Segway Ninebot Kickscooter F20a Electric Scooter $499 @ ALDI (Special Buys 18/12)


Special buy starting Sat 18/12
Max speed 25 km/h
Average price at Kogan/Dick Smith/pcbyte seems to be $749

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  • Nice…

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    Illegal on public streets in NSW. Ride at your on risk.

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      Salient advice, but not just streets, but also footpaths, parks, or any public space! Essentially, unless you're rinding down your hallway or in your backyard, you're taking a risk in NSW.

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      The NSW Government is apparently doing a 12-month trial next year, I have no idea why, that's been done before. In the meantime it's at your own risk, although I see quite a few kids getting around on them these days.

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        I thought Cunstance shelved it cause he wasn't in the mood?

        Oh wait, he's not minister anymore.

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          I did some reading, I think the 12 month trial is to consider it.. not actually let people do it, or maybe there will be a small test area. Insane. Thank God I'm moving to QLD.

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            @itsHughesy: When she finally opens the borders, you mean? Haha yeah qld

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              @diddy50: I know a lot of people who have been doing FIFO that have been getting in/out of QLD for several months via heading North from Ballina, I don't think getting into the state is that difficult, just illegal. Besides, isn't it set to up in a week or two?

              • @itsHughesy: Most FIFO workers (those in resources sector) were exempt anyway

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            @itsHughesy: The trial report was delivered around the 2/3/2020. And put on hold for NO GOOD REASON.

            Maybe the trial will be the one outlined in that report.


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              @Eeples: Thanks for the link. I actually decided to read a good chunk of it.
              - The trial would only be for 'ride sharing' services. Not privately owned scooters. Y'know, so the Govt. can tax it.
              - It does admit that they expect speeds above 10kph
              - 6 Month trial with an additional 6 months available.
              - Must hold a valid NSW D/L (so no one under the age of 17)
              - Max speed 20kph (roads/bike lanes) down to 10kph on shared paths
              - No footpath usage allowed
              - No night use (so severely limited in Winter)

              It just seems set up to fail.

              The reasons for now allowing private use were laughable. Essentially, the Govt. can't control it and can't charge people for it, so they don't want it happening.

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                @AuSlade: The PATHETIC reason why the trial wasn't taken up (in March this year) was that….. "NSW abandons electric scooter trial because minister ‘not in the mood’"


                Change of mind?…. must be an election coming up.

              • @AuSlade: You know if they legalised it and allowed it to be sold, they would tax the transactions from each store, and thus earn more money. I don't believe not legalising it is a money grab issue. I personally still believe there are safety considerations involved.

                • @magikz: Taxes on a single sale compared to continual taxes on a rental system?
                  I'll bet that taxes on the rental system would far outweigh any potential sales tax.

                  If, as mentioned by ruprectaus below, they're able to do 30kph on a pushbike, and don't require a licence to ride, how is doing 20kph on one of these any different? You only need a helmet to ride a bike around, and you can do this at any age you're capable of. May be it's a mindset thing? If you're on a bike, you need to put the effort in to get them up to decent speeds, but with a scooter, anyone can twist a throttle at be at 20kph. I suppose it would be hard to a young kid to ride a bike that fast, but getting a scooter to "dangerous" speeds would be easy. You could easily argue that you could fall over and crack your head open at any speed. You could trip and do the same thing walking… There are arguments for and against the scooters that can go from serious, to stupid.

                  Still… Instead of just putting your head in the sand and hoping the world improves on its own, there needs to be education on the uses, benefits and proper riding methods, rather that saying it's too damned hard. If that's the case, why do we have cars? There are plenty of morons in vehicles. The difference is that you can tax vehicle owners, and control them in some manner - points on your licence.

                  • @AuSlade: I live on a hill (not a very steep one either) and I can assure you that kids under 10 are getting their razer scooters to well in excess of 20kph down my street.

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                Max speed 20kph (roads/bike lanes)

                I ride my no electric pushbike on bike lanes up to, that's a ridiculous speed limit.

