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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 256GB $949.05 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


$100 less than last deal in JB, same deal as 128G now .

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    Combine with 15% off gift cards from Coles

  • How strange this is selling for the same price as the 128GB one.

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      Thats what they want u to think

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    This or s21 or pixel 6?

    • Looks like better processor than s21(AU version)

      • Is it really? I thought S21 is > Z Flip3?

    • -5

      Not the flip, that's for sure. It has a plastic screen and can scratch easily.

      • +5

        Horrible take, have had mine since launch, you need to remember the flip is closed when it's not in use so the screen is fully protected. Also it has a screen protector pre-installed that can be replaced by samsung. Not to mention the thing folds in half and performs and practically is a flagship spec'd device (minus battery).

        • How's the battery life and performance been for you?

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            @Trishool: Performance has been perfect since 888, battery life is noticably not a flagship but is not close to being a dealbreaker. I'm not a heavy phone user so it gets me through the day but i generally average 4-5h SOT. Definitely not a phone for power users but its unbelievable how useful the flip actually is.

            • @FAFFOUSH: Does the folding hinge collect dusts like crazy?

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                @sol3x: Not from my experience, the hinge has brushes that do a really good job of keeping it out. It's the most solid foldable samsung's released imo.

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      I had the S21U and much prefer the Flip3!

      Wish I could justify to own x2 of the amazing Flip3 .. but I'm getting ready for the Flip4 .. they are so good.

    • Pixel 6 pro

    • This has higher chance of breaking than s21 and pixel 6. sub par camera system to pixel 6, but if you like this form factor then go for it

    • Pixel 6 for very good battery life.

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    Genuinely curious what it's like to use a phone with a folding screen.. it just looks wrong

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      Quite gimmicky… Tried it and found that it's not for me.

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      In the 90's/2000's flip phones were the rage and I have to say it's about time they had a comeback

      Phones are getting way too big now, so the flip is the same method phone makers used to get it down in size before they were able to get down to sizes like the nokia 8210. I still have a motorolla v3688 which was pretty small.

      The clamshell is also good for protecting the screen and ensuring you don't pocketdial. it's just that nowadays it's a bit ungainly as a square when closed.

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        Or in Japan 2021! Flips still in!

      • Check out sm-w2019.

      • "nowadays it's a bit ungainly as a square when closed."

        incorrect .. it is really easy, comfortable and safe to hold and carry.

  • Thanks, just cancelled my Amazon order for this

  • Iā€™m so tempted but I can't leave my apple ecosystem. This is exactly the form factor I want.

  • Please don't buy. I traded my 513gb GS21 Ultra and regret it. I'm charging the phone three times a day

    • Oh dear

    • +2

      5000mah to 3300mah.. lol

      I went from s21u 5g to fold3… not too different

      • Battery life is terrible on the Flip3. There's no denying that.

    • +18

      513gb GS21 Ultra

      Did you get that off Wish . com?

  • Does JB has maximum giftcard transaction policy?

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    I've had the Flip3 since release day.

    Best phone that I have ever owned .. my last phones were S21U, N20U, P4XL, P3XL, P40 Pro for comparison.

    The Flip functionality is surprisingly useful! .. and remember you can think of it as a candy bar that you can occasionally flip closed for convenience .. rather than a flip phone that you always have to open.

    I really can't wait for the Flip4!

    And SnapDragon 4EVA .. so much faster and snappier than my S21U.

    • Can you get Google news feed on a flip 3 like you would on a pixel 4? (Swipe to left to get personalised news feed)

      • Yes
        Not just flip, all new galaxy with Android 12

  • So this is a much better deal than compared to Samsung's even with trade in bonus
    Samsung : rrp 1599 - 500(bonus) = 1099

    This deal is
    -15%(Coles gift card)
    = -135( $900 gift card)
    Finally $814

    Also flybuys when purchasing gift card.
    I believe we can use upto 5 gift card
    So not sure what denomination is available. If $100 is max then only $500 gift card

    Do JB have trade in option??

    • You can also use other discount codes on Samsung as well to bring it down to around $800. EDS + signup code I believe

      • Yes right, that is another $150(loyalty+newsletter)

        So Samsung - $949(256gb with bonus n above vouchers)

        So JB deal is still much better

        Of course Samsung also giving 50% on care+

        • CDS code gives you $200 off I believe and Samsung has option to trade in so depending on what phone that brings the total cost down to $849 - Trade in value.

          I also believe there is a gift card limit of 5 so don't think you can use 9 x $100 Coles gift card to get that amount of discount

          • @miinht79: Trade in value is crap, so it's the trade in bonus most are interested in.

            For CDS code you would need a damaged n nearly latest model n also a waiting period in receiving the code. Not everyone has a resent damaged phone

            Agree on the gift card limit, did not know about the maximum denomination

            • @Shad: People were getting CDS codes quite easily in the most recent Samsung deal. Just had to ask chat nicely and be persistent about it.

              In the chance you dont have a broken phone, all you needed to do is find a Google image of an a same model phone as yours with say a broken screen and then in a separate image take a photo of the back of your actual phone with IMEI. Easy workaround for not having an actual broken device.

              True you have to wait to get the actual codes but it's only like 1-2 days. And ignoring the "shit trade in value" it brings the price down to $849 < $874.

      • +++ Samsung is giving website discount now. They were not earlier (1 hr ago)

        Samsung is way cheaper now šŸ˜

    • So $100 is the maximum denomination you can get, hence it's
      Effective final price would be
      -$50(JB hifi voucher)
      -75($500 gift card @15% is $425)
      = $874

  • This is a great chance to become a flipologist with me.

  • I read this as fold 3 and rushed to my desktop to buy, only to realise it's only the flip… :/

    • Flip is better than the Fold … So get onto it and buy the Flip .

  • no Samsung website is more cheaper
    $1599-$500 website discount-$500 trade in bonus-$150 code (or $250code)-trade in value of your phone, if you want to keep your old phone only plus back the trade in value of your old phone.

    • When did this happened, just 1 hr ago, no website discount.

      But there is now, just checked. Hope it remains!

      Samsung is more cheaper!!!

    • Can you help me out here. What's the final price at Samsung (assuming I keep my old phone)?

      Should the trade in bonus be $200 instead of $500? From your numbers above it looked like Flip3 only costs $449 šŸ˜‚

      • Yes 449 only. Could be 349 with CDS code. What!!šŸ˜›

        Trade in bonus $500 irrespective of you honus your trade in or keep your mobile

        Who can lend me a trade in phone??

        • Thats only on the Bespoke version……

  • I'm confused - JB has the Flip3 256GB as $1099 ($1044.05 after 5% off) and 128GB as $999 ($949.05 after 5% off). Did the OP mean to say 128GB in the title? Or possibly an error on JB's site that's been corrected?

    • Assume It was an price error.

      Deal has finished

  • Apparently quite a few people are getting cracked screens right down the middle

  • How are you getting the price OP? Or was it a pricing error?

    • Errr, use the discount code?

      • +1

        Have you personally tried using the same code? I have and did not get the price noted by the OP.

  • Price is $1099 less 5% at the moment. Must have went up.

  • is this better than any deals on the Samsung edu site?

    • Currently yes

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