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Blackview Tab 11 (10.36", 8GB/128GB, 4G LTE, Widevine L1) US$176.99 (~A$252.57) Delivered @ Blackview Global AliExpress


As part of the upcoming New Year AliExpress Sale is the release of this exciting new Android tablet that I've been eagerly wanting to post for months. What makes this tablet so exciting is that it features Widevine L1 for HD Netflix/Amazon and that's not found in other budget Android tablets.

Update: The tablet has Widevine L1, but Netflix sees it as Widevine L3. According to Blackview (and Chuwi), UNISOC are going through the process of having their chipset approved by Netflix. Until that happens Netflix will be in SD.

Features include Android 11, 10.36" 2K IPS Display, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage (expandable via MicroSD), UNISOC Tiger 618 Octa-Core CPU, 4G LTE with Dual SIM, 6580mAh battery with USB-C, WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5.0, Sony IMX219 8MP Front Camera, Sony IMX258 13MP Rear Camera, 3.5mm audio, GPS and FM Radio.

The tablet comes in Gray, Silver or Teal Green. There's also the chance of getting free Blackview Air Buds and a Bluetooth Keyboard for the first 80/40 orders. Since the tablet is a new release there's no Techtablets or ETA Prime review yet. Eazy Computer Solutions have a tolerable review showing it in person, as well as Cymye (in Spanish) and 実録 (in Japanese)

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  • +1

    Can you use it as a phone?

    • +2

      Yep. The only caveat is that it doesn't have B28 so that may limit the signal.

      • What kind of software or app would you use to make phone calls or texts if you wanted to? Does anyone know?

        • +1

          It'll have the stock Android dialer app.

          • @Clear: Will it also have the Messages or SMS app?

            • +1

              @KARMAAA: if it doesnt you'll be able to install it

              • +1

                @191919: Damn you can sideload that? It's a dub.

                • +1

                  @KARMAAA: maybe double check with clear before you trust my word tbh :)

            • +1

              @KARMAAA: Yes of course. It has everything a phone has.

        • +1

          Most if not all tablets that can take a SIM can be used as a phone, the SIM/telecommunication technology between phone and tablet is in many cases almost the same. I bought my 8YO son Boost 365 day SIM card so he can use it at school and when we go on holidays. He now calls me from his Samsung TAB A 4G tablet to my phone when he needs to.

    • +9

      Maybe, but you'd look like an idiot holding a 10" tablet to your ear.

      • +38

        You should see the size of my ears

      • +1

        Heard of speaker/earphones?

        • +1


      • +1

        This is revolution, not idiolution :) http://www.netprolive.com/img/Dynatac-phone.jpg
        You can use earphones or handsfree as well on video calls with real size face of the OP.

      • +1

        Oh dang my mum's calling me hold on a sec. pulls out giant face sized tablet from pocket

    • By using a headset/cordless set, like on a phone

    • You are better off with a proper phone, this will look silly holding up to your ear

      • +1

        If only there was this thing called bluetooth earphones?

  • whats the catch for it being so cheap? Bullshit low numbers available?

    • Direct from the manufacturer. Teclast and Alldocube sell for around this price as it's going rate for UNISOC T618 tablets.

      • SO t's the Snapdragon that bumps the Mipad cost?

        • +3

          Correct. Qualcomm chipsets and their 4G licensing costs a lot more.

          • +1

            @Clear: @clear, seems you have a great understanding of budget tablets, any recommendations for a cheap 9-10" which would be used as a Home Assistant display? Hoping to spend around $150. Thanks!

      • @Clear is the ALLDOCUBE iPlay 40 Pro any good? It has T618 chip, 8GB ram. Similar price point to this one.

        • Yep out of all the T618 tablets the iPlay 40 Pro is the best. No Widevine DRM though.

          • @Clear: What can't you do without Widevine DRM?

            • @luvthebargains: HD Netflix/Amazon but it seems UNISOC isn't whitelisted so it makes no difference with the Blackview.

    • +5

      The catch is, T618 is a touch better than Snapdragon 835 (end of 2016, flagship of 2017), ~20% worse than Snapdragon 845, current snapdragon flagship s888 is more than 250% better than it.

      • That's what I was trying to work out.

      • +1

        Not really important if your watching movies, browsing emailing etc only..
        Gaming may be a different story though.

        • certainly not important for those, my oneplus 5t using Snapdragon 835 is still going strong and barely lag at all.

          But the question is, why buy a device with 2017 performance in end of 2021 in the first place? I know this is only $250, but that's YOUR $250

          • +1

            @OMGJL: because its my 250 bux and not my 450 bux, and for 250 bux it does everything >>I'm<< going to do it the same as the 450 option? (totally different if it doesn't of course)

            i know where your coming from, but if your not going to use the extra features that cost extra $$$ then its throwing away money.