                I ride an e-scooter (and a bike) in Qld (Gold Coast), hadn't used the car for 6 months and sold it. I do have a van we use for camping but being a locked down state and all, not used that either… in a city I don't have any need for a car, I can scoot to the train station and go to Brisbane as well, to catch up with my mother.

                Best thing ever for urban mobility, we just need to move them onto bike paths only, and start shutting car lanes and making the other lane one way, segregating them with bollards and getting the scooter and bikes OFF the footpaths. We have them on footpaths because the infrastructure for cycling/scooting is soooo very bad,

                Here's a good use model

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                  @ruprectaus: Therein lies part of the issue. The lack of dedicated bike lanes. I live in Campbelltown, in NSW. There are so few bike lanes around here. You're either on the road (pass) or on the footpath. The cost of making dedicated bike lanes, given that it would be difficult to tax scooters enough to generate enough revenue to break even, let alone profit from them after costs, would be far more than the benefits that short sighted politicians can see.

                  If I need to go to the shops, I drive. It's not far, about 2 - 3 k's, depending on whether it's Coles/Woolies or Aldi. If I'm only picking up a few things, then a scooter would be perfect. No need to take a full size sedan out and about. Sadly, the potential threat of a fine just doesn't justify the possible savings. Add to that, where do I put it? Bike rack, I guess?

                  I have noticed a lot less people biking around here, with far, far more cars on the road, post lock down.

                  Frustratingly, we had local elections in NSW, and, as is typical, people vote the way their parents told them to vote, because that's the way they've always voted, with little thought as to the best people going forward. We all need politicians who will provide a future for all Australians, not politicians looks to maximise their own terms in power. (enough ranting from me, back to watching TV).

                  Thanks for the link :) (Bonus points for it being hosted by Kryten). I wonder if we should start passing it on to our local councils!

                  • @AuSlade: Why not just use automotive taxation to pay for the bike lanes.

                    it would encourage more alternative transport options, reducing the amount of traffic, improving the experience for cars, reducing road accidents and also reducing wear and tear on the roads, therefore costing less long term for infrastructure maintenance, health and insurance costs, leading to the same current taxation rate being able to support the infrastructure even with less participants.

                    unfortunately privatisation of our roads means the people who line the politicians pockets to continue selling out our future, won't be happy and would happily line a few more pockets to make sure that this never happens

                    Australia is so short sighted that it can't even see it's own hands in front of it's face =(

              • @AuSlade: This, fkn this.

      • I would be prepared to pay a registration and insurance fee if I could ride a rad electric scooter or skateboard or more powerful ebike in the suburbs.

      • I've seen a guy go 60kmh around Parramatta - on the road of course and would assume it's a modified model but looks much like this one.

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          I'd want to be wearing motorcycle gear at that point hey

          • @itsHughesy: Dude has a helmet and some extra lights - crazy fast….

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              @Powlie85: Yeah he should be, even on my OneWheel XR I start getting freaked out at about 20km/h

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      I see people riding around in Sydney CBD, infront of cops too

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        yes, and they've got no trouble

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        Me too, in fact when I went to vax hub there was a guy riding straight past a group of cops. I chatted to him later and he said, for him at least, so long as you aren't riding like an idiot he hasn't been stopped yet. Said he lives in the city and rides past a cop shop every day.

        But like most things your mileage may vary.

        This site ( suggests the following:
        Those who break the rule face an face an on-the-spot fine (penalty notice) of $78.
        If a rider decides to take the matter to court and is found guilty of the offence, the court has the discretion to impose a penalty of up to $2,200.
        The penalty does not include demerit points.

    • Same in SA too, only on private property. Doesn't stop people riding these on the bikeways though

      • I thought it was all legal in SA! Adelaide CBD have quite a few on the road.

        • Yep, there was an exemption passed for the CBD only.

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            @usernamebenzy: It’s not legal for just anyone to ride a scooter, it must be only done using a registered business’s scooter (I.e beam/neuron). The “trial” is not just in the city, but also Norwood, Payneham & St Peter’s LGA and the coastal trail.

            • @frostface: Three years worth of "trial" in a couple of months and still $1200~ fine for riding an identical non-rental in the allowed areas.
              Not to pretend I understand the reasoning but it's tiresome as someone that works around town.

