DoorDash Not Honoring Rightful Friend Referral Bonuses

Apart from having one of BEST EVER customer service teams, DoorDash now crowned as a pioneer in honestly giving out referral bonuses.

I enjoyed the quality of their amazing services, here's my story.

First time ever referred 4 friends following this recent offer from DD on 17 Nov, I also had this offer under Offers tab on my DD account. All 4 placed an order for over $40 after promotions applied on the same day, 17 Nov.

Waited until 21 Nov as the referral bonuses were not credited. DD agent I spoke on 21 Nov mentioned "Your referrals have successfully placed orders and you are surely eligible for the bonuses. You will get your bonuses in 24 hours."

Comes 24 Nov, bonuses were still not credited. Spoke to another agent and she mentioned she need to raise this with escalations team. Issue raised, asked to wait for 24 hours to get a response.

27 Nov, no response received, Spoke to another agent, he reissued the same complaint.

Received shocking response on 29 Nov, "Your account is not eligible to send or receive referral credits." I thought may be their CS team likes sarcasm.
I sent them screenshots that I had this offer under Offers tab PLUS I also received promo emails from you. How come all of sudden my account is not eligible?

No response on that until I again called asked about it on Dec 4. Again the agent said he need to reissue this with escalations team.

No response until I called them again on 6 Dec, again same story, agent reissued.

Today I received the same response as was received on 29 Nov, one liner- "Your account is not eligible to send or receive referral credits."

Anyone else enjoyed such an extra ordinary, blissful, absolutely no BS customer service from DD?

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    Okay, thanks.

  • Just use Menulog or something

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    O agree door dash sucks

    Cancelled my order due to driver

    But didn't give me any voucher

  • What does it say when you check the referral status? It'll give a reason to why they were not eligible.

    • Lol, it says friends I referred are yet to place an order.

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    I need more rightful friends :(

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    Complain on their facebook page

    • Yes, did a week back. Received a message that it has been "escalated" šŸ˜‚

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    It irks me when others say to "move on".. DD get more business while you as the referrer get shafted. As another mentioned, post on their facebook and also lodge a complaint to Fair Trading. Better yet, reply one more time to DD mentioning you want this issue escalated and resolved or you will be reporting the matter to Fair Trading.

    • It irks me when others say to "move on".. DD get more business while you as the referrer get shafted

      This. Plus, I spent over $375 via DD in the last 5 months, especially during Melb lockdown.

      Realised they don't care how loyal you were/are, how much did you spend on the account. OR the fact that I proved I was eligible with all screenshots and whatnot. Still they simply want to ignore you.

      • Realised they don't care how loyal you were/are, how much did you spend on the account


      • Plus, I spent over $375 via DD in the last 5 months

        Did you mean $3750? Because Iā€™m pretty sure plenty of lazy people are easily spending $375 per week on food delivery.

  • They screwed me out of a referral also. I referred my mum. She signed up but was having issues adding a card for a order. So I logged onto her account from my computer to fix it. Then they claimed she wasn't a new customer. They wouldn't budge. So I no longer use them unless I get sent discount codes

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    I spent the better part of 50 mins with 3 separate support agents on chat this week to get them to honour a $30 referral for me. That said they were polite and did honour it in the end with no arguing required on my part.

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    I got thrown off when I went through the referral process as well. Lady said "the best I can do is offer you $10 credit and then ended the chat". Not earth shattering but it will hurt them if they keep it up

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    Doordash is trash. Signed up from some deal and it defaulted to pick up. Ended up having to rush to the restaurant to get our food.

    Yes, an app called Doordash did not in fact dash the food to our door.

    • Agreed

  • did the people you refer make orders using codes?

    I also referreed and i know they have made orders, but all with codes, referral codes or otherwise. Havent made a full priced order yet, and i'm yet to get the bonus.

    • Condition is your referral's order subtotal should be $20 or more, doesn't say anywhere you can't apply any promos.

      And if they are saying that then they should stop advertising, give $45 and get $30, person you referred get $15 off on their first 3 orders, totaling to $45.

      Last but not the least, their agents are more dumber than I'd imagined. One agent advised me the order subtotal should be $20 before any promotions applied.

      If your friend's order subtotal is >= $20 and you still haven't got the bonus then 100% chances either their system is messed up or their referral bonus handling team/escalations team is. OR they are simply ignoring the facts.

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    Something weird going on with door dash credits…. I've got a$200+ balance, but it displays as $0.00 under payment methods, yet still gets applied at checkout.

  • Any update OP?

  • Their referral system is completely turned off.

    • What do you mean?
      Like broken?
      Or they switched it off intentionally?

  • Working for me, easiest $30 of my life (too bad jacked up fees).

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