space Grey, Gold, Red

Limit 1 per customer.

iPhone 8 Refurbished: Unlocked, Refurbished. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Colours may vary from store to store.
$279.00 each

Offers valid until Tuesday 14 December 2021
You can purchase from this catalogue starting Wednesday 8th December

Thanks to ShootingStar3388, you can get it for $264 with promo code "FESTIVE" Expired now
Thanks to Windy711, you can get it for $259 with promo code "GIFT20"

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  • +1

    What's the warranty like?

    • +2

      I do not know why you were negged as I have this same question.

      Does anyone have experience on what is the warranty like on these?

      • -1

        I do not know why you were negged

        Android fanboys…

      • +1

        do not know why you were negged

        Some people just see JV and automatically neg. It's like a script they've written.

        • -3

          just see JV and automatically neg

          Yep, that probably requires less brain cells to do…

          • @jv: ThEsE cOmmEnTs rEqUiRE lEss bRaIn cELls

      • +2

        Got a 7 from them a few months ago after the GPS on my main Android kept shitting me up the wall.

        Battery was beyond unuseable, (profanity) abysmal. Coles don't take it back, you have to get in touch with the company. Had a few back and forth emails and they either sent me a stamped bag to return it in or they reimbursed me, I don't remember, but I know I didn't pay anything in the end, and they sent out the phone with a much better (though still far from great, but what can you expect in a 5 year old preowned phone) battery and have had no issues since.

        If you mean the length of the warranty or whatever, won't lie, I have no idea, but in terms of getting a fix, they were decently prompt, definitely better than some companies I've dealt with.

        • I got a couple from phonebot and both had brand new batteries.

          • @jv: CoOL StOrY -poST a DeaL #2018

    • Very good.

  • A 4.7" screen in case anyone was wondering.

      • +5

        “You can’t get your hand around it, […] No one’s going to buy that.”
        Absolutely right about the first point but wrong about the 2nd.
        I think he underestimated how reliant people would become on their phone as a streaming device.
        Personally, I'm 6'5" but still think even the iPhone mini is a tad too big - yes, I'm part of a dying breed that still use their phone one-handed.

        • +1

          I'm 6'5"

          Being tall doesn't mean you've automatically got big hands. Nor does the screen size directly correlate to it being harder to use one handed.

          A wide phone with a 5" screen and bezels will be harder to use one handed than a narrower 5.5" screen with no bezels.

          The iPhone Mini has the same screen size as the HTC One (2013) and I managed to use that (which was no doubt chunkier) one handed with ease?

          • +1

            @decc0: Sure but I were to say I got big hands, I sound like Trump. For me, if you look at the palm of your hand and wave your thumb like a windscreen wiper, that's sort of your one-handed 'reach'. The original SE (or iPhone 5/5s) would be the perfect size for me if it had no bezels.

            • @bozbargain:

              but I were to say I got big hands, I sound like Trump

              Okay fair point

              if you look at the palm of your hand and wave your thumb like a windscreen wiper

              Now you sound like Boris Johnson lol

              This has made me realise I have likely got above average sized thumbs.

              • +1

                @decc0: Haha, I enjoyed this exchange! All the best with your giant thumbs!

  • +3

    I think the most important thing to ask is what is the battery health like?

    • Yep - only reason I have ever upgraded my iPhone is the battery would not hold much charge. Given they have to be charged every day, the battery is usually going to be the first thing that “wears out”.

    • Only scored 66h on GSM's endurance test, quite a bit lower than other 2017 phones. I guess the 1821mAh battery capacity doesn't help either.

      • +2

        Not what he meant.

        It's a used device. He's wondering if they've put new cells in the phone, or if not; how much battery health is stated in the menu.

        I'd want to hope every single one of these has had a new battery put in them.

    • +2

      The 7 I bought a few months ago would genuinely run out from 100% to 0% in about 30 minutes if I was lucky. They replaced it and now it has 80% health last I looked and that gets me through the day but not a busy day and definitely not with a tonne of use. Wouldn't expect a shitload better since the 8 is only one year newer.

  • +1

    I can add to cart and place the order today for that price, am I doing something wrong?