              • @flopsy: I think there are "GPS" related locks on the trial ones (e.g can't go beyond CBD/Nth Adealide for the city ones, can't go down Rundle Mall etc). Obviously no such controls on self-purchased ones (and yes - I want one)

    • Use of a motorised scooter greater than 200 watts and/or a maximum speed greater than 10 km/h cannot be used in public in Victoria.
      The cost of doing so can result in a fine of… wait for it… $826!
      Yep, $826!!! (Other penalties may also apply.)
      Source: VicRoads

      • In NSW, people were slugged with $2500 worth of fines and demerit points. It attracted the same penalties as driving an unregistered vehicle.

    • Move to Brisbane, a place where the footpaths and roads have been infested with e-scooter

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    Thanks, Lewis Hamilton just bought 6.

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    VicRoads says the scooter must have a maximum speed of less than 10 km/h, so this is illegal for VIC as well ?

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      Yes, correct

      Seeing the latest kick scooters from China are now doing well over 100kmh…

      • Rion RE90?

        • No, just some random twin battery 10,000 watts job

      • Holy smokes, that's violent!

        • Indeed, a challenge to stay on, be ok for once but could be a health hazard

    • I thought 30km/h Max?

      • +2

        It's Victoria they change the rules often 🙄

        • +1

          But not the government often enough 😅

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      speed limit is 10km/h and the motor power needs to be 200w or less.

      If the scooter can do 200km/h, you can still ride it as long as the motor is <=200W and you ride and the limit.

      Most Ninebot have drive settings like walk/eco that can reduce the max speed.

    • +1

      Yet people on push bikes regularly going 30km/h+ go figure

      • Probably because riding a bike on a footpath is already illegal (unless accompanying a minor) so those risks are covered by the law. I don't think scooters are banned on footpaths.

        • Geez lots of people breaking the law then

    • No, they are not illegal to ride in Melbourne as they are trialing them in council areas -


        The trials are for specific councils only & ONLY the trial scooters in those councils are exempt from the existing legislation.

        Otherwise, the scooter has to be limited to 10kph max speed.

        It's a shame they don't just put a top speed limit into the software on the things, flashable for those who want to when the law changes.

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    Basically for QLD. Speed limit doesn't seem to be enforced (at the moment anyway, could change soon) as I see scooters keeping up with cars doing 50-60km/h regularly these days

    • Cops have been known to set up on bike paths and fine people for going faster than the limit for e-scooters in Qld so I wouldn't say it's not enforced so matter of factly

      • +2

        I've never been stopped, but a friend has literally had a radar gun get him going over the Kurilpa bridge on scooter.

      • If you are speeding they cannot physically stop you whilst you are moving on the scooter (very dangerous to do so) and as the scooters are not registered, there is nothing they can do if you just keep going.

        And they may get 1 or 2, but 99.9% are never caught

        • +2

          I don’t know where you heard they can’t stop you but your driving an unregistered vehicle if your scooter is capable of over 25km/h and they will be very happy to book you. The issue is when traffic police are working to a specific quote or mandate and overlook things they can’t be bothered with.

          • -1

            @roller: They cannot physically push you off your scooter/skateboard as it would be incredibly dangerous to do so. These vehicles have no rego, so there would be no way to really book you - ***unless you chose to stop

            • +1

              @butterbuts: so you saying not to stop if a policeman asks you too.. ?

            • +2

              @butterbuts: Evading the police when they direct you to stop is SOOO much worse than a fine for riding an escooter. You would have to be moronic to risk that just to avoid what is probably a warning / maybe a what $100 fine?

              • @T Man:

                $100 fine?

                it's uninsured, unlicensed, unregistered vehicle. It's not just "a hundred or so"

      • I'm in Qld. I've never seen or heard of cops paying any attention to scooters at all.

        • +1

          I guess because you haven't heard of it, it doesn't happen then.

    • +2

      Apparently a review of the Qld laws is on its way due to all the privately owned high speed scooters.

      It is getting a bit ridiculous though, seen guys passing traffic like they’re on a motorbike.

