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Segway Ninebot Kickscooter F20a Electric Scooter $499 @ ALDI (Special Buys 18/12)


Special buy starting Sat 18/12
Max speed 25 km/h
Average price at Kogan/Dick Smith/pcbyte seems to be $749

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  • Average price at Kogan/Dick Smith/pcbyte

    Read it as Kogan/Dick & Smith/pcbyte

    • need spacing around each slash

      /bugbear rant

  • What's the normal price of it

    • Read the post

  • Does a 10% hill grade even cut it in Canberra?

    • Depends where you're riding. In my experience, no troubles as long as you're not in or going to/from Belconnen or Campbell. The bridges over Parkes Way might be a little tough but it's not far to walk.

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    Differences between this and the Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30 ?

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      G30 has a much larger battery (~3x further range) and a more powerful motor (250W vs 350W nominal power, can't find the max power of the F20A; faster acceleration, better hill climbing), but is heavier (15kg vs 19kg).

      They have the same app, same folding mechanism, same 10" pneumatic wheels with front disk and rear regenerative brakes.

      The G30 can be unlocked for a top speed of 30km/h (custom firmware), not sure about the F20A.

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    range not in ad. Anyone know what the range is?

    • 20km

      • doubt it.. its 25km/h that would mean the battery would bearly last 45 mins on one charge.. does anyone actually know?

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          Pretty sure Segway actually know. Its on their website. Google much?

          Weight (kg)
          Max Load (kg)
          Gradeability (%)
          14-60 years old
          Height (cm)
          Dimensions (cm)
          Motor Power (W)
          Max Speed (km/h)
          Range (km)

  • A review says the deck is a little short FYI.

    I'm in Victoria, I know it's kind of illegal, but is it actually enforced?

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    FYI, eScooters are now legal in WA.

    electric powered devices not capable of travelling faster than 25 km/h
    the speed limit on footpaths and in pedestrian areas will be 10km/h;
    the same mobile phone and drink and drug driving rules apply as for motor vehicle drivers.

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      You have to quarantine for 14 days if you go over 25km/h though

      • and be fully vaccinated by 31/1/2022 🤣

    • the speed limit on footpaths and in pedestrian areas will be 10km/h

      So are shared use bike paths 10km/h or 25km/h ?

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      The world is dangerous. If you can't handle it, stay home. If we regulate for people with the most anxiety, we wouldn't be able to do anything.

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          We allow people to drive as long as they don't drink drive. We can allow scooters on the footpaths and/or bike paths as long as they follow the same rules that anyone riding a bike already does.

          We have it in QLD and yes there are annoying trade-offs, but the increase in mobility is worth it imo.

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        The problem with bike lanes is that they start and stop with gaps that require either road or footpath use.

  • There has been a huge number of serious injuries in Brisbane / Melbourne from e-scooters. No way NSW will legalise them now as the "trials" in other states have shown how dangerous they are. If anything, they will be made illegal in the states that now allow them.


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      I see the vast majority not wearing helmets or being stupid and riding either 2 at a time or way too fast. If used correctly, they are fantastic. The issue comes down to human stupidity, which knows no bounds.

      The other issue, is that these are in abundance around institutions that sell alcohol. People drink and are careless and get on the scooter and then inevitably fall and injuries ensue.

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        I rode an electric scooter (throttle in the hand grip) when exploring the temple complex in Bagan (sorry for the placedrop especially in light of travel restrictions both covid and political). Was told when asked for a helmet "…a helmet… what?… they go so slow".

        Zipping around slowly on the dirt tracks was pretty amazing … on the road though getting up decent speed…. was another story.

        I minimised the risk by….

        1. First time and the only time on a scooter. (3 days out of my 20440 days alive)
        2. Was insanely careful when riding
        3. I wore a helmet.

        Nowadays I ride an electric bike (and do not intend to buy a throttle kit); when exploring country towns. That's enough risk for me.

        Yes, I'm rambling. The point I'm making is that assessing risks is a skill and if opportunities for risk taking arent available then that lack of that skill leads to disaster. IMO.

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        @butterbutz I think I understand what you're saying. People who use the item irresponsibly (no training, drunk, don't care about outcomes etc) are mixed in with people who would use the item responsibly (training, license if required etc).

        So we're stuck in a situation where we need to decide if it's better to allow everyone the thing (and accept the problems when it's misused) or not allow people the thing (because we're better off when the irresponsible people miss out).

        So yeah, same issue as guns in America, I guess.

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          Cannot compare the use of scooters to the use of guns. Completely different haha.

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          When was the last time someone went on a rampage with their electric scooter and started riding pedestrian down?

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            @edvoon: You make a good point.

            Because the damage isn't identical to guns, the comparison about "how does the balance of responsible and irresponsible users affect us as a whole" really doesn't stand up.

            Also, "when's the last time this brand new thing that's yet to be fully implemented" might not be the killer thought process you thunk it was

          • @edvoon: Probably pretty recently actually, but I'll bet that it didn't do significant harm or make the news.

        • Yeh i'm fine with people who abide by the law and act responsibly like slow down when approaching people walking on footpaths from behind or honk. its those irresponsible ones that scare me and these things will only get cheaper and become easily accessable to everyone, eventually the footpaths might be overtaken by these.