            • +1

              @wisc: hope you think the same after a few years of usage, as new app will not optimize for low spec processor. Say if you can spend $350 on a brand new old stock of Snapdragon 845 tablet somehow, the extra $100 or so and the 20% extra performance could get you a longer lifespan of your tablet.

              • @OMGJL: a somewhat good point, but after a few years, a 100 dollar tablet will probably run as good as the 350 dollar tab at the time you bought it three years ago!

                i think its more about build quality at that point.

  • +2

    Good to use in sunlight?

  • +2

    What would the UNISOC Tiger 618 be comparable to each brand of CPU from the likes of: Snapdragon, Exynos & Mediatek? i.e, 618 vs SD778G?etc…

    I'm unfamiliar with UNISOC CPU's just trying to understand it better through a comparison between the 3 competitor brands.

    • +3

      Comparisons are always a bit difficult. The UNISOC Tiger 618 is roughly on par with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730/720 and Mediatek Helio G88. I recommend ETA Prime's review of the Alldocube iPlay 40 Pro with the T618 SoC as it'll show the gaming/emulation capabilities.

      If you want high end in the Android space go for the Xiaomi Pad 5 with the Qualcomm 860 or Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro 2021 with the Qualcomm 870.

    • Besides the big price difference you get less RAM, less storage and the UNISOC T610 which is a lower clocked T618.

      • -1

        But then again you get a a Finnish brand with a reputation to uphold. And more importantly 3 year commitment to security updates.

        • +1

          You go and find the lowest price of that Nokia and post it as a deal.

        • +5

          Nokia is not a Finnish brand.
          Microsoft owns their Intellectual Property, and it was China who bought the rights to use their logo.

          The company is called HMD-Nokia for a reason. They make cheap Chinese electronics, slap the Nokia logo on their, and upcharge the costs.

          Sure it's not that simple, and they do have some good features about it. But this is definitely not a Finnish brand, not like you remember.

          • -1

            @Kangal: While I'll agree with you it's not the (Nokia) Finnish brand that I remembered, I stand by my previous comment. Both the 'Nokia' name and HMD Nokia are indeed Finnish.with HMD's headquartered in Espoo, Finland,
            And just to try to preempt further "well actually"'s, yes I acknowledge they outsource manufacturing to Foxconn a Taiwanese company with most of its manufacturing in China.
            My point was and still is: there is capital/value in the name (trademark if you will) "Nokia" and so the owners of that name would consider that any phone/tables made with said name meet some minimum standard so as not to not trash the name (brand value) for some short term gain.

            • @stirech: There's value in the brand/name, but that never stopped companies from making bad goods and services before.

              "Nokia" is 100% a Chinese company (HMD), that's in a wrapping paper of a Finnish logo.

              It's like saying you want to buy a Brand New MG3 because it is a legacy brand and the British know what they're doing. Even though the latest models were designed in China, manufactured in China, assembled in China, and sold to you with the iconic English logo. That's not all the European car companies acquired by China as of the past decade either. The logo is not important, the product is.

      • Hey Clear. You seem to know your stuff. Know of any 7 inch tablets with NFC, headphone jack, 128Gb+, a decent camera and at least 3/4G for dialler usage?

        • Nah. Everything is 10" these days. Phones are pretty much becoming 7" now.

  • Looks pretty good. Do you know if its got a laminated display. Can't seem to find anything, I think it doesn't.

    What's Blackview build quality like, how good are they with updates (ROM), or maybe custom ROM's

    • Is there anything that makes it look like it's not fully laminated?

      • +1

        I personally can't tell by looking at it.

        Anyway whats ROM support like. So many of these cheaper tablets stop recieving updates shortly after the release or when the next model is out. Had so many Cube's and Chuwi's that were never updated.

        • Assume ROM support is non-existent.

  • It claims HD Netflix but don't the pricier Lenovo and Xiaomi tablets claim same but don't actually work? as per Techtablets reviews

    • Only certain tablets/media players can do HD netflix or amazon prime. Theres a few lists around with whats compatible. I doubt something like this would be.

    • not sure if it's updated regularly, but netflix supply a list of HD compatible devices https://help.netflix.com/en/node/23939

      Doesn't look like it's supported according to the list…

      • It's not up to date and there are many not listed. Typically Widevine L1 for Netflix HD and for anything higher or HDR Netflix must whitelist.

  • So basically the processor is what separates it from the likes of the mi Pad5?

