Rogue Ads on OzBargain?

Today I've seen some ads on OzBargain that take up the entire screen and cover up the content. See screenshot:
Is this meant to happen? I would prefer to keep ads enabled to support the site, but not if it causes this much inconvenience!


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    Whoa thats new

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    Scotty needs to pay for the Christmas fund somehow ;)

    NGL haven't seen an ad for years though due to adblockers. That is weird though.

    • can disable ads straight from ozbargain settings page
      Settings -> Account -> No Ads

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        I've got ads disabled. I save enough money on ozb that I want to support them.

        • Good on you, IMO you're a part of what made it possible for ads to be optional here (ie supporters contributing to ozb's income stream)
          i don't know how you do it, my expenditure actually increased due to ozb haha

          • @payton:

            my expenditure actually increased due to ozb

            Trust me, so has mine. Hahaha.

            I use ublock on just about every other website.

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          Don't know how disabling ads helps OzBargain but whatever…

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            @Tacooo: Are you a dumbie? Hosting the website costs time and money

            • @Caped Baldy: Yeah and by standard logic disabling ads means you don't see any and aren't buying anything, hence it's not gaining anyone any money. Don't insult me with your bullshit lack of logic mate.

            • @Caped Baldy: Disabling = turning off

              Turning off ads means no ads

              Ads make ozbargain money

              Therefore you are preventing ozb making money from you.

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            @Tacooo: Scotty said here that disabling the ads helps ozbargain if you have no intention of buying. Disabling ads ensures the advertiser isn’t wasting money on a demographic who has no interest in the ad. If you have ads enabled but do not click on ads, then you are lowering the ROI when the advertiser tracks how many sales they get from the views.

            • @Savas: You are quoting a statement from over 8 years ago and a lot of things have changed. Most display ads these days are impression based rather than cost-per-click so adblocking is costing OzBargain's revenue.

              However our position is still the same — if you aren't interested in ads, we don't want to waste your time & resources either. Turning off the ads from your user settings would be the easiest method.

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          I’ve got ads enabled. I save enough money on ozb that I want to support them.

          They probably write off a lot of expenses and donate to charity to save tax anyway, but why not.

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            @Ghost47: The ads are better that some of the deals I've seen lately…

  • That doesn’t seem right.

    I’d suggest you post it here so that Scotty is aware of this and can provide a response, as it will bring it to his attention faster.

  • Do you have the same problem on another site? Have you tried using another browser to access ozb to check if the issue persist?
    The ad image looks pixelated so could be a rogue script somewhere that somehow enlarge normal sized ad.

    • I use adblockers on most other sites because the ads are annoying and the sites don't bring me much value. The issue has only happened twice, and it's hard to reproduce. Refreshing the page brings up a new ad which fixes the problem. I've used another browser, but can't reproduce the issue there as it happens so rarely.

  • just disable the ads.

  • We've had issues with full page Lenovo ads since last week & been trying to get the upstream provider to take it down. The report I got was that Lenovo has been blocked across the network, but looks like the rogue ads are still leaking through. I'll chase up.

    • I've been seeing them a lot today…

      • You don’t need ads enabled, your comments already generate enough revenue for ozbargain.

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