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100% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) - (5 Litre) $34.90 Delivered @ Le Beauty


Might be only valid in VIC

im jumping on the Isopropyl Alcohol bandwagon!, first time ive ever bought it in my life,
im intending to make electric shaver cleaning solution because im baulking at the prices of my cleaning cartridges

Free shipping for 2x 5L, $50+

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    I bought this same brand a while back and I'm not sure how pure it is. Takes much longer to evaporate than the previous stuff I had. Not sure it's electronics safe.

    • drop an alcometer in there

    • Interested in impressions from others on this? Running out of my 100% from Sydney solvents which has been great.

      Keen to get this if it's genuinely pure isopropyl but not if it leaves a residue

    • Fine for me. Sure it’s not the 70% version they sell?

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      I discussed this last time this deal came up, but that type of container should not allow them to package 100% Isopropanol, because unless the whole facility is in a vacuum, it'll have some moisture content from the air (hygroscopic).

      If they'd claimed 99.7%, I'd have believed them, as it's the most pure I can order from a chemical supplier without paying HUGE fees for vacuum seals.
      But 100% at that price? That last 0.3% costs a fortune to refine.

  • I think I bought 2 litres for 19 on ebay delivered figured 5 litres would be too much and last me too long.

  • Yeah, not so sure for the shaver cleaner. We have a braun shaver and we had two foils fall apart, and then the shaver stopped working, when we started using our own mixture. Might be a coincidence but we didn’t have troubles before this and haven’t had troubles since with the new one on the real cleaner.

    • I've been making my own for Braun shavers for years with no issues

      • You got a recipe please.

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          This is the one I use, I think. It's pretty easy.

          Shaver cleaner (Makes 1019mls, 6 x 170ml cartridges refills)


          95% Isopropyl alcohol - 950 ml

          Distilled water - 60ml

          Baby oil - 2ml

          Clear liquid shampoo - 12 drops

          Lemon essential oil - 7ml

          Few drops of food colouring

          Add lemon oil & baby oil to methylated spirits (tip 50ml out first) mix by shaking until it is well mixed.

          In another container mix shampoo with lukewarm water. Slowly add water/shampoo mix to ethanol mix keeping the new mix clear (it may go cloudy for a brief moment then back to clear)

          • @mickeyjuiceman: Unless you're a chemist, I don't know how you stumbled upon such a complex formula. What a legend.

            • @teajay74: I got it from the web somewhere, and modified it a little. Seems to be fine, which is what counts. Last shaver went five plus years using it, so I'm happy with its efficacy.

              • @mickeyjuiceman: Wow, I've never cleaned my Braun foil razor, just run it under the tap…
                …replace when getting blunt, usually yearly.
                If this could make it last 5 years??

          • @mickeyjuiceman: thats almost 95% iso propyl alcohol, seems quite high

            ive been looking at various recipes and they seem to say about 15%/litre of 70% iso, maybe its not that important and too strong/too weak will get the job done

            also do you need all the lemon/oil etc?

            im thinking of using this at a 60/40% ratio (Iso/Water) just to be safe and nothing else as i dont care about smell or colour

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    Safe to drink? Mother in law is coming over for dinner tonight…

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      That will be a no.. but did you really want it to be safe to drink?

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      Run out of ratsac?

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      God, mother-in-law jokes???

      • +11

        Anagram of mother-in-law? Woman Hitler
        Boom! Mother-in-law and Hitler joke combo.
        Finish him!

    • -3

      Seems a bit drastic. Try relaxation methods instead. Besides, you'll find it tastes terrible.

    • Isopropanol is metabolised to a chemical very similar to acetone, so very no.

      However, 'off the shelf' methylated spirits in AU and NZ, contains no methanol, and is actually 97% Ethanol.
      So while I'd never ever advise it, on a purely technical level, that should be.

  • https://www.sydneysolvents.com.au/solvents/isopropyl-alcohol...
    5L @ $25.30 plus shipping, 10% off with newsletter

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      Shipping being $31.90 in my case in SA

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        Canberra same wtf, $31.90?…they're avin a laugh ey?

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          I think they figure you got a lot of desks to clean there…

          • @sqeeksqeek: I thought my job was bad! Why won't somebody think of the poor cleaners, who already have a difficult work environment.

    • I bought 10L for $59 from this mob and got free shipping

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    tried the sydneysolvents, delivery to WA was like $42.70

    Got 2 from Le Beauty, only $10 delivery. You can use extra10 for 10% off.

    i bought with ABN.

    Lately i have been using this as an ant killer (Overpriced i know). Put it in a old spray bottle and use it in the house. A lot cleaner and non toxic after it dries.

    • just tried "extra10" didnt work for me

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        might be for abn only. i did do a sign up for a voucher though.

    • Pretty good for fruit flies, too. Use an atomiser

  • This time last year 5litres was anything between $600 to $1200 on eBay.

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    Thanks I got 2 x 5l for $54.50 delivered

  • Is this good to make RSO?

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