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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 13" with Intel Core i5-1135G7, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM $1329.05 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


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Microsoft Surface Pro 8 13" i5 128GB/8GB $1329.05 @ JB Hi-Fi

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    128GB is not a lot. I used an older model for work and had to store data on the SD card. MS has removed the SD card slot on this but they've made the SSD upgradable.

    I would steer away from a surface. You'd be better off with a 2 in as I found the kickstand to be annoying when trying to use it on a commute. You also need to factor in the cost of a keyboard with this and the docking stations are way overpriced.

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      128GB would be OK if it's just for O365 syncing to OneDrive and web browsing, assuming you cleaned it up every now and then.

      These can use USB-C and Thunderbolt docks too

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    Microsoft being cheap and going with only 8GB, someone should tell them that it is 2021.

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    Literally cost the same as M1 MacBook air after education discount, and this doesn't even include a keyboard, let alone the countless other advantages the M1 has over intel

    • +9

      Meanwhile the Surface Pro has the advantage of not being Apple

      • +1

        Advantage for some, disadvantage for others…

      • -1

        microsoft is as bad as apple, if not worst

    • +3

      You buy the Surface Pro because of the touchscreen though, which Macbooks don't have.

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      M1 MacBook air

      Literally the same price as a SP8 except you are stuck with MacOS and you can't even write on the screen. No touchscreen in 2021?! Tim Apple ngmi

      …it's almost like they are different devices with different features.

      • not the same price without the keyboard. if you wanna write on it then you have to pay for a pen as well

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    Guys the storage is now user replaceable buy the cheapest, clone it and upgrade later simple!

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      Yeah and M2 2230 NVMe is pretty affordable too. However I can't find any local stock. Amazon has heaps from overseas delivered for around $150 though (1TB models).

    • the non-upgradable RAM is a killer, though. you have to use edge browser if you want to do ANY kind of multi tasking. Anything else kills the system.

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    Hi OP, can multiple gift cards be used?

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    I have seen so many of these surface computers break in a enterprice environment that I can't recommend them. Buy at you own risk.

    • How did they break?

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        many different ways, battery expanding for one. charging port also breaking. stand breaking, ssd failing. overheating and shuting down. you name it I have seen it. the common problem is the battery expanding and breaking the surface apart over a year of use.

        • If it's only over a year, wouldn't they be still under warranty?

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            @w02m08w: Don't spoil ridiculously-overly-dramatic stories with pertinent questions

            • -5

              @mickeyjuiceman: do you work in IT? do you see 1000s of these things failing a year in an enterprise environment? if you do then you know its 100% fact and not over dramatic.

          • @w02m08w: they come with 12 month warranty but if you want to mess around with the ACCC rules then its 2 years. But the fact that so many only last a year or less before you have to replace them makes these things not worth the month.

            • +1

              @kungfuman: Maybe I'm lucky. Had one for a few years and it is running fine with no issues. Maybe it's not meant to be an enterprise workhorse but for normal use, I haven't seen rampart reviews of any of these issues. If anything people praise how happy they are that their brother sister mother all have one.

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    Hi - Anyone was able to get the 5% discount (Coupon Code) in store? Planning to use the 15% discounted gift cards and buy this in store. Thanks.

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      Yes, both 5% barcode and 15% gift cards worked for me.

  • shame no 16gb ram

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