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[PS5, XSX, PC, PS4, XB1] Battlefield 2042 $49.95 (PS5, XSX), $42.95 (PC, PS4, XB1) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Love it or Hate it

Matching/beating the JB Wicked Wednesday deal for those who prefer Amazon.

Depending on your platform, it might still cheaper at JB with the coupon.

Xbox Series S/X

Stay safe and enjoy!

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    https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B096XPWW5P $42.95 for PC.

    And a moment of silence for our fallen gamers who pre-ordered the game for $79 from JB Hi-Fi.

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      Press F to pay our respects…

    • +1

      Thanks and also F

    • +2

      Anyone who still buys a Battlefield game at launch is an idiot and has only themselves to blame. What were you expecting?

      • +1

        I guess, they are only an idiot if they pre-ordered and dont enjoy it, right?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Checked Amazon after JB's sale start but it didn't match at that moment.

    PC is Digital version so no delivery is needed.

    • +1

      Yeah seems like they only matched it after 12am. Thanks for the heads up about Digital Download, I've changed the description.

      • +1

        Sorry mate, I just read through all the comments and notice this still an physical box with a code inside, so after receiving the box you will need to download the digital content.

        • No worries, thanks for your research!

  • +5

    This is the most disappointing game I have played in a long time.

    It feels like it wants to have the monetization of a free to play game with a normal games price tag.

    Just about every bad decision in this game can be explained when you consider how they could monetize it.

    • 2042 is how much you'll be actually spending if this was for monetisation lmao

  • +3

    The fact that this game has already dropped this low so quick speaks volumes to how much they monumentally screwed up this game 😂

  • +2

    I'll wait till it's free on Game Pass.

    • +1

      I think you get 10 hours free play with Game Pass.

  • +3

    Buy this if you want to keep moving the industry into the toilet.

  • I played the beta, no idea how they can make a game that runs that bad when COD warzone is so smooth. I've played enough BF games to know it will get better but never run good.

  • +1

    Imagine having bought the gold or ultimate editions for $120+. But then, many of those who did are streamers who still maintain this game is better than the last entry in the series.

    Personally paid $62, but accepted it would be a bit of a mess after playing the beta.

    • +1

      I was lucky enough to score the voidu deal. It was worth pulling the trigger on Ultimate for 60 - 70 dollars.

      • After playing it I wouldnt have been sad if they had refunded me. I got the ultimate deal for 68 dollars but I can't see myself playing the game long term so I probably would have been fine with just the 10 hour trial.

  • +1

    I'm holding for the $20-25 version

    Played the beta and was disappointed.
    Was hoping to play launch for the memes and silly bugs (like body's flying across the map) but I think the bad bugs outweigh the fun of silly bugs..

    So I will wait for the bargain or free version before handing my cash over

    …back to BF5

  • Reviews not great. Have a few other games already from previous sales so will give it a pass.

  • +2

    Bought it for more than $100 and stop playing it after a week. BATTLEFIELD —- NEVER AGAIN.

  • I can't even get it to work. Every time I start the game, it reboots my PC. I am running Ryzen 5600x, and there are lots of similar issues posted on Reddit.

    • Ask for a refund then if you bought from Amazon. Contact customer support and tell them it's unplayable

  • +1

    Thanks for the heads up: $44.10 C&C from JB with Coupon

    F for the pre-orderers o7

  • Will wait for this one on gamepass or free on PS+… might be good by then.

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