    • +2

      Yes, I did the same and just placed an order.

      Used promo code "FESTIVE" to get another $15 off, so paid $264.

      • Hi, is the Festive code still working for this iphone in Coles? I tried and said code not working. thank you.

    • +1

      I ordered this Saturday and picked it up Sunday after following an old deal.

  • +8

    I think adding an extra $79 for an Apple battery replacement into the cost would be a smart consideration.

    • +6

      From my experience with my gen 1 SE replacements, Apple's replacement batteries for older devices are trash and it will only be a few months until it's back down to ~80% health. Happened to two replacements they gave me.

      • +2

        Probably because they were old stock that has been shelved for a long time. I’ve had good experiences with battery replacements, all mine were current gen devices however.

    • +1

      "Refurbished" should mean a new battery. Are you suggesting they are lying and it is really a "used" phone? Would they do that?

      • "Refurbished" should mean a new battery.

        Should, but often doesn't. ACCC needs rules to define what "Refurbished" is.

      • What would be the threshold if you bought one and wanted to return it based on quality issues? 80% ?

      • +1

        “Refurbished” has no real legal definition. It often means someone just spat on the screen and gave it a bit of a polish (EB Games I’m looking at you).

        Often these deals will have a battery of at least 80% as Apple recommends replacement below this. But realistically, anything below 85% is going to need a battery before too long.

        Safest to assume $80 for replacement battery , and be pleasantly surprised if you get one with a 90%+ battery.

  • This refurbishment might not be from Apple (3rdparty) so not sure you can walk into an apple store and the genius Bar and get battery swapped ……. My experience with my iPhone was because I was original owner they swapped with another new unit ……in and out in under 1 hour …… Was a small charge as out of warranty ….

    • This refurbishment might not be from Apple (3rdparty)

      There's no might about it. It's not an Apple refurbishment.

  • -3

    I already have an extra chin on my face, I don’t want another one on my phone.

  • +4

    I got 3 in the black friday sales for the kids. First 2 were 81% and 89% battery cant remember 3rd. Factor in $79 battery in next year and thats buying point for these.. cosmetically they were all 99%

  • +2

    Thanks OP, got one for my dad, fingers crossed the phone comes with a good health battery and cosmetically good.

    Use promo code "FESTIVE" to get another $15 off, so I paid $264 - bargain!

    • Bless you - and all your progeny.

    • -1

      Best to spend extra $21 to reach $300 and get it for $270. You get extra $21 worth of stuff for extra $6 using coupon code

  • seeing as they're using the boost logo on their refurbished phones I'd say that the phones are refurbished by whomever does the phones that boost mobile sell.

  • People still buy these? They're 4 year old phones now
    The batteries were small back then, can't think of how short they'd last now

    • -1

      not people
      Iphone consumers

      they still buying "newish" iphone with a 60zh screen for 1,5k so what do you expect

  • Bought 2 for my 2 boys for christmas, I was able to get 2 in the same order online.

  • You can get a decent Android phone for this money… Damn apple tax

    • +1

      Shhh, let them have their almost 4.5 year old refurbished phone at a price finally affordable

    • I search the internet and could not find an Android phone brand call “decent”

  • +5

    I own this phone. While it is a great small phone with a decent camera, I wouldn’t recommend buying one nowadays. It is slowing down, has difficulty running some recent apps, which cause it to slow down or freeze. Battery life is abysmal, and always has been. There is no way it will last a full day with medium to heavy use. Apple may support it for another year or 2, but I don’t think it has the processing power to be useful for much longer.

  • Bought one a couple of weeks back and it was hack job screen replacement. Didn't even bother turning it on and just sent it back for refund.

  • -3

    they just should sent these dramatically outdated phones to Africa to cheer some starving kids there with the stylish thing so they can dream about how one day the becomes a part of the golded billion after 10h shift in mine of course, where they dig minerals for manufacture where these phones made

    • Will make the 10 hours go faster. And probably less whinging. Can Netflix run on African 2g?

  • which OS version?

  • +2

    The code FESTIVE doesn’t work now, but I have found a better code GIFT20 to reduce 20 bucks.

    • Thanks! updated the deal :)

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