  • +7

    Probably have 1 in store like usual.

    • +1

      If you're lucky

      • 🤣

  • +3

    Scooter related trauma is up something like 30% since VIC re-opened.

    Please dont ride like an idiot out there.

    • Over 125 deaths in Italy in the last year, crackdown coming

      • +8

        Lock it down

        Short sharp and effective #dandrews

        • +4

          Lolllll 😢😅 still traumatised

        • then send the riot police and start shooting less lethal bullets…and if that doesn't help then arrest them

      • +2

        But that's Italy. Have you seen the traffic in Rome?
        It seems there there's nothing more than "traffic guidelines", not rules or laws.

        • +4

          Try Naples, next level

          Most likely lots of falls because

          A/ No helmet
          B/ Fag in the hand
          C/ On the phone
          D/ All of the above….

          • @8200: But looking good!

          • +2

            @8200: E/ Looking at women, no eyes on the road

          • +1

            @8200: Yep, Naples is on a whole new planet. I have been in a cab driving down a street with about 3cm (I am sure but probably exaggerating ) on either side clearance. A woman was walking in the opposite direction reading a book. Did not even look up as the cab went past her.
            I've driven in Sicily which is every bit as bad. But you realize that there is method to the madness - if everyone just keeps moving it works.

      • +1

        Yes but I wonder what statistics are for bicycle deaths, or pedestrian deaths. Does that also take into account people who used other means of transport prior to an electric scooter?

        If these things bring down the amount of cars on the road I'm all for them. Doing 40+ kmh and running into someone and injuring them or worse… that's where the law should come in.

        The government's are having another 'vaping' crisis on its hands. People are using alternatives to cigarettes by vaping, lowering tax revenue. Harder to police and the health benefits compared to smoking give them little power to outright ban it.

        The same thing is happening here. People are using electric scooters. Reducing some need for cars on the road. Reducing rego payments and other taxes associated with buying/owning/maintaining a vehicle. Yet they are getting people outdoors, cleaner transport, less emissions.

        Their arguments get harder to justify. So I would expect fines to go up over time and become more frequent. To start to claw back some of that lost revenue.

      • The official stats I read on Italian electric scooter deaths placed the number at 6 back in September this year. You sure that’s not motor scooter numbers?

        • Motor scooter 100%

    • +6

      I assume there would have been an increase in traffic related trauma in general… not just scooter specific.

      • "However, this has climbed by 30 per cent since restrictions eased, with doctors acknowledging an increase in electric bike and scooter casualties. Trauma services director at the Alfred, Mark Fitzgerald, said the increase coincided with both a rise in scooter use and a surge in post-lockdown traffic."

        So people bought Scooters during lockdown and as there was little to no traffic - few issues. Now everything has re-opened, ie more people/cars - accidents gone way up.

        Im just saying, after seeing what happened to a friend who slammed into a metal bin, these things are no joke.

    • First step is to legalise nationally surely?

    • +2

      If you were a helmet (as you always should), most of those traumas would be reduced. Still doesn't stop the idiots who ride like a moron.

    • +5

      But did they die from the scooter or with the scooter :D

  • +1

    10% hillgrade doesn't seem that great?

    • 10% is steeper than you might think. Also, you can use your legs as supplementary power.

  • +2

    I’ve never seen these specials in any of the Aldi’s I go into.

    • It hasn't started yet.

    • +2

      be early for queuing

  • Would this be a good starter scooter, I’m 78kg

    • Hi 78kg I'm diddy50

  • +3

    how is this compare with Aldi skywalker?

    • +9

      Is that Leia's other brother?

      • +3

        He is that loser brother that can't use the force.

    • +1

      skywalker is more powerful, this has a 250W motor, skywalker has 350W.. reading reviews of F30,F40 which are supposed to be more powerful versions of the F20a, I think this will struggle up hills quite a bit. the F20a also has 10" wheels compared to 8.5" on skywalker.

      the other reason why you might consider this is because its the segway brand and may be easier to source replacement parts (e.g. wheels, batteries, etc), while skywalker is relatively unknown….

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