    • Yes for the most part. Build quality, display and faster memory/storage in the Xiaomi Pad 5.

  • -1

    Widevine and no B28, sheesh, really?
    CPUs do not mean anything on these devices, look elsewhere.
    … I can assure you I am not associate with any of the promotional stores we see in the comments.

  • +5

    Blackview should've had units sent out to reputable reviewers prior to launch.
    At present the web is just full of spam on steroids regarding this device.
    I'm not saying there's something inherently wrong with it…
    In fact some of the devices previously released based around that UniSoc platform seem pretty good given the price point.
    A lot more interest and sales could've been generated if a trustworthy review was already up there…

    • Definitely would want to see some good reviews before buying.

    • The Galaxy Tab A8 is supposed to have a unidoc T618. If it's good enough for Samsung's lower end tab it should be good enough. Issues are more likely to widevine L1 actually working and software updates.

  • +1

    It is encouraging to see that significant progress has been made by the community in unlocking the platform bootloader and in turn hopefully unleashing the full potential of the hardware, as well as extending OS upgradability well beyond that of which the manufacturer is willing to provide (a couple of OTAs at best if we're lucky)…


  • +2

    I think I may have just bumped heads with that 'how so cheap' catch…
    And it sure ain't pretty…
    No Sherlock skills required really. Was there all the time in the spec sheet but still I failed to notice.
    Screen brightness - around 350 nits :(
    Versus around 550 in the iPlay 40/Pro.
    Conveniently left of of the specs in the AliExpress page??
    Certified deal breaker.
    And likely the reason trustworthy reviewers weren't invited to the launch party.
    I'm out.

    • +2

      It should be 360 nits and that's the same as the iPlay 40 since they're both using a Himax HX83102-E panel. The nits in the iPlay 40H and iPlay 40 Pro is higher.

      • Yep…
        When you're right you're right.
        I stand corrected.
        But on the upside a full charge might squeeze out an extra 45mins or so runtime on those not as bright panels.

      • What's the actual difference between iPlay 40H and Pro? I've looked at comparison sites and they look identical with the exception of RAM

        • RAM and storage.

  • any chance of this coming before christmas to regional vic ?

    • +1

      Pushing it big time. Most of 11/11 orders took 2 weeks to arrive and some still haven't.

  • https://gadgetversus.com/processor/unisoc-tiger-t618-vs-broa...

    thinking about using it for portable emulation, looks like it's quite a lot better than the pi4, anyone smarter than me care to weigh in?

    • +2

      This review of the Alldocube iPlay 40 Pro will give you a good idea of its emulation capabilities. ETA Prime is one of the best reviewers out there for emulation.

      • thank you!

      • He certainly is. Great reviews

    • +1

      That's a bit like comparing apples to horses lol…
      But for portable emulation (external screens/video out is NOT supported on these chipsets), I'd go with the tablet… But that screen is looking like a huge letdown in the making.
      Consider the iPlay40/Pro instead.

      • thank you!

  • Any recommendations for a windows tablet?

  • Thanks OP good description and answering of questions

    Just wish like others said there are some more reviews but I'll be keeping my eye on this due to widevine

  • +1

    Ok regarding the Netflix I've done some research. I can confirm the tablet has Widevine L1 but Netflix sees it as Widevine L3. According to Blackview, UNISOC are talking to Netflix about getting their chipset approved. Chuwi said something similar a while ago with their HiPad Air.

    • Good to know. Does that Widevine rating also apply to Amazon Prime viewing?

      • +1

        Yeah it should. I'd be confident in saying Amazon will be SD too.

        • That's a bummer. Is the widevine rating decided by each individual streaming service, or Google or Android system? I'm confused. I just want a device I can download Amazon Prime shows to to watch offline in HD. None of the cheaper stuff seems to offer widevine L1 for that. Amazon's Fire HD10 would probably do me but they don't sell them here. Backwards world.

          • +1

            @Stebbo: It's a mix. Manufacturers put Widevine DRM on their devices and streaming services whitelist the devices or chipsets. The issue is that Blackview have Widevine DRM in the tablet, but Netflix hasn't whitelisted the tablet or UNISOC.

  • +1

    So the GIFT8n code can be applied in 24hrs (a bit less now), I tried to put in now but didn't apply. Sorry haven't done these AliExpress pre-sale before!

    • +2

      Yep at 7pm AEDT it'll go live. My US$ price might be very slightly off with the rounding though.

  • Hi Op, is this good for watching youtube using 4G network and at home using wifi. How is this compared to samsung s2 tablet 3gb ram. Do we get any android os updates for this device.interested need to decide now. Thanks

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