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100% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) 5L - $39.95 ($29.95 with Afterpay) Delivered @ Hair and Beauty Co eBay


Using the AFTERPAY10 code I think it comes pretty close to the cheapest post-pandemic price, has been under $20 in 2018 though.

There was some discussion about the 100% legitimacy of this product in the last deal, it's probably 99.7% realistically but close enough for me. I have this exact brand from a previous deal and haven't found mine leaves any residue (as-per some comments on that last deal) and dries well in my experience.

Original Coupon Deal

Mod Warning: This is poison, do not consume in any manner. According to the Betty Ford Center, drinking even a small amount of rubbing alcohol can have potentially fatal consequences. Keep away from children. Flammable, Keep away from heat, spark, electrical, fire or flame. Use only in a well-ventilated area; fumes may be harmful. As always read label before use and store appropriately.

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  • cheers

    • Please read the Mod Warning. So do not consume.

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    damn, looks like i missed some good comments.

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    Watch out you don't cut yourself on the lid.

    If you water down to 70%, it's great for cleaning & disinfecting. Undiluted.its great for cleaning electronic contacts

    • True, at least I was using 100% for cleaning but noticed diluting to 70% actually works better.

      • 100% evaporates too quickly, so it is not as good as 70% when it comes to disinfecting. 70% is kind of a sweet spot between not evaporating too quickly and actually concentrated enough to kill the germs.

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    FYI, Americans use Isopropyl Alcohol for historical reasons in the same way as we have "methylated spirits". Both are just alcohol you cannot drink.

    For most purposes, either will do. So when you read American websites telling you to use isopropyl, you can probably translate that to metho.

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      Do not use metho for your PC.

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      I had this convo with a friend in the states recently, he basically confirmed this and said over there metho is expensive and uncommon, the opposite of here basically.

      Though I do agree with MagnamoniousRex's comment, Isopropyl Alcohol is superior for electrical components, it seems to be cleaner.

      • Yeah, metho has oily additives that leave a residue whereas isopropyl alcohol doesn’t, it evaporates. It’s described on Wikipedia.

        Edit: meh afterpay is evil.

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        metho is expensive and uncommon, the opposite of here basically.

        Not since 2003; Not expensive, but SUPER uncommon.

        Retail stores are only allowed to sell Ethanol.
        Same in New Zealand; there was a problem with some groups drinking it, and because 'it worked' (thanks to the ethanol content), the fact that the methanol was destroying your optic nerve over just a few weeks, didn't matter (at the time….) then we had a bunch of blind people suffering substance abuse.
        Vicious Cycle.

        If you want Methylated Spirits, you need to order from a chemical supply store.


        See? Ethanol and Water.

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      Both are not just 'alcohol', they are chemically different, one is inherently more toxic.

      • Methylated Spirits is not methanol. Just ethanol with additives to make it undrinkable.

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          Thats only here and NZ, Methylated Spirits is meant to have a percentage of methanol (but no, it was never pure methanol).

          What we get, with ethanol and water is absolutely drinkable, It's just denatured so your body hates it.
          Note, this is not a suggestion to try, please do not, but removing the methanol was a safety decision when people wouldn't stop drinking it…

      • I mean they are boths alcohols, which means they both have the chemical property desired: they mix with both oil and water.

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      Metho has additives (mostly to make you vomit if you drink it). These leave a film on the surface when it evaporates. This is fine for say cleaning a wound, cleaning texta, etc. But on electrical contacts, the film actually reduces the conductiveness so you're making it worse.

      It's like U91 & diesel. Both are petro-chemicals similar on a molecular level, they're both great fire starters, but both have their specific uses in engines. If that comparison makes sense?

      • That is counter-intuitive to me. Why would oil reduce conductance? (not "conductiveness")
        Oil will not separate contacts like particulates might. It displaces air, but that's not a conductor.

        Are you talking about diethyl phthalate? Or just afraid of unknown additives?
        Googling, this seems to be the stuff of urban legend.

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        You should buy DIGGERS brand Methylated spirits then.
        They simple use a denaturing process to make it undrinkable, not whatever additive you're talking about (what additive is that?)

        As their MSDS shows, 95% Ethanol, 5% Demineralised Water

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          You sure about that? The MSDS you linked is from 2017, a more recent one from 2021 here shows that it is denatured with Denatonium Benzoate, Methyl Isobutyl Ketone and Fluorescein. Also I'm pretty sure the bottle I have at home mentions Denatonium Benzoate on the label.

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            @pyr0maniac: The one linked is specifically from the BUNNINGS website, as thats where I source it.
            Entirely possible to have 2 different versions?

            • @MasterScythe:

              Entirely possible to have 2 different versions?

              Possibly, but you would think they would use a different product code, or at least suffix with something?

              Also, there is no such thing as a denaturing process for alcohol that doesn't involve additives (like there is in biochemistry); you simply can't alter the shape/structure of alcohol molecules like you can proteins.

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    great for cleaning electronics and disc brakes on bikes

    • Disc brakes yes! I had a bike mechanic around the other day building a mountain bike for my daughter and I told him about my squeaky brakes and learned another use for this stuff. Amazing the difference it made.

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    wow what happened to the nayld deals pre covid ….. $40 doesn’t seem a bargain for 5 litres ….is this the cheapest ebay deal ?

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      Without Afterpay (I don't have afterpay myself) it's not the best deal but not terrible. I paid $34.90 for the same stuff last year and that wasn't the best deal at the time either. But it turns out I use this stuff a LOT for cleaning everything so I'd rather be out of pocket a few extra dollars and have it, than run out and not have it. If you're in no rush I'm sure there will be a better deal within the next 3 months, I just didn't want to wait, this was good enough for me. I posted this more for the Afterpay people who can get it for $29.95.

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        Thanks OP. Bought one. I also realised I use this a lot. Bike stuff, and also quite a bit on spraying succulents to get rid of mealy bugs and other smaller bugs that likes to eat succulents.

        • Learning things all the time, I didn't realise that was a use for this. I used to be a landscaper too so I should have known that. Thanks for the tip!

  • Highly doubtful it's actually 100% pure, that's hospital grade.

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      As mentioned in the deal, it's likely 99.7% or thereabouts. You'll pay a lot more for genuine 100%.

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        You'll also never actually get 100% as 99.9% is the highest you can get due to the inherent impurities in any sort of distillation process.

  • Code: AFTERPAY10 doesn't work. Says I already applied this code.

    This code can only be used once?

    • Yeah a membership to Ozbargain meant you would have used that code MONTHS ago

      • yea the code sounds familiar so I must of used it. Thanks

      • Assuming you use Afterpay that is. Mine is still going strong.

      • Sorry guys, since I'm not on Afterpay I haven't been monitoring it.

  • For the green thumbs out there, this thing will clean your bongs up a treat.

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      Must be a metaphor for hopium bongs and the crypto guys I'm assuming 😀

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    Alternative here. $25.30 plus $15 shipping (to metro) or free pickup 2750. https://www.sydneysolvents.com.au/isopropyl-alcohol-ipa-isop...

    • Was about to post the same. Their shipping is the same for up to 4 items. It's cheaper if you are after more then one.

    • Nice one, I need to find a local equivalent in Adelaide, postage is $35 for me.

    • nice one, I was about to post their eBay listing

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