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[PC, Steam] Deathloop Standard Edition $32.98 @ Humble Bundle


Deathloop for PC, Steam key.

$29.68 if you're subscribed to Humble Choice.

Ends in 6 days.

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    $29.68 if you're subscribed to Humble Choice

    • +1

      Thanks, I'll add it to the description. I wasn't sure if you had to add the monthly bundle to the cart to get that price.

  • +6

    Anyone else got fatigue?

    • +3

      yes, and my backlog is insane

    • chronic

    • +2

      Yes, to kind of get around this I get games after they've been out for a bit as they are patched and they are also cheaper. I now only complete the main game once and move on, no time or interest in thoroughly exploring games any more.

    • +1

      do covid test

  • +3

    Games been out for 3 months and it's already half price.

    No good?

  • If you can wait til next September it'll prob be on game pass

  • Once again asking if someone on playstation wants 2 lobby together to do the multiplayer achievements

  • How do you get it for $32.98? $49.97 for me

    • It looks like they just put up the price in the middle of the sale :(

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