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US$3 off US$25, US$7 off US$50, US$12 off US$80, US$16 off US$130, US$25 off US$200 Spend on Selected Items @ AliExpress


More AliExpress coupons that apply to "selected items" as usual and they seem to work on most products with the New Year sale banner. There's also a "secret" coupon that takes US$36.89 off US$270 which is an odd number for a discount.

Currency in USD. Coupons are 1 per order, minimum spend excludes GST and shipping.

Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
$3 $25 12DEC3
$7 $50 12DEC7
$12 $80 12DEC12B
$16 $130 12DEC16
$25 $200 12DEC25
$36.89 $270 SECRET2600 Expired

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  • +6

    I dont get aliexpress. The store coupon on an item im looking at never works. It always selects the lower value.

    • Some store coupons aren't storewide and for select items only, could it be that?

      • This item for example, only the low code seems to stick. Not sure if there are additional conditions to the code but it doesn't seem so.

        • +2

          Only the US$2 coupon will stick. A little hard to see but the US$10 isn't valid yet.

          US $2.00
          Orders over US $79.00

          US $10.00
          Orders over US $319.00
          Dec 9, 12:00 AM PT - Dec 12, 11:59 PM PT

          US $20.00
          Orders over US $599.00

          • @Clear: It shows in AUD but I see what you mean. However only the lowest $2.88 code seems to stick. The middle one says added but only $2.88 comes off at checkout.

            • +1

              @PlagueistheCheap: Quickly edited my comment. There's dates underneath each one.

              • @Clear: Ah I see, I only glanced at that and figured they were all the same. That yellow background with white text isn't the most friendly. Thankyou.

          • @Clear: This will be cutting it close with the end of the new year sale right?

            • @Z80: Yep. I think the idea is for the discount to happen after or at the last moment.

    • That's intentional lol. I have friends working as SWEs at very similar platforms as aliexpress, one of their main jobs is literally to find ways to obfuscate application of advertised promos. Weird auto selections, unintuitive "fine prints", etc. etc.

  • Literally selected item that is part of the promotion, none of the codes worked

    • Yeah not all products are included. Can't say for certain but I added a dozen different times in and they applied.

  • Damn missed SECRET2600 after applying it

  • +1

    What are you guys buying from here?

    • Mostly electronics components. Cheaper than Jaycar most of the times.

    • +5

      Some of my recent orders. I always take advantage of seller and AliExpress coupons with cashback to maximise savings.

      Blackview Tab 11
      Pokemon cookie cutters
      Screwdriver kit
      Bluetooth Gamepad
      USB KVM Switch

      And countless cheap cables.

    • Any items that I don't care that it takes 2 months to get to me, aka birthday presents to myself.

      AliExpress is pretty slow on items so, when they turn up, it's always a pleasant surprise.

      • +1

        About 16 of my 20 orders from Singles Day have arrived. Most of them arrived in 2 weeks. I'm still surprised.

        • +1

          A couple items from Black Friday arrived today. One of the items was free shipping.

        • @Clear - I'm surprised too!

          Were they all coming from China? I think that's the biggest issue as to why items are often late.

          My last items (that all turned up roughly 2 months later) did a funny route around China before turning up randomly one day.

          • +1

            @Carmen Sandiego: They all seem to have been with AliExpress Standard Shipping. The way that works is that the seller ships the order to a distribution centre where Alibaba's "AI" works out the best shipping method to send the order to the buyer. Looking at the labels they were all ePacket and that's probably why.

            I would imagine AliExpress want to reduce shipping times in their big sales and thus less disputes.

    • +2

      we bought a bunch of stuff for our wedding from here. my wedding veil cost about $20 and was much higher quality than anything in the shops (RRP ~ $250).

      also renovation things like kitchen/bathroom hardware
      curtains are also very cheap and very good quality.

      just make sure to only purchase reviewed items.

    • torches, usb c cables, usb c PD cables

  • It works for the item I bought last night. Damn it :D

    • Cancel and reorder as long as they didn't ship it

  • What did you guys buy for US 270?

    • phone

      • POCO M4 5G NFC looks good with earbud. USD 271 total price!

        • The order amount(excluding shipping fee) is under the minimum spend of this promo code. Please apply another code.

  • Anyone bought this phone US 271 and the discount code (SECRET2600) works?


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