          I have been to china and riding pushbikes on the footpath is the norm and everytime you walk on the foot path you have to be alert because eevry couple steps theres a bicycle behind you zooming past.

    • We see a lot of issues Largely because the numerous restrictions are currently rarely policed. Like Brisbane/QLD, NSW will consider and trial then whenever a lobby group rich enough is willing to come with a proposal. Lime failed previously but not Beam has taken up the cause

    • The emphasis really needs to be on the fact that these are due to the share scooters. Those that end up in accidents are 99% of the time people that have done no research or thinking on how they need to be ridden, won't wear helmets, and/or ride dangerously. There's no effective way to police them either.

      As much as I appreciate them normalising the use of scooters, I'm also frustrated that share companies give an outlet for people to ruin things for responsible private owners.

    • Drunk people ride them from the valley to the city on weekends. Go to the valley at night and see for yourself. Of course they're crashing lol

  • Just in time for the new legislation that made them legal in WA

    More details here

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    anyone have the rest of the ALDI Catalogue

  • All this talk about it being illegal - how many people have actually been fined?

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      It's kinda like Jaywalking.
      People know it's illegal, and Police can't be bothered to stop it anymore from recent hearsay.
      Other than the early days when someone was fined thousands for riding a "Hoverboard" in front of his house, the fine appears to have dropped to an on the spot $78. Unless you stupidly take it to court.

      So yeah, risks are definitely much lower now than before.
      Make sure you wear a helmet and don't go full speed and the cops will probably leave you alone. No guarantees though.

    • She didn't get fined but I saw a woman get hassled by a police officer for riding one.

  • +1

    Good price considering the 40a is aprox $500 more for a longer ride distance. 20km is perfect to snap around the corner or a small day trip.

    • 20km is junk range.. better to pay 200 more and get something that does 45-50 km.. for something that last lest than 1 hour on a charge is poor imo

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    This country is so backwards. Cant have any personal responsibility or freedom. I rode these lime scooters in LA from Hollywood down sunset boulevard to Santa Monica at dusk. It was great. No incidents as long as your not an idiot.

  • This or Xiaomi Pro 2?

    • +1

      I've ordered the Pro 2 - and I'm assuming it's a little better but I can't find much on this scooter. I think the Xiaomi is a little more top end while this one is more budget oriented from what I could read, but I'm not 100%

      • Where from? Currently searching for best deal and in stock

        • Gearbest on eBay, missed the BF special, but after the AfterPay 25% off, is was around $560.

          Granted, stock seems to be on hold at the moment.

    • +1

      Xiaomi Pro 2 45km and this is a crappy 20KM range so Xiaomi Pro 2 all day long

    • Very simple to flash the Pro 2 to unlock it to 34kph

  • +4

    Just make them legal for people to buy their own, not the littering of hire scooters. Most drunk idiots etc are taking advantage of the hire ones. Whereas people that own them are usually being reasonable.

    • -2

      The people that own them are usually exceeding the legal speed limit.

      • +1

        The people that own them usually know how to ride them… (A bit like driving a van, truck, or bus.)

  • Already bought the Skywalker from Aldi a couple of weeks ago.
    It's still in the box… Should I get the Segway and sell the Skywalker??? 🤔

    • You wouldn't need to sell the Skywalker if you didn't want to. ALDI has 60 day return policy, new or used. Unless you can make a profit on it that is.

    • Let me know if you plan on selling the skywalker… I might be interested. I am also around SE MEL

    • Take it back and get a Xiaomi Pro 2. 45km range and very easy to flash to unlock 34kph speed

    • Skywalker has double the battery capacity, which in theory would be double the range of this escooter.

  • +1

    Better off getting a Xiaomi Proscooter 2 for an extra $100 than has an extra 20km range

    • do you have a link?

      • Do any of these stores (PC Byte, AZAU, Gearbite) actually have stock in hand?

      • Search on OzB, they regularly go on sale for >$600

  • This or the Xiaomi 1S?
    Pro 2 seems to be sold out everywhere

  • Is that a buy?

  • If you're in VIC around Point Cook, there is one still in store at Point Cook store (as of about 1 hour ago). Missus grabbed the second last 1.

  • So got one of these on a whim yesterday from Aldi, did 5mins of research and didn't overthink it. Just wanted to us it on short commutes to the cbd max and back home (which is within a 5k radius of where I live in Sydney). Look for $500 it's not pretty good imho. Decent build quality and design. Any problems I just go back to Aldi for a refund and happy days.

    Also speed wise 25kmh is about the same as an above average speed bike ride (I have a fixie so there's that). Would I rush out to buy one? No. It's a gadget I didn't know I needed

    • +1

      Look for $500 it's not pretty good imho

      so you don't like this particular scooter?

      • Would I rush out to buy one? No. It's a gadget I didn't know I needed

        Say what?

  • I purchased one for my wife. I have a Dragon GTS V2 but I thought it would be nice if my wife and I could go on scooter rides together. I tried teaching her how to ride on my GTS but it’s too large, heavy and powerful for her.
    The Ninebot should be a great starter scooter for her.

  • Anyone know if there is stock around?

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